Vikingerne Klenodie (Vikings Treasure)

Aani and Ben find a bottle and and map, while digging a hole. Little do they know that their lives will be changed forever by just these items.
also, the titles are in Danish as are a couple of other can find their meanings in context and at the end.


1. En Lækage i Bruserne

"Ben, move! I can't see!"

"Aani, be quiet! Someone is going to hear you!"

"Be-en! Is it working?"

"Man, this is going to be our best prank ever!"

It wasn't their first prank and it certainly wasn't their last, but it was going to be positively....absolutely....awesome.


"Um, Ben, what's that sound?" whispered Aani.


"Uh-oh," Aani and Ben said at the same time.

The Forstanderinde's shreik was blood-curdling.

In the Forstanderinde's office......

"This is the fourth time this week!" the Forstanderinde yelled.

"Yes ma'am," Aani and Ben mumbled.

"Trying to turn the bathroom into a svømmebassin! Look at all the other orphans!" she barked."They listen, pay attention, do what they're told, and DON"T PLAY PRANKS!"

"Mm-hm,"muttered Ben and Aani.

"As punishment, you will not have breakfast and dinner, and any kind of free time for the rest of the week."

"Yes, madam," murmered Aani and Ben.

"You have Garden Duty now."




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