Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


18. Save Caroline

Ali's P.O.V

I could swear i heard something noisy. I got worried for Caroline and went looking for her. Niall went looking for the control room. ''Caroline!?'' I had yelled for her a few times. Finally i heard something, sounded like a silent cry. I rushed to the door it came from and looked inside. Caroline was lying all naked on the bed, her face was teared up and her back was in a very unnatural position. She didn't move and didn't notice me coming. ''CAROLINE WHAT HAPPENED!?'' I half yelled rushing to her side. Afraid to touch her i removed some hair from her face. ''He wasn't your uncle though... Was he?'' She carefully opened her eyes. ''No...'' She whispered in between her crying. ''He.. Raped me... And my back...'' She could barely speak. ''Shh sweetheart, we'll get you to a hospital. Don't worry. I found her clothes and very very VERY carefully putted it on her. I got her lying on the side and she relaxed a bit, but i could see how hurtful it was to her. ''I'll go find Niall, Do. Not. Move.'' I told her. She just nodded almost not noticeable  I ran of. Almost searched the whole ship. Finally found him in some big room who must have been the control room. He was trying to figure out how some very old phone worked. ''Niall, come here, hurry!'' I told him, he got up quickly and followed me close. I ran to the room where Caroline was, she was still laying ind he bed and her eyes was swollen and red. She tried stop crying, because it hurt in her back but she couldn't. ''What happened to her!?'' Niall asked me while looked sadly at her. ''She didn't have an uncle... One of the pirates raped her and i think he might have broken her back. We need to get her to a doctor, NOW!'' I was almost crying now. This was just to much. Niall nodded. He turned around to walk back to the phone but the second he did his legs collapsed underneath him and he hit the floor. ''NIALL!?'' I yelled...

Maria's P.O.V

And once again i got that feeling. She let me down AGAIN!? She told me she would call or contact me as soon as possible, that was several days away now! And as if that wasn't enough, my dad hadn't been home almost as long! My life was just a piece of shit right now... I was sitting in the couch with my laptop. But my anger was growing so badly... I put the computer on the table, afraid i would just break it. I removed my hair from my face and tried breathing deeply. Get over it Maria... You'll find someone better, if she wont do anything for your friendship, then it's her problem. In the middle of all my thoughts someone knocked the door. Frustrated i got up and walked out to open it. I opened and was surprised to find the police there. ''Are you Maria? Daughter of John?'' One of the officers asked me. ''Yeah... I am.. Why are you asking?'' I opened the door wide to let them step inside. ''I think we might need somewhere to sit? It's kind of a long story and i don't know how much you know about it...'' I closed the door and lead them to the dining table where we all sat down. They started  telling...

Ali's P.O.V

I was running to the room i had found Niall in the first place. I saw the phone he was looking at and tried figuring out how it was used. I found a switch and finally i think i worked. Niall had taught me Paul's number and in panic it was the only thing i could remember. I rung a few times before he picked up. ''Paul here...'' He said. ''PAUL! Please come get us!? We got kidnapped.. But they were kidnapped.. And now we are stuck on the sea in some boat... Niall is unconscious and Caroline has broken her back!'' I was surprised he understood a single word i was saying, but he hurried yelling at someone before answering me. ''Ali. Calm down, and can you give me your destination? Do you know where you are?'' He asked, while trying to keep calm himself. I sobbed. ''No.. I don't know how any of this is working...'' He yelled some more and answered me. ''Okay it's fine, we can track the phone the police is working on it right now, go to Niall and your friend, then we will be there as fast as possible.. Leave the phone, do not hang up, just lay it down'' I did as told, and ran back to Niall and Caroline.
Caroline was breathing heavily while Niall just laid on the floor, the only thing showing he was still alive was his chest moving slowly up and down. I sat down next to him, i didn't dare touch him. He seemed so fragile right now... Why did this keep happening to me? I knew it was somehow my fault. If hadn't entered his life all this might have turned out different and Niall's life would be normal... I knew what to do... Though it hurt more than anything, even though all the things he had told me, it was the right thing to do.

Paul's P.O.V

God damn it, when i signed up for this i didn't expect all this... But soon all this would hopefully be over... We had tracked down the phone signal and was on full speed out there with doctors and everything. An hour max and we would be out there. The captain was concentrated and so was all the others, but right now it felt way to relaxed. For gods sake someone might have died out there and they was thinking of this like a Sunday nap or something!? I knew they were right and the best was to stay calm but seriously, move your fucking asses. I sat down and tried calming myself down. Finally the boat was in sight and we got closer. The second our boat was close enough i jumped over there. I saw a door and ran inside, doctors followed me close. ''Ali!?`'' I yelled. I heard light footsteps and i saw her just around the corner. ''They're down there....'' She cried. The doctors ran down to them and i got Ali outside with me. We got her on the other boat and we got her comforted inside. Caroline was placed on a drill and Niall was carried over to the other boat. They got Niall stabilized and tried figuring out what was wrong with him. Ali told me the whole story and i seriously felt like this little girl had experienced way to much... Why couldn't people just let her alone!? But the thing wasn't what she had been through, or what she told me. More what she asked me to do. She asked me to tell Niall she loved him even though they couldn't be together. And then she asked me to get her a plane back to Denmark!? She would actually leave him... I didn't see that one come...


SORRY AGAIN!!! My internet have been down all weekend so i couldn't upload.....:-( But i can now!!! BTW thanks for all the lovely comments, and specially someone commented on my cover, thank you so much, i did put a lot of effort on it so i am happy people appreciate!! :) xx

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