Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


13. Vacation of my life!

Niall's P.O.V

My eyes hurt, i didn't want to open them. I tried a single time but closed them quickly again. It hurt so much, some one had turned on way to much light. ''ARRRG THE LIGHT!?'' i yelled. God my eyes started hurting now. Someone said ''Turn the light down...'' Carefully i tried to open my eyes. I hurt a lot. But i wanted to find out where the hell i was. A few doctors was walking around my bed checking everything. I pulled my arm up to my head. ''Ouch... Ohh god... What the hell happened?'' I asked a doctor who was starring at me while reading something. ''Well that man who you saved the girl from hit you in the back of your head, pretty hard. It doesn't look like you have any damage. But you've lost blood and your scull has got an injury. We've fixed it as good as possible but if anything hits you there hard, we can't promise anything....'' I nodded. When all this shit was over i would try settle down, just a little bit with Ali. Not leaving the band, never. I loved being in One Direction.
Then when all those thoughts came i thought of something. ''Where is she?'' The doctor looked questioning at me. ''Ali... I mean Alex, the girl?'' He nodded understanding. ''She's in the room next door. She was very frightened but there wasn't any damage on her at all. Nothing to worry about at least. We could see she was sad but she wouldn't tell us anything..'' I thought for a moment. ''How long am i gonna stay here?'' The doctor looked at his papers. ''Only two to three days.'' ''Then.. Can i get my bed into her room, or something, i wanna be with her...'' He nodded and asked some of the other doctors. ''We'll move her bed in here, this room is bigger..'' He smiled half at me and went in to Ali. 
Ten minutes later they pushed her bed into my room. She sat up in the bed and looked at me with a truly happy smile. When the doctors had left to give us some privacy she almost jumped out of bed and hugged me tight. I pulled her into the bed and hugged her even tighter. She laid her head on my chest and cried a bit. ''Thank you... For everything...'' She said. I kissed her hair and answered. ''Don't thank... I'll do anything for the girl i love...'' And that was as true as it could be. I loved her so so so much. I would never find some one like her. And somehow she needed me now, so i was her's now. 

Ali's P.O.V

And once again i felt so safe. Lying there in his arms was the safest place on earth. I loved him so much, he was the only person i would ever love. I hoped these few days in the hospital would go fast...
After a few hours the other boys came in to us. And they made the time in there shorter. ''Hey by the way, we've asked El, Perrie and Dani if they wanted to come with us, so you will have some girls to talk to!'' Louis said to me. I smiled. I had actually missed talking to girls for a while. These boys was simply the most awesome friends i could ever imagine. In some way this was every Directioners dream, and i was in the middle of it. Though i missed my family, a lot, then i were where i was supposed to be. With the perfect boy in what seemed like, now, could be a start of a new life. 

[The days of the hospital are now over]

Finally, we're out of this place. In a few seconds we're out and Paul will pick us up and drive us to some secret location and we'll get on some big boat with a lot of space and everything and the vacation of my life will start. I looked at the little nurse. Obviously she was a fan, she was all nervous while trying to get the last papers fixed. Finally she handed over something to Liam and we left the hospital. Through the doors we could see a lot of fans. More than i could hide from. ''Can they know?...'' Niall asked and looked at me. ''Yeah....'' I said. But wasn't sure if i meant it. Because i knew how much hate the girls they dated got, but i didn't have twitter and i couldn't get on my Facebook right now so i guessed i wouldn't really notice. He took my hand in his and pushed me up the wall. ''I love you more than anybody has ever loved a girl...'' He whispered in my ear and kissed me passionately. I pulled gently in his hair and he smiled in the kiss. ''Love you to... More than you love me...'' Before he could tell me wrong i putted a finger on his lips and pointed at his fans. ''Yeah you're right... We better get out there..'' He smiled and took my hand tight again. I smiled and breathed deeply. You'd get through this Ali, you will. I thought to my self. Niall smiled at me. ''Don't worry they'll love you! And later on the boat we'll do a twitcam or something, then we can explain everything that has happened, they do deserve to know.. right?'' I nodded, they did. More than anybody else. 
We opened the doors and walked with the other boys. We saw Perrie, Dani and El come running though the fans. They jumped into their boys arms. That was so god damn cute. Harry didn't mind at all. He went talking to a few fans. It made me happy they all could just live with all this. Fans started yelling at us what happened. The police was there. I got an idea. ''Hey Niall, don't the police have those megaphones or what ever thy are called.. Cant you tell them we'll do a twitcam later and explain?'' Niall smiled at me ''Bright little girl huh?'' He said and gave me a little kiss before rushing over to the closest police car. ''Hey can't we borrow a megaphone a few seconds?'' The police officer reached into his car and handed it to Niall. ''HEY EVERYBODY!'' He yelled into it. The fans all got quiet and looked at Niall. ''Tonight i'll do a twitcam and then we'll give you all and explanation!'' He smiled at me. ''We love you guys, hopefully we'll see ya soon!'' The fans went crazy but let us through to the car. Paul drove fast but carefully out on a big road and we went of. It was 3 pm so the sun was still out, i loved the sun. And i really did look forward to some time on a boat where the sun was just outside all the time. This time would be great.

[Later that night finally on the boat]

The boat was huge. Two floors. On top floor almost 50 bedrooms, downstairs there was a massive restaurant, a spa and then there was a door outside to a massive terrace with a giant pool and a little Hawaii style house with smoothies and ice cream. It was like a mini cruise just for us 9 people. I loved this so much. Niall found my reaction about all this funny. ''Niall why is all this so funny?'' He smiled and answered. ''Well... This whole boat is actually ours... Me and the boys, we bought it like a month before all of this...'' My eyes got even bigger. ''Do you have some kind of chicken who can lay eggs with money in or something...?'' He smiled of my reaction. Then started laughing very hard. Apparently my joke was funny. People usually never laughed of my jokes. But that was often because people didn't listen to me, or Caroline and Maria did, but everybody else wasn't really like real friends to me. Just those people hanging around to get attention. Niall grabbed my arm and his laptop and some towels and pulled me out on the deck. He laid down the towels and pulled me down with him. Then turned  on the computer and started connecting to a twitcam. Then he went onto twitter and tweeted ''Hello peeps, doin' the twitcam now, join in then i'll explain everythin to ya!! Love ya guys x'' Such a typically Niall tweet. Finally the internet got fast and the twitcam started. We were lying on our stomachs so the sun was very hot on our back. People started tweeting some of the usual  ''Please follow?'' ''I'll do anything to get a follow'' ''Love you'' all of those. ''Okay guys, i think i owe you a pretty big explanation, and hey Ali go inside and get Louis' phone then we'll record this and put it on YouTube later for others... I nodded and ran of while he talked a bit with the fans. 
''Hey Louis!'' Louis turned around. ''Can we borrow your phone?'' He looked weird at me but gave it to me and turned to El again. I ran back outside to Niall. ''Here you go Nialler...'' I said and handed it to him. He started a video and placed it on the computer so it could see us. Then we started. We didn't tell about what happened in the room or what exactly John did to me, but everything else. About an hour later we finished the twitcam and was about to go back inside. I looked up and you could see the captain. Besides us there was only one chef, a captain and two others. But the thing was... I had seen that captain before. I didn't know where but it scared me, i had seen that face before....


I just want to say sorry, i didn't have any time yesterday to write this chapter...:( I think my math teacher hates us, we have god damn m´homework all the freaking time! But i have some time of now!!! And just wanted to tell you today is actually my birthday so it was the best birthday present EVER to realize that 500+ people actually have read my story!! I love you guys so much, and thank you so much for all the likes, i love you so so so much!!! :) xx

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