Expect the unexpected


I am just an ordinary girl from Melbourne, nothing good ever happens to me.

I've been waiting for my princess, but I'm scared when I find her she will get taken away.


4. The Next Morning


Niall's  P.O.V

As I slowly opened my eyes I felt a warm body move closer to me, when I saw a beautiful face just in front of mine, her hair was draped over half of her face but she still looked adorable and I couldn't believe she was in my arms. It was a pretty cold day today I think that's why Bianca was snuggled into me so close she even had her arms tucked in between he chest and mine, I never wanted to move from this position even though I didn't know the time I figured that none of the boys were up because it was dead silence. I was still staring at her, she looks so peaceful when she sleeps and I can't help but smile when I think about last night, we all had so much fun on the way to our hotel, in the limo we all told each other things about our selves and I learnt that Bianca and I are very much alike. Our personalities are almost the exact same! She also has the most adorable laugh and she loves mine, I really think we were meant to be.   

Bianca's P.O.V 


I could feel this big warm body next to mine and tried to get as close as I could to it because I was really cold, even though we had a blanket over us, his body warmth is just so inviting and I never wanted to move from this position. I could stay like this forever. About 5 minutes after I woke up I fluttered my eyes open to see the most beautiful blue eyes meet mine and neither of us looked away for a pretty long time, his eyes are as blue as the ocean, I just wanted to kiss his luscious lips! Oh those lips, they were just so beautiful and looked so soft, then he broke our eye contact and looked at my lips while he bit his  in that really sexy way that guys do, he then looked back into my eyes, I felt his arms move up from my waist and gently grab my face, pulling it closer to his, then within three seconds our lips touched. It was the most passionate and connective kiss I have ever had. My arms moved from in between us to around his neck, his hands moved back around my waist, he pulled me closer to his warm body, I could feel his smile, our mouths moved open and close until he softly bit my lip and smirked again. I pulled out of the kiss and said  "Niall you are so adorable" while looking into his deep blue eyes 

"but no wear near as adorable as you" he said while he smiled cutely, just as I was about to tell him that I love his smile he pressed his sweet, kissable lips against mine, but this time I bit his lip and smiled. He pulled out of our kiss and looked me directly in the eyes and said  "Bianca, I really like you and I was wondering if you would go on a date with me this Friday..?" With that same adorable smile. I really didn't know what to say, I was in shock. As I went to open my mouth to answer the question, Harry burst in and yelled  "wake up sleepy heads its three o'clock" I saw Niall's amazing blue eyes widen a bit and say to Harry "wow it's pretty late we will be out soon ok?" 

"Ok Niall but I already miss you" Harry said in a sarcastic voice. Niall and I looked at each other and started pissing ourselves laughing. Harry went back out chuckling to himself closing the door.  Niall and I let go of each other, as I got up and turned around I felt two strong hands grab me by the waist and pull me back on the bed. I could feel Niall's breath on my neck, he laid me down on the bed, his head was hovering  over mine. As his beautiful eyes stared into mine, he bit his lip which made me bite mine. His head slowly lowered down to my face and his soft lips gently touched mine as my arms wrapped around his neck again. He pulled away slowly looked me in the eyes and pecked me on the lips again, then grabbed my waist and pulled me up again. As he let of of my waist I took my arms away from his neck and pecked him on the cheek. I walked over to my suitcase and grabbed black sweat pants and my pink hoodie that my sister bought for me, I bought her purple so we're matching because we're cute. I  walked into the bathroom and got changed then put my PJ's back in my bag. I turned around and Niall was just sitting on the bed staring at me with a stunned face  "what's up?" I said as I walked over and sat next to him he just shook his head, grabbed my hand and led me into a big room where all the boys and Kiera were. As soon as Niall let go of my hand I whispered into his ear.  "I'll will be right back" and kissed his cheek. I ran to Kiera and gave her a big hug, she hugged me back and said "I have some big news to tell you" 

"Ok" I said and grabbed her hand and led her off back to the room that Niall  and I shared last night.  

 "So what did you want to share with me apart from sleeping with Zayn last night?" I said with a smile on my face, "well last night after Zayn and I kissed"

"What? You kissed him?" I said with a shocked and happy face 

"well I didn't kiss him he kissed me and it was amazing I really like this boy Bianca" she said smiling and looking at the ground.  "But enough about me how was you and Niall's sleepover last night?"

"For starters Niall is so amazing and has the most perfect smile and the soft lips ever"

" wait so you did kiss Niall last night?" Kiera said with a massive smile

 "well not exactly" I said with a cheeky smile

 "BIANCA" Kiera said with a weird look  

"umm well we just cuddled last night but this morning we had the most passionate kiss I have ever had. And the way he holds me, he just makes me feel so special" I said and smiled at my feet 

"I am so happy for you babe"  I gave her a huge smile and a big hug.  She then told me about her morning and that Zayn had asked her out on a date, Niall had asked me the same, but Harold (the little shit, who I'm a tad bit annoyed at, at the moment) interrupted  me before I could answer him.  I never got to tell him yes what if he thinks I don't want to go out with him?! I will have to tell him that I do when we go back to them.    

After Kiera finished we walked back to the big room. It  had three couches and a massive flat screen TV but no boys, so I yelled out  "boys where are you?" Pretty loudly  I heard them all yell  "in here!"  from a room in front of us. We walked in and I felt a warm defrosting sensation go through my body,  I then saw Niall on the couch to my right, he was patting the spot beside him. I walked over to the couch  and sat next to the arm or the couch. 

 "why are you sitting all the way over there I feel all alone"  he whined with a sad baby face. He got up and grabbed me and pulled me over to his side so I was sitting in his lap. Then he pulled a blanket over us so we were completely under it faces and all. It really warm but I could only just see his face as it moved closer, but instead of him kissing me on the lips he kissed my neck, then my jaw but as he was moving towards my lips I  smashed my lips to his and smiled l. When I am with Niall I feel so happy, I have never felt like this before and I never want to lose him. 

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