Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


21. Spongebob Squarepants...

Ali's P.O.V

''ALI, ALI DON'T!'' I knew that voice, but i didn't dare turn around, what if it was my imagination. I felt tears falling down my cheeks and closed my eyes. I didn't move. I didn't knew if it was real... Until i felt a body slam against mine from behind and arms wrap around me. I felt his hair tickle my neck as he said in my ear. ''Don't EVER leave me again...'' My legs failed and i felt like fainting, but i got my self turned around and cried into his chest. The scent was completely right, and his hands rubbed my back the exactly right way... And again, i finally felt safe. I couldn't stop sobbing, Niall picked my up bride style and sat down leaning against the wall. I kept crying, and i grabbed his t shirt, ''I promise... I wont'' I whispered as the tears made spots on his shirt. He kissed my forehead and i felt him starting to cry as well. I looked up at him, he was smiling down at me. ''I love you...'' He said, before i could even say a word he pressed his lips against mine. Gently he kissed me. Then he helped me up, ''I have a ticket for this plane to... Let's get back to London?'' He asked. I nodded. My legs were still weak but Niall helped me get on the plane. A sweat old lady agreed switching seats with Niall so we could sit next to each other. As soon as the plane was up in the air Niall removed my seat belt and pulled me on his lap. He intertwined our fingers and started me deeply in the eyes. God i had missed him, why the hell did i leave in the first place!? He placed a little kiss on the tip of my nose, then we started talking, mostly about anything but the time we weren't together. Then suddenly a girl a few seats in front of us stood up. There weren't many on the plane, only the old lady, a little family in the back and the girl and her mum. She walked over to our seats, and totally without any warning she said ''Why are you with her!? After what she did to you!? You deserve better!'' She sent me a death glare and obviously tried flirting with Niall, but he was all stoned in the face. ''Go away... Everything you know is rumors... Leave. Now.'' He told her of, i could see the disappoint in her face and ashamed she walked away. ''No one insults my girl...'' He mumbled in my ear. I smiled and he pulled me closer into a hug. I loved his hugs more than anything. But the hug reminded of the last i gave one to... I felt a tear fall from my eye. ''Babe... Princess what's wrong?'' He asked concerned. I had to tell him... ''When i got back to Denmark... I drove to my old house, and my sister were in there... She was saying goodbye to everything... And half an hour later i said goodbye to her at the hospital while the doctors was preparing for her to... For her to... '' I couldn't even say it. ''I know babe... It's okay...'' He whispered and kissed my forehead. ''And then... I went to Maria's house... And minutes after i got there i saw her shoot herself...'' I whispered. Niall looked worried at me. ''And she didn't make it...'' I cried. He pulled me in tight and started singing Little Things in my ear. As always it helped, he just knew exactly what to do with me. There was still about half an hour before we landed in London. ''When did you decide to come back to me...'' He asked when i finally was calmed down. ''When the captain found me at the police station... I realized i need you... More than anyone, and right now, you are the only one i have...'' Niall looked weird in the face. ''He found you? Is he in jail now or...?'' He asked. I nodded. ''Good news... And Ali, you are my whole world, i can't live without you, and you dare leave me!'' He warned me. He didn't have to, i would never leave him. I just nodded and he pulled me close to him. He pressed his lips against mine and held me by the waist. Then he kissed down my neck, he didn't take it any further, mostly because we were in a plane with other people. But it reminded me of something. ''Niall what date is it!?'' I half yelled at him. ''Uhm...19th i think... Why?'' I shocked looked him in the eyes. ''I'm late... Much late... weeks late... NIALL I THINK I AM PREGNANT!'' I now really yelled at him. His eyes went big and i could see the panic in his eyes. ''Niall i ain't ready to get a child as 17 year old!'' I cried to him. He rubbed my back and said. ''Relax babe... When we get of this plane i'll drive you to a doctor and we will get i checked...'' I was freaking out inside, what if they couldn't remove it!? I wasn't ready to become a parent... As soon as we got of the plane Niall took my hand and we ran. Paparazzi was following us, as well as tons of fans did. Some yelled things about me being in prison and things... But somehow i smiled of it, what would they be saying when they heard the real story? Bitches... All bitches...

Niall's P.O.V

While we ran through the airport i kept thinking, who was the father to the baby? I knew no matter what it was going to be removed but... What if it was my child? I stopped those thoughts, i just knew i would have to go buy condoms... Neither Ali or I was ready to become a parent. We just wanted to be together, not having things like that to worry about right now. Finally we got to a cap and i told him to drive to the closest hospital. He nodded and drove of. Luckily it wasn't far away. I paid him and helped Ali out. We got inside and i went to the reception, ''Uhm hello... I think we might have a problem, can we get to talk with a doctor?'' The little nurse looked up, there were people everywhere and i didn't want everyone to know about it, so i just pointed at Ali's stomach and the nurse nodded understanding. She looked at a computer and gave us a little note, ''Go to the waiting area on the next floor and give this to the reception up there.. Have a nice day!'' She told us and we walked to the elevator. I looked at Ali, she looked so sad. I pulled her in and hugged her close. ''What ever happens, we'll get through it together...'' I whispered. She nodded slowly against my chest. Then she pulled back and stared me in the eyes. ''Niall what if they can't remove it...?'' I thought about it for a second. ''How long is it since we were in the room? A few weeks right? I don't think there will be any problems...'' When it wasn't any older than that i knew they could remove it. We got into the waiting area and handed the receptionist the little note. She nodded and picked up a phone. 10 minutes later a doctor came and asked us to follow him. We got into his office and told him she might be pregnant. He found some of those tests you can do at home and Ali went  to the bathroom with it. She returned quickly after and we all watched it the last few minutes, until two small lines popped up at the little display. ''I am...'' She whispered. The doctor took a blood test from her and we gave a phone number so he could call us when he knew what to do. Ali and i left, she looked so sad. ''Don't worry babe, we'll get that thing out of you... It is not you fault, i promise i'll be here with you all the time...'' I whisper in her ear as we are going down with the elevator. She turn her head to me. ''Thank you... For everything... I don't know what i should've done without you Niall... You are everything i have now... I love you so much...'' She whispers. I couldn't help but smile. I grab her by the waist and pull her closer ''I freaking love you Ali...'' I whisper and place my lips on hers. She wrap her arms around my neck and kiss me back. Then i pull away, ''Let's go home, i think the other boys are worried... When i left i just said, I can't take this anymore... and walked out... Maybe they think i've committed suicide or something..'' I said, she smiled at me and nodded. ''If you ever just think about that, i'll tie you to a chair, feeding you and never let you get of it... Don't want my life to disappear...'' She chuckled. I smiled at her, ''You really think you are strong enough to take me down?'' I dared her. ''Uhm...'' She mumbled, i smiled. Suddenly she turned around and jumped on me. I was so surprised i fell to the floor ''Don't ya think i can take you down?'' She laughed at me. ''Okay... Okay you can...'' I gave up. She smiled and winked at me. Just when she was about getting up i grabbed her waist and pulled her back down. Then i sat on her stomach. ''Don't ya think i'll win anyway?'' I laughed at her. Just as she was about to answer i kissed her. She kissed back and i knew i won this one. I pulled away from the kiss and tickled her. She started laughing uncontrollable and begged me to stop. I laughed to, and just then i realized the elevator had stopped and the doors were open. All the people outside the elevator stared at us. Some laughed at it, others looked like they thought we had been doing something completely different. I smiled as and apology and helped Ali up. ''That was totally not fair...'' She mumbled at me when we got outside the hospital. ''Hey, remember who attached me! You started it... Everything in there was self defense!'' I told her. ''Yeah right... And my name is Spongebob Squarepants..'' She said. ''Well a pleasure to meet you Mr. Squarepants!'' i said. She laughed at me and so did i. We got a cap and we drove to the studio. When we got out we had to run, paparazzi was coming towards us. We got inside and not a second after the door closed i was surrounded by the other boys. At first they just gave me and Ali a massive group hug then they started questioning. We sat down and i told them the whole story, inclusive the part where we found out Ali was pregnant... They were choked and just as worried as i was. Ali was calmed down about that part and soon we might get the call so we could get the baby removed. The boys drove us home and we stayed at Zayn and Perries house. Fans had surrounded my flat so i couldn't get in there right now. 
We had just eaten dinner and putted on a movie when my phone rang. Zayn paused the movie and i picked up. ''Niall Horan'' i said and the person in the other end started talking. ''Hello Mr. Horan, i am doctor Norman, you and your friend was at the hospital today, about a pregnant girl? And we just got the results, she is pregnant... But it is not your child, the DNA belongs to some one else we don't know who, but can you explain that?'' He asked. I breathed deeply. ''Yeah... I can... Uhm... She have been raped... More than once... So that's probably the reason...'' I said, i didn't knew how he would react, but he was luckily professional and continued. ''Okay, that explains it, but if you wanted the fetus removed i would like if you could come here as fast as possible, because...'' He was cut of. Someone grabbed the phone from him. ''Sorry the doctor was called to an operation, just meet him at the hospital tomorrow at 12 am, then we will get it done.'' I thought about it for a moment, it was weird how the phone was somehow ripped away from doctor Norman. ''Yeah okay, we'll be there...'' Then he hung up. ''That was weird...'' I said, the others looked at me.


I am so so so so sorry, my internet crashed last night just when i was about to upload so i couldn't...:( Sorry everyone, but i have internet again now and hope you'll enjoy this chapter!! And not to make anyone sad, but i don't think there will be that many chapters left... I have an ending on it so in a few chapters this might be over... It's so so sad to think about...:( But i have an idea to a new movella and i might make a competition or something to find the new main character!! But anyways love you guys, and thank you so much for all the lovely comments, i love them!! :) xx

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