Expect the unexpected


I am just an ordinary girl from Melbourne, nothing good ever happens to me.

I've been waiting for my princess, but I'm scared when I find her she will get taken away.


3. One Style


Niall's P.O.V When we arrived at One Style I quickly jumped up from my seat (next to Bianca) looked out the window to see if their were any fans but their weren't thank god even tho it was 3:30 in the morning you never know if fans will be out they are so detected and we all love the so much but sometimes it can be a bit annoying with all the paparazzi around but their weren't any   Of them either so it was nice and peaceful.  I opened the door so the I could step out in font of everyone and let Bianca through and say "lady's first princess" she did the most adorable smile and walked out of the limo. I closed the door behind me because Zayn and Kiera were still talking she had her head on his shoulder and he had his arm rapped around her they seemed to get along very well. Liam, Harry and Louis were still fighting about cats and turtles it was funny that's why I just shut the door and left them in there.  As Bianca and I walked up to the front desk the lady there said "how may I help you today Mr Horan" "hahahahahahaa she called me Mr I feel so old" i said to Bianca as she laughed with me " can we please have our room keys?" I said to the desk lady "here you go Niall" she said as she handed me two room keys she must of known Bianca because we only ordered one room. Any way I gave Bianca her room key just as the rest of the boys and Kiera walked up to us. We all talked for about 10 minutes before we went in the lift and And Bianca asked "so you boys all are staying in one room?" I nodded and she giggled I have never felt this close to someone in such a short period of time  I really felt like I found my princess. I rapped my arms around her and kissed her on the cheek just as the lift opened and we all got out then I relished the lady from the front desk gave us rooms across from each other. But I wasn't complaining I mean I wish I could shear my room with Bianca tonight but I didn't think she would want to, not to like have sex but so we could cuddle and talk all night because I do believe in no sex until marriage.    Bianca's P.O. V I really like Niall but I don't think he feels the same way I mean he is a huge famous superstar and in just an ugly fat girl from Melbourne their is no way he would like me he only gave me a huge from behind and a kiss on the cheek to be nice, I think. I wish I could cuddle up to his worm muscly body all night but he wouldn't ever want to share the same bed as me I mean we wouldn't have sex I want to wait until I am married for that just like Niall I only know this because I am a directioner but not one of those obsessed ones that cry when they meet them but I do have up all night and some of their books and know a lot about them but not obsessed. I got pulled out of my thoughts when I heated Niall say something "I'm sorry what did you say Niall" I said with I smile on my face all the others had gone into the rooms by now Kiera and Zayn went into our room so it was going to be a lonely night for me. Then I got pulled out of my thoughts again by Niall saying "goodnight beautiful" I stood their shocked that he just said that I I mean I was I dreaming I can't speak but I didn't show it on the outside "goodnight sexy" I said to him as he bent down to kiss me on the cheek again. As I turned around and opened my room door and walked in a little lamp was on beside my bed and Kiera and Zayn were fast asleep Zayn was cuddling her from behind (spooning her) they looked so happy together. I looked everywhere for my site case but it wasn't in our room I only saw Kiera's suitcase with her and Zayn's clothes next to it on a little table. I think the bell boy put my suitcase in the boys room witch means I have to go over and get it I slowly opened the door and softly closed it so I wouldn't wake them up and walked over to nock on the boys door I nocked three times and then heard foot steps coming over to the door and then Niall opened it shirtless just wearing long tracksuit pants when he realised it was me his eyes opened wider and he said "hello Darlin" with that cheeky smile on his face and I just melted the way he says Darlin in his Irish accent and his smile I was just about to pass out " I think the bell boy but my bag in your room instead of mine" I said with a grin wishing I could be rapped in his arms like Kiera and Zayn were. "I don't know where he put it I haven't even found my suitcase yet so they might be together" He said and ran his fingers threw his hair "lets find them" he said and gently grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, then stopped before I got to see the inside of his apparent and turned around to me and our eyes met "Bianca?" "Yes Niall" I said  "considering that Kiera and Zayn are staying in your room tonight would you like to spend the night in here with me and the rest of the boys?" He said and scratched his head with the hand that wasn't holding onto mine "but won't your room be a bit crowded?" I said with a confused face "well we have a pretty big room and you can share a bed with me if you want" when i saw the inside i was so shocked he was right their room was massive, they must have the smaller rooms on the right and the massive rooms on the left. " Well?" Niall said with a cheeky smile on his face "sounds fun" I said with a smile appearing on my lips as I said it a massive smile appeared in Niall's lips too and his smile is so perfect that it made me feel butterfly's in my stomach.    Niall's P.O.V As Bianca walked in front of me into our room she looked shocked at how big it was and I was still shocked that she said yes and came in I was so happy but I didn't want to show it or she might think I am weird. I really don't want to lose her I had started to fall for her in such a short period of time and I don't even know if she feels the same I mean a girl as beautiful as her I just want her to be mine and only mine that means if anyone hurts her I will hurt them and if anyone wants to take her from me they will pay I know I have only known her for about three hours but a lot can happen in three hours and you can fall for a person in that amount of time definitely because I have. By the time we had walked around the while apartment and found a room for us all the boys were asleep  and it was a very big place it had 5 bedrooms 2 bathrooms a kitchen and a living room it was almost a house. I let Bianca go and get changed in the bathroom, as she grabbed her clothes from her bag i just wanted to go up from behind and hug her and pretend that just for one minute she is just mine. I am so glad about the bag mixup accident if that hadn't of happened  I wouldn't get to spend the night with Bianca, even tho it's like 5 in the morning and we all have JetLag. As I was already in sweats with no shirt (what I usually wear to bed) as Bianca walked out with her beautiful long brown curly hair draped over her shoulders I had just gotten under the covers. It was a pretty cool night. As she walked over to me with an adorable smile on her lips I almost grabbed her arm and snogged her face off but I held back. "Bianca?" I said with a smile on my face too "yes Niall" she said as he walked over to her suitcase with her clothes and but them in neatly and then zipped it up again "would you like to sleep in the spare room where Zayn is meant to be or would you like to sleep with me in here?" I said with a cheeky smile "ummmm" she said but before she could give me an answer I cut her off "keep in mind that it is a very cool night and I would really like some company" I said now with an inviting face " because its a cool night and I wouldn't want you to be lonely I think I should stay with you" she said in a bit of a sarcastic voice just so it didn't seem like she wanted to sleep with me but I could tell by her face that she did.    Bianca's P.O.V As I hopped into bed and lied down I could feel the warmth of Niall's body next to mine, and I still can't believe this is real like I am sharing a bed with Niall-SexGod-Horan I must be the luckiest girl in the whole world. I felt two warm arms slowly wrap around my waist and a body move closer, suddenly I could feel his hot breath against my neck driving me insane I just wanted to turn around and snog him for hours and never leave him to forever be in his arms. I never wanted this moment to end I could just stay like this forever and never move. But I soon drifted off with the warmth of his body keeping me worm.    Niall's P.O.V I saw her big beautiful brown eyes slowly close and felt her drift off to sleep, she looked so peaceful I never want to let her go and I promos that I'm not going to let anything bad happen to this girl as long as I am with her, I thought as I fell into a deep sleep. 
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