Vikingerne Klenodie (Vikings Treasure)

Aani and Ben find a bottle and and map, while digging a hole. Little do they know that their lives will be changed forever by just these items.
also, the titles are in Danish as are a couple of other can find their meanings in context and at the end.


9. Ulve

The next morning Ben woke up and heard growling and panting. He opened his eyes to find bright yellow eyes staring straight back at him.

"Go-way, Nanu." He closed his eyes.


"Leave me alone."


He sat up ready to start yelling at Nanu when he froze. A ulv, a wolf, almost as tall as him stood over him. He got prepared to scream. Aani had slept behind the backpacks and had been observing everything. She saw Ben about to scream crawled over to him and covered his mouth.

"Mmmh MMMph hmph."

"Don't scream. They'll get even more angry." she whispered."Promise me you won't scream."

Ben nodded. Aani took her hand off his mouth.

"What do you mean they'll get even more mad?!" he murmered to her anxiously.

"I think this area might be in their territory."


Ben made a move to get up. The huge ulv had backed off, but he now sprang forward.


"Whoa!" Ben yelled.

"Shhhhh!" shushed Aani.

"What are we going to do?" asked Ben.

Aani told him what she thought they could do.

".......and then we'll bang your pots and pans and slowly, but quickly, back away."

"Oo-kaay...." said Ben.

They crawled to the backpacks and shouldered them. Then they slowly stood up.


They kept on standing up. When they had stood up the picked up their pans. They each had two pans. Then they banged them together.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang...Bang bang!


Bang! Bang..bang! BANG!

Raawrrr! Grawrr!


GRAWR!!! The ulve lept up at them as they ran away as fast as they could. The wolves nipped at their ankles as they sped. They herded them into a dead...end. All Aani and Ben could hear was the growls and barks of the ulve as they drew closer.

"Watch my back," whispered Aani to Ben.

Aani turned around to examine the wall of rock behind her. She noticed notches and small ledges here and there. "Perfect for holding on to," she thought.

"Ben, do you think you're too tired to climb?" she asked. Then they started the descent upwards.


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