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2. Colors of Life by Tohpi

About the poems:

As Tohpi described, It's about the different paintings of life. Life as we know it, it's usually shades of gray. But these poems paint the colors of life. Breathing life into them. (Based on my Opinions)

The Empire is Falling:

It's short,(about 5 lines short) but means whole alot. It's a metaphor. If you're gonna think deep enough, you would know that he's the one that's falling. he's like an empire, falling. That someday he might have a chance to stand up. It's a metaphor about the challenges you encounter down the road. It's also saying that he failed to something. That he wishes hope to rise again. So yeah, both meaningful and great.

Streets of darkness, Streets of Life:

Well, my interpretation says that it's all about people that are on  different streets. Light and dark. and the poem lets you realize that we all the same. We just did some bad decisions in our life. Or another interpretation would be that "Dude, you're the same, you're like me! I know what it feels to be like this, casted away!". See? That's what good poems are, it is so deep that you can have as many interpretations as possible. And those interpretations might not even be the real meaning the poet wants to tell us. Seriously, I salute you Tohpi.

Cold wind is Howling tonight:

Obviously, it speaks about winter. the very cold winter. For me, it says that the Cold Wind is like his depression. That he needed to be loved by someone. Very cold winter. (Fuck Nature by the way)


The poem speaks about someone who was disappointed. We feel like that in some point of our lives. I mean, Life's a bitch. Did it ever occur to you that someone you admire or idolize so much falls in front of you? That you wished to be like him and you had so much expectations for that dude? Exactly, that's what the poet wants us to see in his poem.

Like a Butterfly: 

It explains the cycle of a Butterfly and compares it to human emotions. Simple but something you have to read for sure.

Our Childhood's Last Night:

"Green eyes, Spiky hair, you said" Um, a character from Dragon Ball Z, i guess? Though Seriously, It is said in the poem that his friend had some kind of traumatic experience. And the words he uttered affected his soul. Feeling Empathy for his friend.


Overall, they were great and moving. You can really feel the depth and message and have your own interpretations. I love how they rhyme. Thoughtful, emotionally rich and relatable. If were to pick my favorite one it would be "Streets of Darkness, Street of life"

If you would check out my description in my profile. You would know that Literature ain't really my thing, especially poems cuz i ain't got any interest on them. So far reading this poem made me more pumped up to read more poems.

#1 Question of the Day:
If you read the poems, what was your personal favorite and why?

So I'll be expecting your answers in the comment section.

Rating: "Dark and Thoughtful" - 96%

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