Trouble (janoskains fanfic)

Darla Yammouni older sister of James who is 19 falls for Beau Brooks one of his friends.So later to find out that other one of James friends is also in love with her and this cause a lot of trouble and problems.......... What happens when Daniel Sahyounie younger sister Dayna comes to live with him.......... Jai and Luke Brooks fall for her and Daniel forbids them to date her or ask her out... What happens when the rules get broken? Will Beau love Darla? Who else falls for Darla? Which of the twins fall for Dayna and gets the girl of their dreams?? READ THE STORY TO FIND OUT :)))


5. Telling the Boys


What the fuck I'm I going to stay. But as all this thoughts rushed through my head i felt some grab my hand and wrap their finger around mine. I look down at my hand to see a small hand holding on to mine...Darla had grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear "Hey stop worrying we'll do this together." She turned back still grabbing my hand pulling me down to sit at the table with the boys. I was nervous but not as much because darla was there to help me the whole way....


UGHHH!! I hate packing i was excited that i was going to live with my brother i think it will be fun we really never spend that much time together the last time he came to visit us. I went to go to the closet to get my suite case i opened the door and gasp. " Omg theres a mess in here! How the hell im i going to find it." I reach to grab the first thing i plan to pull out so i can start looking but right when i barely pull it out everything falls and topples on me "ahhhh! " i was buried by the huge mess in the closet. I pushed all the things that were laying on top of me off to the side. I place my hands on the floor and pushed myself up. I place my hands on my hips "Where the hell is that suite case" i turn around looking on the floor to find it when i saw it grabbed the suite case and ran. To my room to pack everything in my closet into my suite case, im a girl I need all my clothes just because they might not have any good store other there.


I took a deep breath and said it "i have a sister and she coming to live with us tomorrow." I quickly said it and looked at their reactions beau was talking to jai and Luke was looking into his camera on his phone making faces and fixing his hair, but when I said that they froze and looked at my with shocked and confused faces. "What the fuck are you serious skip, don't play with us." Beau said with shock on his face. "Yes I'm serious, I just never told you because.....because I just didn't! but that doesn't matter ok." I was looking at them Darla squeeze my hand to reassure me that everything was fine. But then all at once the boys started to ask me questions and ask dumb ass comments I didn't know what to say. "hey shut the hell up god! look Daniel sister is coming tomorrow and that's final ok. Now lets eat because I'm freaking hungry." Darla said a little annoyed because they over reacted. "Ok..ok fine I agree I'm hungry too I haven't ate since yesterday." Luke said crossing his arms over his stomach acting like it hurt so bad for being hungry." Now we all got up to order food, I all I have to do is wait to tomorrow to pick up Dayna at the airport.


A/N: ok I know we hadn't wrote in a long time but I'm already working on the next chapter ok I promise :) thanks xxx



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