Trouble (janoskains fanfic)

Darla Yammouni older sister of James who is 19 falls for Beau Brooks one of his friends.So later to find out that other one of James friends is also in love with her and this cause a lot of trouble and problems.......... What happens when Daniel Sahyounie younger sister Dayna comes to live with him.......... Jai and Luke Brooks fall for her and Daniel forbids them to date her or ask her out... What happens when the rules get broken? Will Beau love Darla? Who else falls for Darla? Which of the twins fall for Dayna and gets the girl of their dreams?? READ THE STORY TO FIND OUT :)))


4. Jealous


We finally got to the mall and ready to eat, all the boys couldnt wait to eat, but not me i could care less about eatting i want to see darla i havent seen her in days because she had got sick and james won't let anyone visit her.Thats when i got my phone out to call her to see if they where here, i didnt want to call daniel because i didnt want to hear him talk i would rather hear darla's sweet voice though the phone when suddenly i was knocked out of my thoughts"hello babe" she said in the most beautiful way i just love the way she talk to us but i really wished it was only me." heyyyy beautiful where are u guys at??" "we are in the food court waitting for u guys" "ok we will be there soon we are just going in the mall right now so see u soon babe" "kk cant wait baby oo and you owe me a hug." she said though the phone that i owed her a hug made my day, i didnt mind and i didnt care way i would love to give her a hug."of course" i said and with that she let out a giggle and she hanged up. Now i couldnt wait to see her when i put my phone away. Then jai said " where the fuck are they cant they see i am hungry." I told him they where almost here they are in the parking lot.


We got to the mall and we where waiting for the rest of the guys when darla's phone rang she picked it up and she said "hello babe" i was wondering who she was talking to but then i heard the beau on the other line.I knew she talked to all of us like that but something about beau told me that he wanted to be more then just friends.Then she said "kk cant wait baby.." ok i was getting really mad and hoped that she didnt like him but the words that hurt more was the fact she said "ooo and you owe me a hug" why did that he owe her a hug thats not fair. Then he said " of course" i bet that dick didnt even know the reason why. i finally spoke up when she hanged up "hey darla why does he owe you a hug" i tried to say it in the most nicest way because i didnt want to seem like a ass."oo its because i havent seen him in a long time plus he didnt text me when i was sick" she said so thats the reason, he was acting like a dick and he gets a hug i wouldnt treat her like that but she also said " but he had a reason he broke his phone. So he said that he would give me a hug when he saw me a again as a sorry." We where finally at the food court and i could see the guys talking oo god i am freaking out inside how am i suppose to tell them... I felt darla grab my hand and pull me into a hug that caught me off guard but i didnt really mined i just huged her tighter. Thats when she told me in my ear " calm down i got your back plus i can tell your freaking out haha" then i felt some one pull her out of my arms. I looked to see who it was ready to hurt someone but it was just beau he grab her and told her " hey Darla!!!" She turn around and hugged him back " found you guys !!" She hugged everyone and went to a table....


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