The Anonymous Blogger

Camila was living a normal life until the day an anonymous blogger sent her on a journey to save her favorite band, One Direction.


6. The Concert

       While in the helicopter I found another citrine gem on the floor beside my feet. It was quite weird that the citrine gem would supposedly help me, because it was my gemstone. I picked the gem up and put it in my pocket along with the other one I had received in the mail.

"How long will it be?" I asked impatiently for the one hundredth time.

"Just about 10 more minutes," Lauren's uncle replied.

       10 minutes later we arrived at Madison Square Garden, and we gave them our tickets to the concert. I was having mixed emotions, because part of me was very excited to see One Direction perform for the first time. Another part of me was scared out of my mind and nervous to face Mr. X in real life.

       We rushed to our seats and they were unbelievably closer to the stage then I thought they would be. I asked the person next to me what number song they were on. At first I couldn't hear over the 50,000 screaming fans, but then I realized she said it was the second song. Lauren and I had arrived at the perfect time, just one more song. A few minutes later the second song was done, I was feeling very nervous and anxious.

       It was a minute into the third song and the lights suddenly shut off. The auditorium fell completely silent, and I noticed that the boys had stopped singing. A gunshot was fired. The mood suddenly changed and everyone's instinct was to start screaming and to run out the auditorium. After everyone left the lights dimmed a bit, and it wasn't pitch black now. I could see that the boys were escorted off the stage by security. The only thing left on the stage that I could make out was two cloaked figures. I suddenly realized what I was suppose to do with the citrine gem. I knew only, that if it's shined through light then it can block away evil. I instructed Lauren to go backstage to see if the guys were alright, and she was overly happy to help.

       I decided to give the citrine idea a try and ran to the stage light, I put the citrine gem infront of the light. The two figures started to give off smoke. They fired another quick gunshot and then disintegrated. I ran backstage to see where the gun had been fired at. When I reached backstage, I couldn't believe what was I was seeing right before my eyes.

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