The Diamond Girl

A girl is running from a person who is trying to take over the galxy


1. Chapter 1

  My back burned, stung, and writhed in pain. All at the same time. I wanted to scream, I did. Nothing escaped my lips but air. The unbareable pain spread through my legs and arms. It slowly made its way to my brain. I surrendered to agony. Then I woke up.

  The same dream had haunted me for countless nights.I was worried. My blankets were strewn about the floor.I sat up to look at my clock. It read 7:00 AM. I sighed and fellon my soft pillow. The sun blinded me momentaraly as I looked out the sliding door. Muted footsteps sounded outside my french doors. Someone knocked. I clambered out of my bed and bolted to the door. My eldest sister, Amy, was waiting there. In the akwardness, I shifted my wheight.

   "May I help you?" I asked, breaking the scilence.

    "You need to leave. Asher... he's on the move. He's looking for you," she informed. My eyes widened.

    "I knew this day would come," I mumbled to myself. Amy sauntered off. I stared longingly out my window. I knew I would miss Jamacia. Sunny days, everyday. Fun packed partys at the beach. Sun basking. All gone. Who knows where I'm moving.

  As I was packing, Amy walked in.

  "You're going to make a pit stop in Calorado. Then you will be sent to a small island near Ausrallia," she rambled.

"Do you know which island?" I asked skeptically. She just shook her head. "Can you help me take my bags to the car?" I asked lightly.

Amy responded with a small,"Sure." We got all the luggage in the car. I waved goodbye as the automobile sped off.. All I could hope for was that Asher would leave my family alone. But that is a tall order.

Colorado was horrible. My flight was delayed and I swear I saw Asher. The flight itself wasn't that bad. But it was long. I was asleep for most of it. Some people looked at me oddly. Maybe because I was sitting alone. When the flight landed my eyes shot to the window. As I stared outside, I felt homesick. I think that happened because, well, it looks like home. I was super confuzzled. Confused and puzzled, deal with it. I filed out with the rest of the crowd, and thats when I saw where I was. Apparently, I'm in Figi.


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