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I'm here to review any movellas you thrown in for me to read. Trust me, I know what I'm saying. I know what I'm doing.


3. Walking In Slow Motion by Kameka H.



This movella is about a girl who has no place for the world. Axi feels different, her life sucks and most of all she doesn't get to be a favourite of her parents. She is different from her family, different from her whining blonde little sister, her really hot long-legged older sister and of course her twin Lex, a girl with a really disturbing bacon-obsession. Until at some point in her life she realizes that she has somewhat of a special power too complicated if you think about it (Seriously, Her powers needs a little bit more explaining). Experience the thrills where She and her friend gets chased by a stalking pedo-bear.



It's entertaining/fun to read, really intriguing and a well thought of premise. It delivers what it promises and you should read right now. I blame myself for not reading this earlier. Her complex detail breaths vivid life into her story.. Well done.

Rating: "Both stunning and haunting"







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