Trouble (janoskains fanfic)

Darla Yammouni older sister of James who is 19 falls for Beau Brooks one of his friends.So later to find out that other one of James friends is also in love with her and this cause a lot of trouble and problems.......... What happens when Daniel Sahyounie younger sister Dayna comes to live with him.......... Jai and Luke Brooks fall for her and Daniel forbids them to date her or ask her out... What happens when the rules get broken? Will Beau love Darla? Who else falls for Darla? Which of the twins fall for Dayna and gets the girl of their dreams?? READ THE STORY TO FIND OUT :)))


3. Lunch time


I quickly checked the time on my clock to see if i had enough time to take a shower.It was 10:36 i still had intill noon to get ready so i quickly hopped in the shower and turn on the radio and put my favorite station 102.7fm i quickly put it on loud right before i hopped in the shower. Then when i finished washing my hair and body i got out i still keeped the music playing since i still had to do my hair and clean my face. Today's lunch was going to be a litte weird now knowing and trying to tell the guys about Daniel's sister i knew he had his reasons for not tell us about her and i don't really mind not knowing but i wonder how the guys are going to react to this.So i quickly thought of things to said to help out Daniel so he knows that i am there to back him up because knowing him he is going to get really nervous.


I couldn't take it any more i needed help i thought maybe that i will pick up darla so she doesn't need to drive plus right now i cant handle being round the guys wondering what are they going to think of me but at the same time i can care less what they think i think its just the fact that i want to see darla.Yeah i am going to go pick her up thats it. i ran to the car to make sure that she didnt leave the house yet i wanted to get there her before she did.And when i finally pulled in her drive way to her house i was happy to see that her car was still here and she hadn't left. I turned off the car and ran up to her door to knock but she didnt answer and i could hear her music and i knew that she couldn't hear me and thats why i knocked harder and to my surpise she hear and came to open the door."hey daniel i am so so sorry i didnt come sooner its that i had the radio loud and its hard to hear over it." she told me she look so pretty with her wet curly long hair " oo no its ok i should of called to tell you i was coming so where is James..?"i asked trying to make it seem like i came to see James " oo i think he is still in his room getting ready i think but it is weird that he didnt come answer the door now that i think about it.... well just make your self at home i am almost ready and i think james is too then we can leave kk." she asked "oo sure go ahead i dont mined take your time."   god she was soo gorgeous i always got nervous when iam around her my hands get sweaty and i stuter when i talk. Then she walked out of the room wearing some simple jeans and a crop top that showed her stomach a little, oh GOD!!! "soo where is james is he ready?" "no i dont think he is coming his stomach hurts but dont worry i told him already, all you have to do is tell the brooks brothers." she gave me a cheeky smile and walk out the door. i walk behind her and put my arm around her shoulders she didnt move but got closer. i open the door to the car and we both hopped in. I decide to text the boys where we are going to eat.

DANIEL-  hey beau are you guys ready?

BEAU-  heyy skips, yes luke ,jai and i are ready . whos coming ?

DANIEL-  ok, its me and darla , james is not coming because his stomach hurts i think it was from the DareSundays. lol

BEAU-  hahah wat a pussy. ok where do we meet?

DANIEL-  haha i know he is ok meet us at HungerJacks in the mall in 5 mins.

BEAU- ok see ya in 5 mins. loser



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