The Diamond Girl

A girl is running from a person who is trying to take over the galxy


2. Chapter 2

Figi? I was not expecting to be sent to Figi. Not that I have a problem with this place. It's probobly better than a.... wait. Asher's castle is roumored to live here. But those are just old wives tales. As I surveyed the area, I saw a man. He caught me eyeing him and smiled. Then he was next to me.

 "Hi!" he said enthusasticaly,"I'm Brad. I'm here to train you."

   "In what exactly?" I questioned.

   "In the use of every weapon, from a short sword to thumbtacks. Now we need to talk. In private." he informed, his voice getting low, "Let's try that cafe over there. OH! Almost forgot. What's your name?"

  "Avril. It's April in French," I explained.

  "Nice name," he said, still happy. As we walked to the cafe, I started asking questions.

   "Why are you training me?What's the purpose?" I asked. He stared off into the distance.

   "Weren't you informed that Asher has returned to full power? He's looking for you. He knows you are the only one who can stop him. He is going to try and destroy you. First this planet, then the entire galxy. Did you know he is not of this earth?" he said, drastically changing his tone. We reached the cafe.

   "Password?" the tall bouncer asked gruffly. Brad whispered something that only the bouncer could hear. The man nodded. We decended underground.

 "This is where we train our recruts," Brad continued,"We need to scan you." I went willingly into the contraption.I loathed every second I had to be in there. It was hard to be in, for me at least. I'm claustrphobic. I let out a small squeal.

Brad heard the sound,"Are you OK?" I couldn't say anything, I was too busy trying to keep the walls from closing in. A red beam came twords me. It touched my legs, burning. As it made its way up my body, the burning became bareable. It didn't singe my bright purple jeggings or my Doctor Who shirt. It finished in a matter of thirty seconds. The helpers pulled me out.

"You OK, kid?" Brad questioned again.

 I put it into one word,"Claustrphobic." Just at that moment the ground shook, which was a problem. We are underground. Brad handed me a sword and a belt with knives.

"Take these to defend yourself!" Brad yelled above the noise."Just try to stay alive!"

 "DIAMOND GIRL! WHERE ARE YOU?!" a voice boomed. I froze and didn't say anything. I tried to deny the inevidable. Asher had found me.


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