Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


14. Why me?

Niall's P.O.V

I walkend inside to Louis and El with Louis phone. ''Hey lad, here's your phone!'' I said and handed it to him. El smashed the computer down when i looked at it. ''What are you doing...?'' I asked and looked at her. ''It's a surprise, DON'T LOOK!'' She said and pushed me away. I shook my head, they were a little crazy. I walked back to Ali, she was in our room with the computer. ''Is it uploaded babe?'' I asked and sat down next to her. ''Almost... Have you seen any of this..?'' She asked smiling and showed me a picture. It was her and myself inside the hospital earlier. I was pushed up to her at a wall and kissed her. ''Who is that sexy beast kissing you!?'' I joked with her. ''Haha i don't know! But.. Ehm... Could you show me how he did it?'' She asked and gave me the puppy face. I smiled and stood up. ''Anything for my babe...'' I whispered and picked her up. She swung her legs around my waist and i pushed her against the wall. She grabbed my hair and pulled me closer. My lips finally touched hers. I loved her so much. My tongue asked for access and she gained me. I explored her mouth, she was so perfect. I walked a little backwards and carefully laid her down on the bed, never breaking the kiss. I placed my self on top of her and her hands started grabbing underneath my shirt. I would never get tired of her touch...

Ali's P.O.V

I just wanted it all of. His clothes was in my way. I tried hard ripping his shirt of. Finally i got it of his head. He smiled of my desperation. ''Can i remove some now..?'' He asked. I moaned annoyed but let him. He started slowly getting mt t shirt of. I looked annoyed at him, he smiled and gave me a little kiss before ripping it all of and my bra to. Then i pushed his hands away and started a fight to death with his button. He took one hand down and helped me. It got up and i pushed them all the way down. I had grabbed the rip of his boxers but he stopped me. ''My turn...'' He mumbled and started ripping down my shorts and panties. When they were down he started touching me down there. The pleasure was enormous. I couldn't live with out this feeling anymore. He made me feel so good. His fingers made lines of goosebumps up my stomach. His kisses continued down my neck and he whispered loving words at me. I moaned, i couldn't stop it. I moaned so loud. He smiled, then placed himself on top of me and looked me deeply in the eyes. ''You ready babe...?'' I smiled and nodded, if i opened my mouth i would just moan again. He took down his boxers and i could feel his hard length on my inner thigh. He kissed my forehead and smiled. Slowly he entered me. I couldn't help but moan his name. He smiled even bigger and started thrusting slowly. He kept kissing my neck and whispering to me. I grabbed the sheets, and was close. ''Niall... I...'' I tried to moan. ''Wait for me babe...?'' He asked between his kisses on my neck. I tried to hold it back, but god it was hard. His pace got faster, he trusted deeply into me and my moans got louder and louder. ''Ready Three... Two... One!'' He said and i let go. I almost screamed by all the pleasure. Niall moaned while we both felt pleasure all over our bodies. Then he pulled out and collapsed next to me. We both catch our breaths and Niall started throwing my clothes in my head while laughing at me. I got up and used the computer as a mirror. My hair was a big mess! ''NIALL! This is your fault...'' I complained trying to get it fixed. I hadn't noticed i actually was standing all naked, doing my hair with the fingers. ''Need some help with that mess babe? I think i can make it worse if you'd let me...'' I looked at him and started laughing very hard. He was so cute. I started getting on my underwear and shorts but couldn't find my top. ''Niall where's my top..?'' He had a smile on the face, ''Where have you hid it.... TELL ME!!" i said and walked towards him. He grabbed my shoulders again and pushed me to the wall moving his hands to my waist. ''You top is hiding something very beautiful... I threw it away so i could watch the beauty a little longer...'' He whispered to me. I could feel his hot breath hit my face and automatically grabbed his neck and pulled him closer. ''I love you...'' I whispered and our lips touched. His tongue asked for access. I teased him and denied it. His eyebrows went up in his forehead. ''Let me...'' He whispered. I smiled but didn't let him. He was annoyed now, he put his hands down my naked stomach and into my panties. He rubbed me down there and against my will i moaned again. His tongue took the chance and got into my mouth. He took his hands up from my pants and placed them at my hips again. His tongue finished exploring my mouth and he pulled away. ''I always get what i want... Don't forget that princess...'' I heard something make a VERY loud noise. ''I think my stomach is hungry....'' Niall mumbled and hurried finding my top witch he had hid under neat the bed. ''Let's go eat!'' He said and pulled me with him. He ran into the restaurant with me right behind him. He hurried sitting down and getting some food on his plate. The others were already at the table eating. I was sitting between Niall and Louis. I reached for some pasta who looked great, when Louis turned to me. ''Uhm... Did you have fun?'' He asked fighting not to laugh. I turned red. ''Yes... We heard you... God you are loud...'' He said smiling and still struggling not to laugh. All the others staretd laughing hard and my face was redder than a tomato. I continued eating. Suddenly the captain came walking in. He had a serious face on and looked at Niall. I was sure i had seen that face before. But still couldn't remember. He asked Niall to come with him for a few seconds. Niall kissed my cheek and left with the captain...

Niall's P.O.V

We walked into his room and he shut the door behind me. ''You have a problem or something...?'' I asked a little annoyed he couldn't wait until i had finished eating. ''Yeah... I do, you see, that little girl you brought out here. She is way to good for you to have to yourself. And before you came out here, i placed cameras on almost every single wall, corner, room and door you can imagine, so i know everything. And i only want one thing, you to leave her. Break up with her or just ignore her, make her go home... And if you stay with her, i will show her this tape and tell her you only did all this, everything was your idea, and you only did it to get laid and get some money...'' I froze. ''What the hell are you talking about!?'' I asked, i was getting pretty angry. He opened his computer and started a little video, it was Ali and me in the room earlier... He had caught us on tape doing it!? That was just disgusting. I was almost crying, why did all this happen to me!? ''And what if she doesn't believe you?'' I asked. ''I have connections, believe me you will leave this ship single or dead. And she will leave this ship the same way.'' He gave me some sort of creepy look. ''Why? Why not just leave us alone? And what should stop me from taking a phone and call or text Paul to get out here?'' I asked again, he sighed. ''Listen boy, i have all in going/outgoing data right here on my computer, you cant send anything from a phone without me knowing and then, i'll sink this damn boat.'' He threatened and opened the door while pushing me out of it. ''Leave her, make her go home.'' He said very seriously and slammed the door. I walked back to my room. I took of pants and boxers and found some swim shorts. Then walked outside, past the others and went in the pool. I sat down at the staircase after some time... The tears was floating down my cheeks. The sunset was so beautiful. The sky was all red and the water was shining. I loved being out here. I put my head in my hands, how could this happen to me... Why was everybody against me? Why did the world hate me right now? I just felt like putting my head under the water and stay there until my heart stopped beating... I couldn't live with all this.... My life was just fucked up....


So so so so sorry everyone... I used the internet on my school to write the last part earlier, and then of course the internet is so fucked up it decided to delete everything i had written so i had to start all over (-.-) so sorry for letting you guys wait.... And then thank your for all the sweet comments to my birthday, love you so much!! :) xx

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