The Diamond Girl

A girl is running from a person who is trying to take over the galxy


8. Chapter 8

Whilst on the final flight to Jamaica, I thought about what would happen when I got home. No more running. Maybe I can have a normal life. I wanted to call Amy.

I asked a flight attendant. "Excuse me."

"What is it, sweetheart?" she asked honey sweet.

"Is there a phone I can use?"

"Why, yes there is. Follow me," she ushered. I dialed the familiar number. It rang and rang. No one picked up. The voice of my sister came on. I really missed that voice. I didn't realize that till now. I missed her a lot. We have been through so much. The thought of never- no I can't finish that. The beep rang.

"Uh.. Hi. It's uhh...-" I sniffed"It's Avril. Uh.. once you hear this... call me- wait-"I laughed nervously" you can't call me... uhh-" I got cut off by the tone. It crushed my dreams. I sauntered back to my seat. I sat alone. I guess that's all I am, alone. Tears threatened to pour out of my eyes. I sniffed. I thought about her. I didn't want her to abandon me. Little by little, tears sprang out of my eyes. I didn't sob, that's the thing about me. I don't make it noticeable when I'm crying. I suffer in isolation, in silence. I gazed out the window. I didn't want to end my life alone, and I certainly didn't want to start it alone.

I got to the airport at 10:30. I was exhausted and wanted to curl up and sleep. I made my way out of the airport, which took a while, and into a cab. I took the cab to our street. I saw a figure sitting on the porch. I ran forward, craning my neck to see whom it was. The figure turned to me. The person shot tword me.

"AVRIL!!!!!! I MISSED YOU!!!!!" Amy screamed in my ear.

"I missed you too," I said quietly. She put me at arms length.  

"You're not happy to see me," she sobbed.

"I am. You only blasted my eardrum."

"He he, sorry." I pulled her into a hug. Now things can go back to normal.




 The End

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