Trouble (janoskains fanfic)

Darla Yammouni older sister of James who is 19 falls for Beau Brooks one of his friends.So later to find out that other one of James friends is also in love with her and this cause a lot of trouble and problems.......... What happens when Daniel Sahyounie younger sister Dayna comes to live with him.......... Jai and Luke Brooks fall for her and Daniel forbids them to date her or ask her out... What happens when the rules get broken? Will Beau love Darla? Who else falls for Darla? Which of the twins fall for Dayna and gets the girl of their dreams?? READ THE STORY TO FIND OUT :)))


1. Phone Call


I woke up to some one banging on the door it was probably the guys. I was going to get up to open the door when they slammed it open and piled on top of me. "Get your lazy ass up" beau said while elbowing on the ribs.oww! We all were wrestling on the bed when all of a sudden the phone rang....... We all paused and looked at my phone . Thats when Jai grab my phone "Give me my phone you little fucker!" and i ran after him but he locked the bathroom door.


 I lock the door only to hear Skip behind it banging on it to open. I laughed ,took a deep breath before answering the phone." Hello this is skiii.... I mean Daniel" "Hello.....Daniel??" It was a girl on the other side of the phone. Skip has a girlfriend? what?? Why didn't he tell us? "Hello..helloo" she said "o... Uuhhh.... Yes this Daniel whats up" i said in the best skip voice possible. " this isnt Daniel who is this?" How did she know i wasnt Daniel thats when Daniel bang the on the door and scared me making me hit my head on the shelve. " Give me my phone you ass. I need to see who is it ?" "That what iam trying to find out now shhhh you are to loud" i said in the nicest way to get him more pissed then he already is."Jai if you dont give me back my phone i am going to beat ur ass now open this door !!!!!!!"He said it in the most pissed voice.. i quickly just went back to the phone and ignored daniel "soo who is this really" she said in the most beautiful voice "well this is one of daniel's friends who is this??" she quickly let out a small laugh "wats so funny" i ask really confused not really knowing if i said something wrong."Ooo so that explains why danny is all mad and screaming haha.. well if i may ask can you plz pass me to him?" she said i quickly answered her by simply opening the door and giving it to daniel i quickly ran for it but still ended up getting smacked in the back of the head as i ran out. But one thing stayed in the back of my head why did that girl call daniel, danny thats kinda weird so ran to tell the others......


I grabed my phone when Jai handed it back to me that little ass he so going to get it later but for now i settle with smacking him in the back on the head as he ran out... i went back to the phone to check on who it was "hello" when the one and only voice came though the other line i already knew who it was and slammed my door so no one could hear me talk to her, i also never told the guys about my sister because i dont want any of these dicks to date her and break her heart beacuse i would kill them she meant everything to me because i was always told to take care of her and thats is what i am going to do. "danny omg how have you been?!" she said it all chripy and i can totally tell it was her because she is the only one that calls me danny "so how have you been dayna"i said a little worry "danny clam down i am doing fine its just that theres ...."before she finished her sentence i told her" dayna plz come stay with me this is the only way i can keep you safe plz and before you said anything i will even go get you now plus i hardly see you since you more away to london plz come back home and live with me dont make me begg or go get u by force" i said it in the most begging way i really wanted her back home she lived so far that i hardly got to see her and when i did it was over facetime and that shit really sucks. i can tell she was thinking about it because she took awhile to answer."Danny.... i will come and live with you but under one condition ..." she answer " ya anything but what is it?" i ask in a worried tone. "I get my own room and you take me to eat when i get there" she laughed "ok haha" " anddddd ...... you need to show this mystery girl you talk about soo much" she added " fine i will, well i have to go see you tomorrow at noon time love you, you slut  haha" " hahah ok i love you too you bag of shit bye" and she hung up the phone before i can tell her anything else.


(A/N i hope you like it this is my frist story soo sorry if i spell anything wrong comment and favorite:p)



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