The Diamond Girl

A girl is running from a person who is trying to take over the galxy


7. Chapter 7

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" I roared.

"Over here," a voice taunted. I turned around. No one.

"STOP PLAYING TRICKS!" I thundered,"FACE ME LIKE A MAN!" I could tell that set him on edge. Instead of one Asher, there was six. They all looked seriously mad. I gathered up all the fire I could and raised it in the air. Asher looked at me immense interest. I threw it down on the ground and made a vast explosion. Fire engulfed the entire room, not leaving a scratch on me. All the Ashers around me crumbled. The real one had collapsed to the stone floor. 

"Please, take pity," he pleaded in a raspy voice. He was barely alive. 

My reply was,"No." My sword had taken form of a dagger. I plunged it through his chest. He gasped and fell silent. I breathed, not a sigh of relief. Just to ease the tension in my body. I yanked the dagger out, as I did, his blood spilled onto the unforgiving floor. I kept quiet, not wanting to make a sound. I felt as though I have died myself. Not because I killed him, because there is this.... empty feeling inside. I'm not sure how I feel. I was just sitting there, contemplating. The room was silent. I hate silence. At last, I stood. Never to return. I don't want to see this place ever again. I left him there to rot. His soul to suffer with the devil. I pushed the heavy wooden doors out and strolled into the humid night. I looked to the sky. The pink moon I saw in my prison. I was filled with warmth. I heard a whispering telling me to go to the river nearby. I saw a shimmering in the water. As I got closer, I came to realize they were diamonds. I submerged my hand into the cold running water. I clasped the rocks in my hand. I freed my hand from the water. I opened my fist and saw two diamond studs. I put them on. I looked to the sky and then thought of the date. It's April 2nd. My birthday. That means I'm 19. 1 and 9 are my lucky numbers. Fascinating.

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