Vikingerne Klenodie (Vikings Treasure)

Aani and Ben find a bottle and and map, while digging a hole. Little do they know that their lives will be changed forever by just these items.
also, the titles are in Danish as are a couple of other can find their meanings in context and at the end.


8. De Varm Forår

Aani woke up to find Ben already making breakfast. He was cooking sausage over a fire.

"Where did you get that?" she asked him.

"I snuck it from the kitchen before we left," he replied, turning a little pink.


"I looked at the map and I think we're looking for a varm forår, next."announced Ben.

"Yay! A hot spring!!" exclaimed Aani.

They packed up and left with Nanu padding along beside them. They walked a few more hours when Aani yelled,"We're here!" and she and Nanu went prancing to the hot spring.

"Aani, don't its too hot to swim in!" shouted Ben just before Aani jumped in.

"Why didn't you tell us that before?!"she screamed back wobbling a bit before she caught her balance and quickly grabbed Nanu before he could fling himself into the steaming pool.

"I thought you had common sense," Ben muttered under his breath."We have to find a rock between two hills now." he said louder.

"Fine," said Aani.

They walked around the "varm forår" and started across the seemingly endless snow and ice covered land.

They walked until sunset. Then they stopped and set-up camp. They soon fell asleep unaware that they were being watched.


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