The Diamond Girl

A girl is running from a person who is trying to take over the galxy


4. Chapter 4

My orange-red hair whipped my face as I was plummeting down the canyon. I was sure I would die. I was a few feet from the end, when I saw a gleam in the distance. I thought about it, but didn't have much time. I hit the water with a loud smack.

I gasped for air. I thrashed through the water, desperately clinging on to life. I was still looking for air. Nothing, I was completely submerged. I knew I didn't have much time to live. I greet death with open arms. You cannot leave us! A voice yelled. I swam up to the surface.

"Who's there?!" I asked into the canyon, only to hear the echo of my voice. Have you noticed the glimmer? Go to it, it will give you power! The voice whispered. I saw it again. I struggled out of the water. I found the beach and lay down. I was breathing abnormally  Still gasping, I ran to the light. In about a half hour I was there. I found them and they were diamonds.Well, a dagger with a diamonds in the hilt. I looked for the owner of the voice. But no one presented themselves. I grabbed the dagger and felt a shot of energy rushing through my veins. I fell to the ground, loosing sight of the world around me. The last thing I saw was the pale face of Asher.

Yet again, I was trapped in a cell. I felt a sharp pain in my hand. I looked down to see my knuckles white, from holing on too tight. I opened my fist and saw blood. A small cut on my wrist. Then I looked in my palm. The same dagger from earlier. I heard footsteps. An undead guard, with keys. I smirked, this is just too perfect. I took the dagger, put the blade in my palm and let the dagger fly. It hit him and he turned to dust. The dagger fell to the ground and clattered. The keys did, too. I reached out, but they were too far away. I could touch them though. My fingers made a backwards motion. And I finally was able to grab the keys. I twisted my hand so I could get the key in the lock. I got it open and bolted down the hallway. To the right this time. I passed a window but something caught my eye. It was evening. The sky was painted a very dark blue with dots of twinkling yellow dots. Then I looked at the moon. Pink. A full pink moon. What a sight that was. I was there for who knows how long. But footsteps brought me back to reality. Little did I know they belonged to the one who has been trying to kill me. 

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