Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


7. Why me?

Niall's P.O.V

She slept so tight. Wouldn't ruin that. I had stopped crying and i had promised my self not to start again. It wasn't me that should cry, i just had to tell her. I had to.. No matter how bad i would feel about it. She had the right to know. I laid down next to her. Pulled her in tight and enjoyed the last time of her being happy. 

Ali's P.O.V

I knew i heard something. Maybe Niall was hiding something for me. But i didn't care right now. It was hurting so much in my lower body. Nothing mattered but that. Niall was sitting at the floor and i was sitting in between his legs and he cuddled me tight. It was so good to have him. Without him i wouldn't be able to get through this. My lower body was starting to stop hurt. It still hurt, but i could survive this. The door smashed up and two plates were once again sat on the floor. We started eating. It was good to get something to eat. I were a bit hungry. We finished, and of course Niall ate my left overs. He was a little hungry thing, it was kind of cute. I looked a bit at him, he smiled at me with a mouth full of food. I giggled, that was so cute. He were just to perfect to be true. We finished and Niall cuddled me again. He were so perfect. In the middle of all this we heard yells and screams. I panicked and looked scared at Niall. He looked like he didn't knew what to do. We stood up and he hugged me. Then we heard guns. Shoots were shot and i couldn't help but start to scream and cry. I were so scared. He held me tighter and laid his head on mine, while he kept saying ''It's gonna be alright!'' I didn't know if it was to me or more or less to him self. People ran out side our door, and we were trapped in here. Suddenly it got all quiet. We heard cars leaving and people shouting things like ''Let me go i didn't do any thing!'' Some one started calling ''Hey! Any one here!?'' We started to knock on the door and yelled ''We are in here!'' Someone got to the door and asked. ''Are you two Alex and Niall?'' They asked, i hated when people called me that, but it was my name. ''Yes, yes we are! Can you get us out of here!?'' Niall asked. The man answered ''Step back from the door, we will try get it up!'' Niall took me by the waist and pulled me back. Then they started some noisy machine, sounded like a chainsaw. The door was cut open pretty quick and some men ran inside and helped us get out. They were just about to put us in two ambulances but Niall said no and walked over to mine while saying he were fine. He held my hand while the people looked at me checking if something was wrong. Besides i hadn't really eaten the last days i were fine. Then of a sudden we heard some pretty familiar voices. I looked up, pretty surprised. Niall smiled ''Never got to ask you, are you a fan?'' He said with a little smile. I blushed. ''Yeah.... Think i might be your biggest'' I giggled and winked at him. He smiled and helped me up. Then we saw the other boys. I could have screamed if i hadn't been together with Niall 24/7 the last few days. They looked happily at us and ran to reach us. A very big group hug started. Everyone cried. Then Niall introduced me to them and they said hello to me. They were all so nice to me. Like a lot of big brothers. We were putted in some cars and the police got us into the police station and asked us a lot of questions. They asked what they had done to us, i couldn't talk about it so i made Niall tell them. And then i just nodded letting them know it was true. Then at night we got a room in the building and i slept together with all five boys. Of course cuddled up with Niall, but all the others around me. Perfect ending on that day...

Niall's P.O.V

We were all in the bed. I had Ali in my arms and Liam at my back and Zayn behind him. Harry on the other side of Ali and Louis next to him. I looked down at Ali. I felt so bad, i should have told her about her parents and sister, i couldn't keep it secret any more. But i couldn't tell her in front of all the boys, they shouldn't see her break down just like that. I would tell her as the first thing in the morning, i hope.

[Next morning]

All the boys woke up way before Ali and me, now i had the chance to tell her. I slowly sat up and waked her. She blinked and yawned. It was so cute. She looked at me a little sleepy and asked ''What's up? Anythings wrong?'' she could see i was sad. I breathed deeply and started. ''I've got something i need to tell you. I know you wont like it but...'' I was cut of by Louis who came running into the room yelling ''GET UP SLEEPY'S BREAKFAST IS REEEEADY AND IF YOU DON'T COME YOU WONT GET ANY!'' Then ran out again. Ali said ''Don't worry, you can tell me later, i am starving right now...'' I looked down and nodded. I stood up and helped her. She took my hand and we walked to the police kitchen and got something to eat. I was pretty starving. Then the police had got some new clothes for us, so we went to get a bath. I planned to stay out side and wait on her. But she pulled me in with her. ''Please? I don't want to be alone right now...'' She looked pretty sad, and of course i would. I waited on the floor and looked down in my hands. I would say it to her now. ''Ali? That thing i would say, I know you wont be happy about it...'' she cut me of ''Can't it wait then...? I am in such a great mood right now... I don't want any bad news...'' She looked at me. Yeah, maybe this wasn't the time. I nodded and she got finished. She stood at the mirror while i showered. She could see me in the mirror and smiled. I covered my nipples like i had done out there she smiled even bigger and said ''Nice abs!'' I winked and answered ''Yeah i know, i am so good looking!'' I joked with her, she laughed and got finished. I putted on my new clothes and she gave me a hug. We went out to the boys and sat down chilling for a while. Then a police officer came into the TV room. He looked at us and then said. ''Ali, we found out where your family is, do you wanna come see them? Then an officer will drive you there.'' She looked at me, with a face asking if i would come to. I nodded, of course i would. Then she said ''If Niall can come to, then yes.'' The officer nodded and we followed him. We hugged the boys and we would see them again soon, maybe here or some other place safe. Mostly because the officers thought those men who had seen us that night might be interested in getting us to ''work'' for them. But as we thought we were in Sweden and it was only like half an hour then we would be at Ali's house. We thought, the car stopped way before that. It stopped outside a hospital. Ali looked worried at the officer who got out and helped us. I knew i was to late now, she was gonna break down, this would be to much. When we got out i hugged her and whispered in her ear ''Don't worry dear, it'll be alright'' She looked at me and smiled half, then i pulled her tight into my body. My lips touched hers. She had her arms around me neck and i held her by the waist. We broke away and followed the officer holding each others hand. We walked for a while, it was a big hospital. Then finally we got to a room and he opened the door. We got inside and Ali stopped in shock.

Ali's P.O.V

My dad laid there on the bed with machines making a lot of noise around him, he was all alone. He looked at me with a smile in the eyes. I started crying, he got his hand up and reached for me. I flew down to it and grabbed it tight. He smiled and started talking ''Hey sweet heart.. You alright?'' I nodded, i was more worried about him. He had that thing helping him breath, he had a lot of cuts and injuries, it looked all like he had got beaten up by some insane bastard. He talked again ''Have they told you anything yet?'' I shook my head, nothing had anybody told me. He then continued. ''Then you don't know about your mom? Or about Stella?'' Stella was the name of my sister, i could feel the tears i feared what was with them. ''Well your sister, has been beaten up... And she has got so much injury that she is now lame in whole her body. So she is now with a family who will take care of her...'' I was crying so badly. My sister would never ever talk, walk or do anything!? ''Or, i think she can move her right arm, and she communicates with some sort of special computer where she just write what she wants to say... But your mom... Well when those men came i tried to stop them, but they knocked me out and then they beat your sister and... they had a gun... and they...'' He couldn't even say it. My eyes was just teared up and i couldn't say anything i sat down at the floor rocking back and fort trying to stop cry. Then i thought of something. ''Daddy...? Why aren't Stella here... with you...?'' I were still at the floor, unable to move. He turned his head a bit, i could see tears falling from his eyes. ''Well sweet heart... Both my kidneys are broke my one of my lungs are broken and my heart can barely keep me alive... Doctors are good, but not magical... I don't have that much time left...'' And then i just went black. Everything in my head stopped thinking. I stopped rocking and just sat there. Didn't move at all. Why was this happening to me...?

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