The Anonymous Blogger

Camila was living a normal life until the day an anonymous blogger sent her on a journey to save her favorite band, One Direction.


4. The Package

"Then I guess there's no reason for you not to go, you are 18 and you do need to learn to be independent," she stated.

"Thanks Mum," I said back

That was so much easier than I thought it would be. I thought she would say no and I would have to get down on my knees and beg.

  The next day when I came home there was a package sitting on my front porch, it was from Mr. X. I quickly grabbed the package and ran upstairs. I sat on my bed and anxiously opened the package. In the package there were two plane tickets to New York, and two One Direction concert tickets to their show in MSG. I couldn't help but to let out a little squeal, even though this wasn't a really appropriate time to be excited now, but after all they were actually real 1D tickets. I went to throw away the envelope when something fell out of it. It was a citrine gem, "what am I suppose to do with this," I wondered.

  I quickly called over Lauren. I ran downstairs and opened the door, then ran back upstairs with Lauren following. The both of us went in my room and I closed my door shut.

"What is so urgent," Lauren finally said." 

"I got them," I stated, holding in the excitement.

"You got what?" she replied.

"The plane and the concert tickets," I exclaimed.

"REALLY!" Lauren exclaimed.

"Yeah, here's yours," I said, handing her, her tickets.

"We have to go in two days," she proclaimed, looking at the plane tickets.

"Yes, exactly which is why we have to start packing now," I announced

"Alright I'm gonna go and pack," Lauren said quickly and then ran out my room, and then out the front door.

I was quite fortunate that we started winter break today. I quickly brought my suitcase out and started putting things I need in it. When I was done I went downstairs to tell my mum that I would be leaving in two days

~Two Days Later~

       I dragged my suit case, as well as Lauren's into the trunk of my car. We both said our farewells to our families and jumped in the car.


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