Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


22. Vomit

Ali's P.O.V

It hurt inside... Knowing i actually had a baby inside me. But the fact that it wasn't Niall's was the worst... I could have Johns baby in me!? Omg i just wanted the fucking piece of shit out of me. Niall woke me up in the middle of the night, i had been crying from a dream. I dreamed that the kid grew up and looked exactly like John and it was just to much for me, i couldn't become a parent now. Niall pulled me in and he fell asleep with me in his arms. I didn't sleep after that. I couldn't. I was so scared. All this shit just needed to be over, fast. About 9 am Niall woke up. I was just laying and playing with his shirt. ''Mornin' beautiful... You ready?'' He asked, his Irish accent mixed with his morning voice was so fucking damn sexy, i love it. I nodded slowly. ''I just want it out... I don't want one of those assholes baby inside me...'' He chuckled of me. ''It'll be out in a few hours, don't worry babe..'' He rubbed my back and got both of us up. We had been sleeping in the guest room. He pulled me with him to the kitchen. ''I am god damn hungry! You want any babe?'' He said with his mouth full of toast. ''No thanks... Ain't hungry...'' I lied, i was very hungry. ''Don't be silly... Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!'' He said while almost forcing me to eat a bite of the toast. I sighed and ate it. ''Good girl...'' He laughed at me. ''I ain't a dog Niall...'' I mumbled. ''You are my little puppy babe!'' I couldn't stop laughing of that. ''You're so sweet Nialler!'' i smiled at him. He winked at me and i gave him a hug. Then i went to take a shower. When i got out Niall was ready to go as well so we left and borrowed Perrie's car. Niall drove slow, this was bugging him just as much as me. It was some serious shit. I just wanted the thing out of me and get over with this. We parked outside the hospital, it was scaring empty, no cars on the parking lot and inside almost no people were there, maybe it was to early or something. We went to the reception and before any of us said a word she handed us a note like the day before and told us to take the elevator to 7th floor and follow the purple dots witch was marked on the walls. We nodded, a little confused by her behavior. But ignored it and went to the elevator. It started going up and i took Niall's hand in mine. He stroke the back of my it and kissed my cheek. ''Don't worry, everything will be alright in no time...'' He whispered in my ear. The sound of his voice calmed me down and i breathed deeply as the little display above the doors showed ''7''. We got out and followed the purple dots down a long hallway. They stopped at a big blue door. On the note the receptionist gave us, there stood ''Knock the door and give him this'' and underneath a long series of numbers was written. Niall shrugged his shoulders and knocked the door. Slowly it opened and a doctor opened. It wasn't the doctor from the day before, but i swear to god i knew him from somewhere. He let us inside and closed the door. There wasn't much light in the room. ''Okay, you go sit in one of those chairs then i'll get this fixed quickly, oh and did you get a note for me?'' Niall handed him the note and sat down in the chair he had pointed at. The man looked at the note and then quickly at me then the note again. He sighed and helped me into some weird chair, looked like a dentist chair, but bigger and more scary. I didn't like this, i certainly didn't like this. The man walked to the end of the room he opened a closet and found a little bottle with some liquid in and a cloth. I got scared as he closed in on me. He put some liquid on the cloth and got even closer. I was diffidently not comfortable about this, i didn't like it. He placed the piece of cloth over my mouth, ''Wait! That's not how doctors do it! Stop it! You're not a doctor!'' i heard Niall yell before i dosed of. Then everything wen't black.

[[After the blackout]]

I blinked a few times, trying to get my eyes used to the bright light. Finally i could open them wide. I looked around. I was tied to the chair, i could see Niall. He was lying unconscious on the floor in the corner of the room. ''NERUOGR'' i realized i had something covering my mouth and i couldn't speak at all. I tried fighting me out of the seat but i was tied way to tight. I looked down and realized i didn't wear anything but panties. I tried screaming even louder. I saw something move in the opposite corner of Niall. Then i froze, i realized where i knew that face from, he wasn't wasn't a bloody doctor, it was that son of a bitch that raped me on the boat!? I looked at him with disgust. We walked closer. ''You know when you first have tried you once... You get kind of addicted. You just want more, and more, and as much as you can get. And i won't let such a little perfect slut run away... So in not long... I'll take you somewhere, where it's only you and me, and i can have you all to myself...'' He talked like i was some kind of baby. He started touching my arm. I moved it as far as possible, he should not touch me. No one but Niall should ever touch me! He was the only one i trusted... The man didn't care about my move and continued touching me, closing in on my belly. I wished i could make him stop. I felt like throwing up. I was seriously feeling ill. I felt my stomach move and could almost taste the vomit in the back of my throat. ''I think i'll remove this... I wanna hear you scream while i fuck the shit out of you...'' I whispered in my ear. I was so bloody close to vomit right now. He removed the cover from my mouth and stared into my eyes. Then i felt it. The thick nasty liquid in my throat. He was leaning in to kiss me. And then it came out. It flew out of my mouth right in his face! ''YOU FUCKING BITCH!'' he yelled at me. Then he hit my cheek and went outside to get it way. I started fighting with the ropes again. I felt my right hand getting loose. Finally i got it of. Then i started removing the left and then my legs. When i got all the ropes away i got up. I saw my clothes in the corner and hurried getting them back on. Then i rushed to Niall, i shook him slightly. ''Niall... Niall please wake up... Niall please...'' I cried in his ear when he didn't react on my touch. In that second the door slammed up. ''YOU FUCKING SLUT! HOW DARE YOU!? I PROMISE I WILL MAKE YOUR LIFE SO MISERABLE YOU WON'T EVER FEEL AS A HUMAN AGAIN! AND LEAVE THAT SON OF A BITCH, HE IS PROBABLY DEAD OF ALL THE STUFF I HAVE FEED HIM WITH!'' He yelled very loud as he grabbed my arm and threw me across the room. I felt the pain everywhere in my body. But the place it hurt the most was inside... ''He is probably dead...'' I felt the loss inside... 

Niall's P.O.V

The feeling of everything was blurry and like i couldn't figure out what was going on was everywhere. I heard voices. But didn't knew how to respond to them. I felt someone touch me, but it was like i just couldn't move. Like my movements was inside my head. I could hear and feel everything, but just couldn't move. Like sleeping very very deep. Suddenly i felt like being ripped out of it. I heard someone scream, i heard the words ''slut'' and ''dead''. I forced my self away from what ever i was in, sleep, what ever you wanna name it. I wanted to see what the hell was going on. I blinked a few times, and finally i could open my eyes. The doctor was bent forward in the other corner, and was that... He was leaning closer in on Ali!? She was crying!? He grabbed her shirt and started pulling to remove it. I got up and ran towards him. I slammed him into the wall. A huge pain grew in my shoulder, but i didn't care. ''You fucking bastard, get away!'' I spat at him. he looked weird at me. ''How can you be..'' I kicked his side. ''Will... It's called will. And i dare you, if you try to touch her, just look at her i will beat the shit out of you... I hope you'll go to hell and get the most miserable life ever... How can you live knowing you've done this to a human being!?'' I told him of. He looked at me like i was his dad yelling at him. Then i picked up Ali bride style and started walking out the room. When we reached the end of the hall i saw the police come running towards us. ''You're late...'' I said and walked past them. They looked at me. But went inside and got the man out. We got down and saw all the hospital crew getting out of some room. He had actually caught them all!? Well i saw the doctor who had cheeked Ali the day before. He caught me starring at him and walked over to us. ''I am so so so sorry... He was pointing a gun at my head and...'' I cut him of. ''Don't worry about it... It wasn't your fault and we are okay...'' Ali looked down at her stomach. I was still holding her. ''Uhm sorry to ask... But what are we going to do about that thing...'' I said and pointed with the head down on her stomach. ''What thing...? Ohh yeah, uhm actually... There is nothing in her... Uhm the man told me to tell you so you would come... She isn't pregnant, but her period is late because of that she hasn't been eating enough the last weeks...'' I looked down and saw her face lit up. ''Niall i am not pregnant!!'' She cried with a smile as she swung her arms around my neck. I let go of her legs as i hugged her back. We decided to go back home and just chill the rest of the day.

Ali's P.O.V

We was on our way back home when niall suddenly pulled into the side. ''What are you doing Niall?'' I asked. ''Just need to go get something!'' Then he ran out the car and into a little shopping center. I sighed and waited. Then he finally came back. He had something in his hand, but i couldn't see what. He opened the car door and jumped in. ''What is it Niall?'' I asked, he threw the little box to me. Condoms? ''You bought condoms?'' He smiled at me. ''Thought we might need them later, unless we wanna become parents...'' Then he winked at me. God i couldn't wait till we got home. He felt the same way and speed up. Best day in a long time. 


I can't describe how sorry i am, i have been so busy the last week so i didn't have time to edit it... But here you go!! I only think there will be two more chapters in this book...:( Sad thing... But i've really enjoyed this, and thank you so so much for all your support!! :) xx

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