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4. A Close Save

Aaron was trapped. The spiders were making their way towards him, and he could not go back due to the cave-in. His only choice was to stay and fight. He reached into the bag for the ruby, the feeling of strength and power. Instead, he found a silver sword with the ruby embedded in the top of the hilt.

Aaron gripped the sword tightly, as if hanging on to his life ,which it may as well could have been). He pulled the sword out of his satchel, which could somehow fit it, and swung at the spiders once, twice, and three times. He missed all three times, hitting but the floor and sending sparks everywhere. However, when the sparks hit the spiders, they set them alight allowing them to live only a second longer. After slamming at the ground for what felt like months to Aaron, he stopped. He had finished off the spiders. He looked up, and saw that the sparks had created a room full of fire which was rapidly dying.

Aaron slowly sat down, stunned by what just happened. When he finally came to, he turned around to figure out how to leave. He didn't want to take another gem in fear that he might have to fight again. He was also too scared to let go of the sword. Really, he was too scared to do anything but leave. "How..?" he murmured to himself, trying to figure out a way to go back home. He looked down at his hand, and saw that the sword had become a ruby again.

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