Vikingerne Klenodie (Vikings Treasure)

Aani and Ben find a bottle and and map, while digging a hole. Little do they know that their lives will be changed forever by just these items.
also, the titles are in Danish as are a couple of other can find their meanings in context and at the end.


6. Navngivning Nanu


When they got back to the entrance, the snowstorm was over.

"Lets stay a little longer,"Ben said.

"No. I'm strong enough," Aani argued."just a little shaky."

They started to pack up their things. They were just leaving the cave when Aani said, "Ben, look,"she pointed to the top of the cave. The cave looked as if it was in between the legs of a giant polar bear. Ben looked at the map. The polar bear cave was the first landmark.

It was late and they were sitting down to set up camp when they heard a padding sound. They looked up to see the baby polar bear, obviously pleased with himself.

"Now can we keep him?" asked Aani, very satisfied.


Aani picked up the little ball of fur and cradled it in her arms.

"Hello, Nanu," she cooed.

"Go to sleep!" called Ben already in his sleeping bag.

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