The Diamond Girl

A girl is running from a person who is trying to take over the galxy


5. Chapter 5

Asher's hand cupped around my throat. I was struggling to get his hand off me. He had me raised against the wall. 

He chuckled,"Trying to escape, are we?"  All I could do was try to kick him. But it was as useless as playing a cello with no strings. He spotted the torch next to me. He grinned evilly. 

"I hope you brought sunscreen. It's about to get hot," he said. Personally, I thought that was cheesy. He raised me up to the flickering flame. I felt the fire touch my skin. But instead of ruthless burning, it was a tickling sensation. His smirk faded to a frown. He dropped my as the flames spread. It stretched to my torso and to my legs. Suddenly I was engulfed in flames. The warm fire didn't singe my cloths the slightest bit.  

My voice became three,"YOU SHALL PERISH!" He ran off like a scared little girl. The flames whispered to me. Go, go after him, together we can stop him! I told the flame to peel itself off me, but to stay close. I followed the frantic footsteps to where ever they were taking me.

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