Expect the unexpected


I am just an ordinary girl from Melbourne, nothing good ever happens to me.

I've been waiting for my princess, but I'm scared when I find her she will get taken away.


5. The sweetest kiss

Niall's P.O.V

We were side by side lying on the couch Bianca was in-between the back of the couch and me. We were watching saw, I have to say she is so cute when she's scared I had one arm around her and her head was on my chest and when she got scared she leaned and  hugged me tightly I enjoyed it a lot, maybe to much, oops. I can't wait till our date its going to be  amazing.   

Bianca's P.O.V 

As I curled up to Niall, frightened from the movie. He made me feel so safe and warm.  I wanted to talk to him for a bit after the movie ended,  and I won't let him leave me alone because I was really scared from 'Saw', it's frightening and freaky.   

Niall's P.O.V

Once the movie finished Bianca still had her arms wrapped around me and wouldn't let me go, her head was lying on my naked chest, I could feel her breathing, I think  she was still scared from the movie. I'm not complaining at all, she is amazing and I just wanna cuddle up to her all night.   

"I'm gonna go to bed I'm tired" Zayn said as he stretched out his arms and yawned  

"same" said Kiera 

"No you two just wanna spoon and maybe a little fork all night, am I right or am I right" Said Louis in a cheeky voice as they left the boys apartment and went into mine and Kiera's one. Harry slapped Louis jokingly, but it was still fucking hilarious.    

I thought Bianca was asleep so I didn't move I was a bit tired but not really.  

" Niall " I heard a croaky, sweet voice say from my lap.   

"yes Darlin" I said 

"Can we go to bed?" Bianca said instead of answering I lifted her up off my lap and stood her up, her eyes fluttered open and just as she realised she was standing. I quickly pecked her on the lips and lifted her back up, bridal style.  

"Niall what are you doing?" She laughed  "just taking my princess up to her bedchamber"

"Correction my prince, it's your bedchamber"

"What's mine is yours" I said

"Aww you are just so fucking adorable" Bianca said as I laid her on OUR bed.   

Bianca's P.O.V

As Niall laid me down on our bed, I grabbed him and pulled him down on top of me. All I wanted to do was just snogg for hours and just never leave that bed, but I couldn't so I just gave him a peck on the cheek and said thank you. But when I whispered in his ear he grabbed me softly and kissed me so passionately I just couldn't even move when let go of me all I did was stair into his beautiful eyes. 

"you can't get away that easy" he said with a smirk on his lips 

"Well, I tried" I said with a cheeky look on my face as I sat up.  

"I will never let you get away" Niall said with a mysterious look in his eyes as he crawled close to me again "because  you are mine and only mine forever" he whispered into my ear softly. He put one had behind me back and one behind my head and laid me back down but this time with my head on the pillow as he sung me to sleep. 

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