The Anonymous Blogger

Camila was living a normal life until the day an anonymous blogger sent her on a journey to save her favorite band, One Direction.


2. The Task

"Maybe this will all blow over by tomorrow," Lauren said confidently.

"Yeah maybe, but I'm not sure," I said.

   It got late so Lauren soon left. I was laying in bed ready to fall asleep, the problem was that I couldn't fall asleep. My mind was still on the whole Mr. X thing and what he wanted me to do, also what did he mean that I was the one with the same sign. Part of me was hoping that Mr. X would not reply and that he could leave me alone,the other part of me was hoping he would answer my question, if he did so I wouldn't know what to expect.

   The next morning I was woken up by the pounding noise of my alarm clock. I got out of bed and got ready for school. When I went downstairs for breakfast, everything was as usual, my dad and my younger sister were already sitting at the table eating, and my mum was already at work. I took a seat and quietly started munching on my breakfast. I didn't bother telling my dad about Mr. X because he hasn't made any way of communication ever since last night, so I figured he had left me alone. It was all probably a joke or some kind of prank, that maybe some kids at school are pulling, or maybe even someone on twitter did it. We had quiet conversation that morning at breakfast. Afterwards I dropped my sister off at her school, and then drove myself to school.

   After school I got home and quickly went upstairs and opened my laptop like I always do. Right when I opened it a chat came up.

"Not again," I groaned to myself quite louder than I expected it to be.

This time the message wasn't from anonymous it was from Mr. X.

Mr. X: Go to Madison Square Garden, 12/3/12, to save the stars.

Then he logged off again. I quickly texted Lauren to come over, because I needed to talk about this to someone and I was scared. I was very fortunate that she lives only two houses away from me. After 5 minutes I heard a knock on my bedroom door, my dad must have let Lauren in. I quickly opened the door and started talking really fast about what just happened.


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