Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


23. This time nothing will ruin it

Niall's P.O.V

I wanted to get back home. Every single time Ali and i had done it, either people were looking or we were recorded or some other shit. I wanted to make her feel loved without a single worry. While i drove my phone rang. Ali grabbed it from my pocket. ''Hello!'' She said. ''Oh hi Zayn!'' She said. ''Oh really? Great, see ya later then, when does Perrie want the car back?'' A little break. ''Okay great i'll tell Niall!'' She hung up and turned to me. ''The fans a gone from your flat, we can go right there. And Perrie don't need her car the next few days, so we can just drop it of when we get the time!'' I smiled. ''Perfect!'' Being alone would make this way better. I pulled up at my flat and we got out. I grabbed her hand and we walked inside. She looked a little at the place, while i walked out in the kitchen. I found some food and asked if Ali wanted any. She grabbed an apple and sat down next to me. When i finished she was still nibbling to her apple. I couldn't wait much longer. I grabbed her by the waist and pulled her on my lap. I hugged her from behind. ''Am i to slow for you...?'' she asked, i could tell she was smiling. ''Yeah...'' I mumbled in her neck. She giggled. How could one girl have that effect on me? I think she could make me do anything. Finally she placed the apple on the table. Then she turned around and placed a leg on either side of me. ''Why the rush?'' she whispered on my lips. ''Why so slow?'' I asked back. ''Alright.. You got that one...'' Her voice was even lower than before. ''I always win...'' I told her. She smiled. She swung her arms around my neck. ''Keep dreaming babe...'' She whisper, and just as i was about to lean in and kiss her, she jump away from me. She stick out her tongue and run into the living room. ''Gonna pay for that one!'' i yelled at her. ''Doubt it!'' She yelled back and i got up. I looked into the living room, couldn't see her. ''Ali!?'' I yelled. ''Counting to ten, and if you aren't right here in front of me before i reach the number ten, i'm happy i ain't you!'' I threatened her, almost dying from laughter. I heard her chuckle. But couldn't figure out where it came from. I walked over to the couch to check if she was hiding behind it. ''1!... 2!...'' I started. I heard her small feet over the floor. ''3!... 4!...'' I turned around hoping to find her. Nope, she was gone again. ''5!... 6!... 7!...'' I turned the other way again. ''8!... 9!...'' I hesitated at the last number. ''Te...'' I was cut of by someone jumping on my back coursing me to fall to the ground. ''Got'cha'' She bent down and whispered in my ear. I laughed. ''Told ya didn't i?'' She looked weird at me. I smiled at myself, turned around completely so she sat on my stomach, then i bent forward causing her to fall backwards. I grabbed her and placed her on the floor, and sat on top of her. ''I win every time...'' she rolled her eyes. And smiled at me. ''Gonna get you sometime.. trust me...'' She warned me. ''Oh ma gaaard! Dangerous little Ali is coming after me! I better run!'' I said in a girly voice. She was laughing so hard i could feel her body shake. I started laughing to. ''Okay... You win...'' She give up. I lean down. ''I love when i win...'' i smile at her. She giggled against my lips. ''I love you...'' She whispered. I smiled, she really loved me... ''I love you too, so much princess...'' She smiled. I removed the space between us and pressed our lips together. She smiled into the kiss. I sat up pulling her with me. Then i swung her lags around my waist and stood up carrying her to my bedroom. I opened the door and placed her smoothly on the bed. ''This time... Nothing on earth will ruin it...'' I whispered to her. She nods in agreement. Slowly i pull the shirt over her head. and she does the same with mine. I pull down her sweatpants and she pull down mine. I reach behind her back and removes her bra. Then her panties and last she pull of my boxers. I hovered over her and started kissing her again. She placed her hands on my back forcing me closer to her. I placed my hands on her hips. Moving them in closer to her inner thighs. Slightly i pushed them away from each other. I remembered, and reached to the table next to the bed. I pulled out a condom and rolled it on my self. Then i moved her legs all the way to the sides and laid down between them. ''You ready?'' I asked. ''More than ever...'' She whispered. I smiled and slowly pushed myself into her. She gasped. I was now inside her and waited for her to adjust. She moaned and nodded for me to continue. I slowly started thrusting. ''Niall... Uhhh...'' She moaned at me. ''Ali... God i love you...'' I moaned back. ''Faster... Please...'' I did as she asked and went faster. I bent down and nibbled at her neck. She dug the nails down deeper in my back, causing me to moan loudly. A few more thrusts and i was there. ''Gonna...'' I tried saying. ''I know... Me to...'' She answered. Two seconds later we both laid there screaming each others names. ''Told ya... Nothing will ruin this...'' She smiled at me. I was still laying on top of her.
Suddenly i heard the front door close. ''Niall!? Mate Perrie needs the car where are the keys!?'' It was Zayn. We heard him come running up the stairs. ''Shit...'' I whispered, reaching for the covers. But before i even got a grip in the sheet the bedroom door slammed up. ''Oh... Sorry mate.. Bad timing?'' He asked smiling way to much, ''Kind of... The dinner table in the kitchen...'' I told him. ''Thanks mate, have fun!'' He yelled running back down. ''Locking the door next time babe?'' Ali asked. ''Good idea...'' I pulled the cover on top of us and cuddled up with her.
''Hey thought of something, where's Caroline?'' Oh yeah, she hadn't been here. ''Well... Let's just say both of you are a part of the 1DFamily now! Her and Harry are dating!'' She giggled. ''What.. Something wrong with that?'' I asked her. ''No not at all... But before all of this her and i was like the biggest Directioners ever, and she always talked about marrying Harry someday... Wishes do come true!'' She smiled. I thought about it for a moment. ''So... If she was hoping to marry Harry... Who did you dream of?'' She blushed, a lot and turned around facing me. ''Well.. Let's just say my dreams came true as well!'' I decided to joke with her. ''So you are secretly dating Liam or something!?'' I laughed. ''How did you know!?'' She joked back. I smiled at her. ''Love you...'' She whispered. ''Bet you do..'' I said. She smiled. I lightly kissed her lips. This day was perfect. 


So this chapter is very very short, i know, but i will upload the very last chapter of the story tomorrow, and it will be long! But i need some help. I think i wanna make a competition out of this. I want you opinion at first, if the ending shall be sad, i mean very very sad or happy and sweet. And then i want to know what you think of the book! And then the competition part, I need a name for the main character in my new Movella, so i want you to fill out this:



Hair color:

Eye color:


Favorite food:

Favorite activity:

Something i need to know about you:

And you will only have a chance in the competition if you've told me your opinion to the two things i wrote before!! And then, the new fanfic is about Harry.

And by the way, i love you all so so so much!!! :) xx

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