Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


16. Together...

Niall's P.O.V

I woke up. Somehow i was actually happy. In about an hour we would be back home in London and we could try finding a place to be alone and just start a somehow normal life. I walked out my room. I didn't want to be alone, and since i couldn't be with Ali i could be with Liam and Danielle. They slept int he room next to mine. I knocked on the door, no answer. ''Liam...?'' I asked. No answer, i opened the door. No one was there, their duvets and pillows was a huge mess. I tried Louis and Eleanor. It was the same, Harry and Zayn and Perrie was the same to. I ran to Ali's door. She wasn't there either. I ran downstairs and outside. No one there, i sighed and ran back inside. They weren't anywhere. I sat down in the cafeteria trying to figure out where they was. Suddenly i heard something, a loud noise from the kitchen, i opened the door and looked inside. What i saw scared the hell out of me and i closed the door again. All the others was tied on hands and mouth and was lying on the floor. I couldn't breathe. The captain and the rest of the crew was watching, with guns pointing at them. I pushed my back at the wall and slowly sat down. I put my head in my hands and waited for some kind of sign. Suddenly one of the crew members came out, he saw me and started dragging me inside to the kitchen. I pushed his hands away and got up. The captain was standing in front of me, he was holding Ali by the hair, and smiled fake at me. I knew where i had seen him before, i could see it now. In the room, the man who was standing by our bed... He was the fucking bastard who had got us kidnapped in the first place!? I was about to open my mouth to say something but he raised an eyebrow and pushed a gun into Ali's head. ''NO!'' I yelled. I he raised both his eyebrows sinking the gun again. ''What... I can't shoot her? I thought you were mad at her... You didn't keep our deal boy... I told you, stay away or you'll both die. But the thing is, i don't want to kill her, i might need her later... But all these others? They are not of any need to me. But i don't think i will kill them... But the thing is... I cant let this little one go... And you wont give up on finding her.. right? So that means i can't just let you go... And since these people will help you and look for you, i cant let them go either. So i got a plan... You and this girl are coming with us, to a place where both of you will be used in the worst imaginable way, these sluts and fags will die while this boat is slowly sinking down to the bottom of the sea...'' I was scared, the others looked at me like they was trying to say they would be fine, but they wouldn't... Ali was crying her eyes out and the man was pulling her hair way to hard, she couldn't stand much more of this. I just looked scared at the man. ''So... We will leave this room now, follow me, and if you try to do anything i WONT hesitate shooting you.'' He warned me and started pulling Ali with him out he door. I sent the others an apologizing look, but Liam wasn't looking sad at all, he showed he his hand so the crew couldn't see it, he had a very sharp knife in it. I winked at him and followed Ali and the man. I knew they would be alright.. Or i hoped. The man walked outside and some boat was ''parked'' next to ours and the man was about to throw Ali over there. I jumped over there and picked Ali up so i carried her myself, instead of him throwing around with her. He shouldn't make anymore damage on my girl. He came over to the boat and pushed us inside. Ali was crying silent into my chest, i couldn't stand this. All of this is seriously the worst nightmare i've ever been in, and it was like a million times worse for her. He opened a door and pushed us in there. ''We will just get this other boat sinking then we will leave.. You'll get some food later, see ya bitches...'' He said and closed and locked the door. There was a big comfy bed where i sat down. I placed Ali next to be and started removing all the ropes from her body. When i got the one at her mouth away i could see she was about to scream. I pulled her in and hugged her. Carefully i removed the rope from her hands and she swung them around me neck while she kept sobbing into my neck and the tears was falling. I laid back down and pulled her down with me. She laid her head on my chest and i rubbed her back. For a few minutes we just laid like that. Then suddenly we heard a loud crash. As if a huge cannon had been fired. We both shoot up from the bed and looked out the small window. A huge hole was made in the side of the boat all the others was on... It was sinking, fast. Ali looked a little scared at me.. ''They'll be alright.. believe me...'' I whispered and pulled her in to a hug. I didn't know what to believe anymore. 

Liam's P.O.V

When the last man left the room i hurried. I got my own hands free and hurried to Danielle. When she was free she tried to get Perrie's up. I continued getting everyone's hands free. The only one left was Harry when the whole boat started tipping dangerous and a loud crash followed. Someone was shooting at the boat!? I tried to do it faster but the rope on his hands was to tight. We had to get out of here now. I pulled Harry with me. He tried himself to get it up. We were outside now and could see the other boat sailing away. The others found some of those inflatable beach toys from the pool and i kept trying get Harry free. The boat was sinking very fast and i was almost panicking. Harry stopped me and sat down. He got his arms around his legs so they were on front of him instead. Then he swung them around my neck and jumped up my back. I hurried over to the others and they helped me down to one of the beach toys. I used my legs a bit so we wouldn't sink. The other was removing the rope from their mouths and Dani came helping me and Harry. ''You alright lad?'' I asked Harry ''Yeah... But uhm.. This seems.. Kind of.. Gay.. You know..'' He said.. I burst out laughing. The other laughed to. Nobody was hurt, that was good. We looked around. Very far away i could see some land. I told the others and we started moving in that diretiton. 

[About an hour later]

We finally got closer to what we had seen. It wasn't land... It was a huge oil boat. We started waving around with out hands and someone finally saw us. They got a lifeboat down and we all got over there. We got Harry of my back and stretched our bodies. Harry tried a few times to get the rope of his hands, but it was way to tight and the knife hadn't even made a scratch in it. I stroke his back and he gave me a friendly look. When we got on the boat some men started following everyone inside, a man, witch looked like the captain, came over to me. ''Hey son, why are you drifting around on the sea with inflatable beach toys..?'' I breathed deeply and he got the whole story. He thought about it for a moment. Obviously surprised, it wasn't something he saw everyday. ''I think the best would be if you and your mates came somewhere safe, do you have anyone to call?'' He said to me. ''Yeah... We have Paul, but our phones are all broken... But i remember his number, do you have a phone we can borrow?'' I asked. He lead me inside and gave me a very old phone. I typed the number and waited for Paul to pick it up. ''Hello.. Paul here...'' I heard Paul say in the other end, obviously he was breathing hardly and sounded like he had been running. ''Paul, it's me Liam! Uhm we have some sort of a problem... The captain on our boat have kidnapped Niall and Ali, the others of us are on an oil boat right now, all safe and don't think anyone is hurt. If i give you our position can you come pick us up then we can give you the whole explanation...'' He had stopped running i could hear. ''Liam, god i'm glad to hear your voice,  yeah give me your position we will go get a boat now, you sure everyone is alright?'' He asked me, i answered. ''Yeah everyone here with me is, i don't know about Niall and Ali... Our position is..'' I gave him our position and we hung up. ''He is coming as fast as he can''. The captain rubbed my back and followed me to the others. Zayn and Parrie was sitting hugging in a corner, Louis and Eleanor was cuddled up on a blanket on the ground and Harry and Dani was sitting talking on the floor. I sat down and wrapped my arms around Danielle. Harry had got the rope of his hands and there was some very red marks on his wrists. He had got some sort of wet cloth and was washing it carefully. We decided we all needed to rest, so could get some sleep until Paul got here. I closed my eyes, but didn't sleep, i was to worried for Niall and Ali... 

Ali's P.O.V

We were lying in the bed. Niall wasn't sleeping, neither was i. Niall had both his arms wrapped around me and i could feel his warm breath on me cheek. ''All this sucks... Seriously... Niall you know if i hadn't entered your life none of this would've ever happened to you...'' I said to him, the tears was still falling from my eyes. ''Shut up... You know it's not true... If you hadn't entered my life i would never have meet the one and only girl...'' He whispered. I sighed ''If i hadn't entered your life you wouldn't know i was that girl, your life would probably be normal now! It would all be way easier for you if got rid of me...'' I sat up and looked seriously at him. He sat up to. ''If you hadn't entered my life i would probably still be caught bu those idiots and they would show me of.. If you hadn't entered my life i would never have experienced REAL love!? If you hadn't entered my life my life would never make a fucking damn sense to me!?'' He looked me seriously in the eyes while raising his eyes. I was just about to tell him wrong when he took me by the waist. He laid me down underneath him and slammed his lips onto mine. I kissed back. His tongue crossed my bottom lip begging for entrance and i gained him. Our tongues started fighting for dominance, his won. His hands traveled up my sides and grabbed my waist. ''It's diffidently not the right time... But please stop saying things like that.. Its lies... Okay?'' I knew we couldn't do it here, and he was right. ''Sorry babe..'' I whispered to him. He smiled and kissed my forehead before laying down next to me. We could do this together... 
Suddenly after some silence we heard footsteps outside the door. ''LET GO OF ME!? YOU FUCKING ASSHOLES!'' I heard a familiar voice yell. ''Caroline!?'' I said... They had caught Caroline to!?


Okay so a few people have commented that they would like to become Harry's gf, I am so sorry to say but i already know who that is going to be... So sorry sweethearts... But when i at some time finishes this Movella i might start a new one with Harry and you can get the chance to become her in there... And thanks for all the sweet comments, it is such a fantastic feeling i get when i read all you comments...:) xx

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