Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


4. They pushed us into it....

Niall's P.O.V

That kiss was so... So... Perfect. Everything about her, her lips, her hands in my hair and just her eyes looking at me. I knew that i really was falling for her now. She was absolutely perfect, i knew it would hurt both of us what was coming later today. She was still asleep in my arms. I pulled her in tighter, i had the feeling of crying, how could i ever hurt a girl like her? I felt so bad for what i was going to do to her. I hated these men more than anything, how could they do it to us? To Ali? What was wrong with them....
I saw her eyes open, she yawned. God that was a cute yawn. I smiled at her, she looked up at me and giggled. Obviously she was surprised by something. ''What is it Ali?'' i asked, she giggled again and said ''It's just... I feared last night when we went to bed, that all this would have been a dream, and i would wake up.... It's pretty awesome then waking up realizing i actually meet the perfect boy... You know....'' Then she realized what she said and looked scared at me. ''Never mind... I think i have meet the perfect girl too...'' I smiled at her. She smiled back, then our noses touched again. She went all the way her self, and our lips touched. The kiss was simple, but god she was good at it. I held her by the waist, her hands played with my hair again. She opened her eyes and stared at me, i saw the thrust in her eyes, i hoped she really did thrust me. I would do anything not to hurt her. But i feared that i might end up doing it any way... The first time was the worst, i knew that... She saw i was thinking and broke away for air. ''I thrust you Niall... I believe in you, don't fear anything, not even to hurt me, okay? We need to get through this together...'' And she looked me seriously in the eyes. ''Yeah... I know, come here...'' I said and pulled her into my chest. She moaned a little sad, i looked at her. Just with that look i could tell she wasn't happy about what was going to happen. But to remove a little of the up coming pain. We did as we had planned the day before. I put on the condom and hid the wrap from it. I couldn't be more sad about having sex, but i just had to comfort her and hope she was a good actor. She looked at, again with that serious face. I smiled half and pulled her into a hug. ''I know it's a stupid thing... But will you do me a favor?'' i asked her. ''Yes of course, anything?'' she replied. ''Don't hate me... No matter what, i really won't do this to you...'' She cut me of and said ''Hey, it's better that it's you than one of those guys...'' She said and pointed at the door. I nodded and squeezed her body a last time before letting go. Then we heard very loud foot steps out side the door. Frightened she looked at me, i smiled to try settle her down, she took my hand and closed her eyes. Scared to death i could tell...

Ali's P.O.V

Those foot steps scared the hell out of me. I held his hand very tight, i think it might have hurt a bit on him, but he didn't show at all. Someone grabbed the door and the lock was unlocked. A very big man came inside, he looked at our hands but not like something was wrong about it. Then he looked at our faces and started talking ''You follow me, we get to another room, then you both undress and are INSIDE the bed before the people start coming. 15 Minutes from now, so hurry!'' He said and started walking, Niall followed and kind of pushed me in behind him, like he protected me. I still held his hand, and to make sure i followed with him he tightened the grip. We walked into a room. A king sized bed was placed in the middle of the room. And big comfortable chairs was placed in a big circle around it. I had figured where we was going to be ''performing''. He closed the door and we started undress. I slowly took of my jeans. Niall started with the shirt. God his abs were so good looking, he noticed i looked and pretend to be a girl didn't want me to look at his boobs and said ''Please... i am not wearing a shirt over here!'' with a girly voice. I laughed a bit. I got so much more comforted by it, and took of the rest of my clothes, i wasn't ashamed of my body so i laid down on the bed. Niall finished taking of the clothes and laid down beside me. The man opened the door and quickly told us how to lay they they came in and how we should start, and then we just had to do any thing the people would ask us to. We covered up with a blanket and niall held my hand once again. Then the door was opened, again, and the man put in his head in and said ''And i bet you, if you don't to as told, these men know their business and WONT hesitate taking your place!'' he almost shouted pointing at Niall. I got scared, he closed the door and i looked at Niall. ''I will do anything, but please don't let them do anything to me...'' I was about to cry but stopped my self. He nodded, and said. ''I wont let anything happen to you, just you know... Love it or what you wanna name it. Pretend it's complete joy, okay?'' I knew what he meant, just had to moan and groan as loud as possible and don't cry and scream his name... I had seen this on movies and in the ''sexual classes'' in school, and i was convincing myself that i had to do it. ''No matter what, i will try making it the best for you, it's only the first few minutes it hurts... Then i just hope i am good enough to turn that around, right?'' He half smiled, i half smiled back. I was glad i cared that much about me, it made me feel more safe about all this. The door slammed up, and ten pretty drunk men started to, not walk, more or less fall into the room. They placed on the chairs surrounding the bed. Then as the last a, sober man came inside and closed the door. then he stood at the one end of the bed and started talking, ''Gentlemen! I am so glad you meet up here today, i've had a great time, now we will just get some, entertainment before you'll get a ride to the airport!'' He smiled, i got sick by that smile, i looked at Niall, he took my hand underneath the duvet. I breathed deeply and closed my eyes. That big bodyguard thing had said this man would ''Reveal our bodies and then we should slowly start doing ''it''. He finished his speech  witch i actually didn't think many of them were paying attention to. Then he grabbed the rim of the duvet and pulled. I felt the cold air hit my naked body. I felt like crying. But Niall quickly rolled him self on top of me. Covering my body from the men. He looked apologizing at me and i noticed his member had started to grow. I looked him in the eyes, it wasn't his fault. He put his hands on either side of me leaning on the elbows. The men started asking things they wanted to see.  The sober man asked for silence. ''Okay, they cantdo all that at the same time, so you, start picking something.'' he pointed at a man. ''What about they started of... Like everybody else!'' he didn't look like he at all knew what was going on. The sober man looked at us and nodded, we should start. I laid back and looked into Niall's eyes. He looked at me like he was saying sorry, i nodded a little nod and he placed himself at my entrance. A last time he checked me, i was ready, i didn't have a choice. Very slowly he entered me. The pain was huge, i felt like screaming but just closed my eyes. Niall looked at me and bend down to my ear ''Moan a bit... So they won't you know...'' He whispered, i swallowed the screams in my throat and moaned. It was pretty convincing, and the men liked it. I really didn't want to be in here right now. Niall started moving his hips a bit, god the pain was impossible to stand. I tried to moan a few times, it wasn't of pleasure, most of all i wanted to cry. Niall kept looking me in the eyes. After some minutes the pain started to turn to pleasure. And the moans sounded more real. The man asked a new drunk guy, he wanted to see Niall lick all over my tits. I didn't want him to... But he had to. He looked at them a second and then started. I moaned in hope for him to ask for something else. He did, the new man wanted Niall back onside me and some thrusts. Oh god, please don't. Niall did as told, he trusted slowly in and out of me, it hurt a bit, but also the pleasure was all over my body. I tried to remember to moan, it was hard. But finally, the pain stopped. The men kept asking for wilder and wilder things, i felt so bad doing them and my lower body started hurt, badly. 

Niall's P.O.V

I could see how bad she felt and just wanted to finish all this. Finally it was the last man in the circle. ''I know what i want, i want a blow from her!'' He said with a nasty voice. The other men almost slept because of the alcohol. Scared i looked at Ali her eyes were empty of fear. I pulled out of her and tried to make her come back to this world. She was shaking, but stood up. Bent down at the mans pants and unzipped them. It was already hard as stone and she started, I could see her tears, and finally the man at our bed asked the men to leave. Ali sat down at the floor shaking so bad...


So that was a hard one to write... Hope you like it and i will try to get 5. chapter up tomorrow. And again, thanks for all the sweet comments, love you!! :) xx

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