Vikingerne Klenodie (Vikings Treasure)

Aani and Ben find a bottle and and map, while digging a hole. Little do they know that their lives will be changed forever by just these items.
also, the titles are in Danish as are a couple of other can find their meanings in context and at the end.


4. Jaaku Forklarer Alt

Jaaku had been following them and was still following them. They had found the map and the boy had somehow made a little sense out of it. Jaaku had found the map in Iceland, but couldn't understand what the words on it meant. When he took up a job of handy-man in an orphanage in Greenland, he noticed how well the two children were doing in their language class. When he overheard the Headmistress sending them to garden duty, a common punishment for the orphans, he took the chance, put the map in a bottle, and buried it in the garden. The kids had found it and now he was following them, following the map, to the skat, the treasure.


It had been an hour or so and they were well past the town barriers when a snowstorm started-up.

"Ben! Where are you?" screamed Aani through the wind, sleet and snow.

"I'm over here!!" shouted Ben back.

"I can't find you!" 

"Come on!"

"I can't....go...any...longer.."

"No! Just follow my voice!"

"I can't."


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