Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


15. Thrust

Ali's P.O.V

I did see Niall walking pass the cafeteria. But didn't want to follow him. He had been crying, and maybe he didn't want everybody to know, so i finished eating. Then walked outside, and exactly as i thought he was in the pool. I could hear him still crying a bit. I didn't want to get wet so i sat a meter behind him on the dry ground. ''Niall...?'' He stopped crying and removed his hands from his face. ''No i can't tell you what's wrong... Sorry...'' He stood up and walked inside. I felt a little sad, he just rejected me. But i wouldn't give up, something was wrong and he had been there for me all the time when i was down. I followed him, he walked into our room and turned on the computer. I sat in the other end of the bed. He started almost smashing the keyboard while writing something very long. Then he smashed it down and stood up, he was almost out the door when i noticed his finger pointed at the computer. I picked it up and walked outside to the pool. No matter what was wrong it must have been big since he wouldn't talk about it. I sat down on a chair and opened the computer again. It was a regular text program he had written a long text in. I started reading it.

Ali do not get mad at me, please. And do not react to what i have written, no face expressions and most important, please don't cry.  The ''captain'' has threatened me, he have placed cameras everywhere and he caught us on tape earlier... And he told me i should never touch you again. If i did he would kill us both. I cant call for help because he can see all internet and those stuff we send and receive. And he told me to leave you... I can't live without you... But i wont let him harm you either. Can't you act? Pretend you are really really mad at me? To everyone, the others and the captain and everything. Maybe the others will get tired of us and decide that we can go back home... Write you're response below and just close the computer. Leave it on the table outside then i will read it later.... And again i am so so sorry.... I love you, i always will, no matter what. XOXO

I did my hardest not to express anything. I knew he wouldn't lie to me. I breathed deeply and started writing my response.

Niall, i do believe you, and i am so sorry.... You know if i hadn't entered your life it would probably be normal by now... But yeah i can act like i am mad.... But please don't believe ANYTHING i tell you the last of this vacation. If the others ask why we are mad then we'll just tell them we had an argument... Just put the computer in the cafeteria, i'll read it later. I love you, more than anything. XOXO

I closed the computer and placed it on the table Niall had told me to. And walked inside. What i was about to do hurt me more than anything. I saw Niall on my way inside, he looked at me in the corner of his eye and walked over to the computer. I sighed and walked inside. I sat down on a couch outside the cafeteria. I started thinking. I couldn't stay away from Niall for the rest of this vacation. Of course i could communicate with him on the computer, but now, already now, i longed for his touch. His lips on mine, his hands on my body and looking deeply in his eyes. That almost made me cry again. I stopped myself. Keep calm Ali, you'll get him in the end, relax. Suddenly Niall walked pass me with the computer. I knew i had to be somehow mad at him. I stood up and walked into the cafeteria. The computer was standing on a table in the middle of the room. Niall was sitting at a table a little away. I breathe deeply and said ''Finished with the computer Horan!?'' I asked, it sounded angry and annoyed. Perfect. He looked up a little shocked. ''Yes... Take it...'' I heard him mumble ''Bitch...'' A little loud while walking out. Our eyes meet a second and i could see how sorry he was, even though he hid it. Exchanging those words with him hurt so bad, and i felt like my heart stopped beating. I sighed trying to sound annoyed and opened the computer. I scrolled down the text document

Okay, later when we get dinner we can pretend to have a huge fight. I will start it, don't believe anything i say, please! I will yell at you, just yell back and then we can both leave and i hope the others will get convinced and decide to get back home. I love you so much, you don't have to answer this, it will just seem suspicious if we keep doing this... And i hope we soon can get home... I long for touching you. If you want to tel me something before we get back, just write it here then i can read it later. Sending you hugs, kisses and touches in mind. Love ya ma girl! XOXO

I tried stopping my self from smiling, and crying at the same time. I didn't want to fight with him, but right now i seemed like the only way out. I slammed the computer down and left it there. I went into me and Niall's room, i saw Niall had moved all his closes. I hurt to know we couldn't even sleep together. I Laid back and closed my eyes. Still fighting not to cry.

Liam's P.O.V

I heard what they said to each other in the cafeteria. What was wrong with them? I didn't walk in there, but waited until they both left. Funny enough none of them saw me. I knew something was absolutely wrong. I went into the cafeteria and grabbed a banana on the way. I saw Niall's computer on a table, i decided to check twitter. I opened the computer, it was opened in some text document. Almost two pages of text was written, apparently it was some sort of conversation between Niall and Ali... I knew it was wrong but maybe i could figure out what was wrong. The first part was Niall... Obviously. The more i read of this i got scared. I didn't show anything, because Niall had told Ali to... Don't know why i did it to but i think it was a good idea. There was cameras everywhere. I had to convince everybody that we had to go back home. This would just end up as a disaster if we stayed. I opened twitter fast, i think it was good Ali didn't have twitter, there was a lot of tweets about her... Not all was sweet, but that's just the fans... The real directioners wasn't like that. I decided that i couldn't keep it secret that i had reed their conversation. So i wrote a little message myself

Hey sweethearts, sorry but i kind of reed your conversation... But i will try to convince the others to go back home, don't lose hope, in the end it will all look a little brighter...:) Love from Liam xx

Then i closed the computer and left the cafeteria.. I had to find the others, we had to go home. Now.

[Ten minutes later outside with the others]

''Hey everyone!'' I said and walked over to them. Ali was sitting on a chair far away, she looked up a second but then away again. Niall was on the other side of the pool and didn't show any attention to me. The others looked at me with a weird look. They knew something was wrong, but not what it was. ''Uhm i think we might need to get back home... Ali and Niall had a fight.. It might not be the best place for them to sort it out?'' I said, it was loud enough for Niall and Ali to hear but none of them looked up, great actors. Louis looked from Niall to Ali ''Can't we do anything? It seems stupid to go home from a vacation because of a little fight...'' But i could see he actually agreed with me. It wasn't fun being here when Niall acted like that and Ali was so sad. ''I think you're right Liam... They can't enjoy the vacation.. And besides, we can always come back another time when they are okay again...'' Eleanor looked at me, the other nodded in agreement. ''I'll go tell the captain then... '' Zayn stood up and walked inside. ''I'll call Paul... Then he can come pick us up when we get back...'' Harry said and grabbed his phone. I looked at Niall, a small almost not able to be seen smile was on his lips, you're welcome mate. Ten minutes later Zayn came out and Harry had talked to Paul. ''The captain seemed... Weird... But he said he would turn the boat and we would be back tomorrow morning or so...'' I nodded and we all went inside. ''Harry go get Ali, then i'll get Niall, we can take some dinner...'' Harry walked over and gave Ali a hand. They walked inside. ''Hey mate... We are going home now... Come get some dinner...'' I said to Niall. He stood up, ''Thanks lad...'' He whispered and walked inside. I followed him behind. All this would soon be over.

Ali's P.O.V

Liam was seriously the awesomest person right now, i loved him so much. At dinner i sat as far away from Niall as possible, even though i wanted to be with him more than anything. I kept acting until i was in my bed. I just closed my eyes, this was almost over... We could maybe finally start a somehow normal life together when we got back. I closed my eyes and tried falling asleep...

[A few hours later]

My eyes shot up and i felt hands all over my body. I tried screaming but something was in front of my mouth. My hands was getting tied behind my back and they started carrying me out of the room...


This chapter got a little longer, but i hope you enjoy it, i will try write the next one in a few hours!
And just a quick comment, a girl have commented my story, she told she had a hard time and my story helped her, i am sorry i can't remember your username, I think it was Allie(Sorry if i am wrong, but you know who you are) but i just wanna say that i actually touched me very deep. That is exactly one of the things i want to do as a writer, and for you, i really hope you'll get over this, remember ''Behind every reason to be sad, there was a reason to be happy'' Just smile and say fuck'em. I am sure you are a fantastic person, don't forget there's always someone who cares... :) xx

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