The Anonymous Blogger

Camila was living a normal life until the day an anonymous blogger sent her on a journey to save her favorite band, One Direction.


7. The Aftermath

       Lauren was lying on the floor with a bullet piercing her heart. I ran to her and fell on my knees next to her. Tears started trickling down my cheeks. I lifted her wrist and searched for a pulse, it was very faint.

"I met them, their safe," she whispered.

Lauren's pulse was now gone and her eyes slowly shut. I sat there crying my eyes out until the police and the paramedics came and took Lauren away. The police asked me a bunch of questions, some I answered and some I couldn't bring myself to.

       Two days after the concert I left home to the U.K, this time without Lauren.




       It's been exactly a year since Madison Square Garden, meaning it was Lauren's anniversary of her death. Life without Lauren has been really hard. I had no one to talk to during school, no friends to hang out with every weekend, no one to fangirl with me about One Direction, and most importantly no one to tell my deepest secrets to and no one understood me as well as Lauren did.

       But I have realized one thing, Mr. X was helping me the whole time.

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