The Diamond Girl

A girl is running from a person who is trying to take over the galxy


6. Chapter 6

I stepped into a giant hall. A sinister laugh sounded to my left. I pivoted. 

"Did you really think you could defeat me?!" Asher boomed.

"Yes," I said flatly. His pale face burned like a tomato. He bellowed words I couldn't decipher. He was probably speaking an ancient language.

"You are brave, my dear one. But to the point where you will do something stupid," he said harshly. "You won't ever defeat me. NOT EVER! I bet you thought it was going to be easy. WRONG!!!" I was burning with rage on the outside, but it hurt on the inside."What will you ever amount to?" he added. I'm an impulsive person. By now I was on the verge of tears. A dam about to break. He chuckled,"Like I said, you won't amount to anything." His undead army had formed while he was talking. It was 100+ to one. Fantastic!* A belt formed around my waist. Along with a sheath. I drew the short sword and told the fire to surround it. I ran forward, slashing at anything and everything in my path. Anything that so much as touched my blade crumbled to nothing but dust. As I was killing off the last one, it cut my wrist, vertically. I yowled in agony. I took my sword and stabbed him. My blood was dripping on my hand. I would have to go to the hospital. Asher watched the whole thing. His mouth gaping. I laughed. 

"Oh I don't think you should be laughing. You still have that life ending cut. How unfortunate. I always loved those eyes. So icy blue they are almost like... diamonds," he said, trailing.

"You're dead," I said. I ran to him. But he had disappeared.

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