Expect the unexpected


I am just an ordinary girl from Melbourne, nothing good ever happens to me.

I've been waiting for my princess, but I'm scared when I find her she will get taken away.


1. The plane ride ;)


Bianca's POV


As we walked into the Melbourne airport I my wipe the smile off my face, as we waited I got more excited. When they finally called flight 333 to Brighton we jumped up with excitement, grabbed our luggage and boarded our plane. You see instead of me and my twin sister Kiera going to schoolies, we decided to leave and travel around England.


As we took our seats on the plane we started to debate about the first thing we were going to do after we checked in to our hotel. After an hour of 'debating' between sight-seeing and shopping, we finally decided on shopping (I won) Kiera turned over and fell asleep. I was going to since it was a 22 hour flight, but not before I watched my FAVORITE movie EVER... Angus Thongs & Perfect Snogging. After the hour and 40 minute movie had finished I decided it would be a good time to fall asleep.


I woke up with a yawn because the kid in the seat behind me was kicking my chair. I was ready to round house kick him in the face, but I didn't because I'm a good girl (pfffft I wish). I looked at Kiera to see if she had woken but she hadn't. I knew that it was hard for her to get to sleep last night for god knows what reason, and she was really tired. So I left her because I'm a nice sister. I checked the time and realized it was 6 hours since I have fallen asleep. Wow. I didn't even feel tired. Anyways... There were only 13 hours left and Kiera was still asleep. Wow. The child was tired. I turned on my pink iPhone

4S and plugged in my earphones turning my phone on shuffle and fell asleep again. 2 hours later I awoke to find Kiera just waking up as well. I looked at her and she looked back. And at the same time we both said "lets watch the Twilight saga". So we spent 9 hours watching ALL the movies. I decided that there was nothing better to than to sleep the last 2 hours away. So that's just what I did.


Kiera's P.O.V


As I was about to snuggle under my bratz blanket (don't judge me) when someone sneezed in my face.


"What the hell man!" I screamed. I looked up into the most amazing green eyes i have ever seen then realized that a very very attractive boy (about 17) was looking down at me with big wide eyes. He had brown hair that was pushed up to the right, pale-ish skin and the prettiest green eyes I have ever seen.


"Oh my gosh I'm so so sorry" he said in the most ADORABLE, raspy, British accent 


He took a tissue for his pocket and wiped my wet cheeks softly. I looked at him and smiled.


"No, no it's fine"


"No honestly it's not, I am SOOO sorry" he said in that same raspy tone


" no seriously it's fine... Unless you get me sick, then you'll have to look after me"


He laughed the most adorable laugh I have ever heard, but unfortunately it turned it a really bad, phlegmy cough. I patted his back for him while he coughed up his lungs. When he had calmed down I looked at him and spoke.


"Awww are you okay..?I think I might have to look after you first" I asked while rubbing his back.


He looked at me with his red, puffy eyes. If I didn't know he had just been coughing I would have guessing he had been crying. He chuckled softly.


"Yeah... I'm fine and thank you... That would be nice “he said in a soft voice. His voice sounded worse than before.


"I bet your throat is really sore now, ayee?"


"Yeah it is, thanks for helping me though." He smiled weakly at me.


" Kiera, Kiera Brooks" I said while still rubbing his back.


“Finnegan, Finnegan Harries, but please call me Finn... I hate my name"

He said while looking down cutely.


"Awww don't hate your name, I thinks it's adorable" He chuckled a bit before answering.


"Thank you... Just like you..." He looked down cutely and smiled.


"No, you're the cutie" he looked at me and smiled again.


From that moment on, I knew that Finnegan Harries was going to be a very dear friend of mine... And that this plane trip just got a WHOLE lot better... Trust me... Sleep can wait. This boy was someone to told on to i felt like i had just met my match.................

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