Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


20. Rumors.


Niall's P.O.V

We left the hospital. Not that i cared at all... The only thing i cared about right now was either a way to get Ali back or a way to die. Why did she leave me... The boys had told me we had to do an interview later this day so i pulled my self together. Took a shower and things. But i couldn't smile. Like my heart... Like it hurt inside my heart if i tried. I prepared myself for the questions who might come, but no matter what i did i couldn't be happy, or at least a little less sad. But i missed her... It felt like my whole life was just a joke now, the only one i wanted to be with, was gone and i couldn't bring her back... I didn't know how... What if i found her and she turned me down? What if she was dead in some accident!? My thoughts was driving me crazy. I couldn't stand this much longer. 
We were on our way to the interview. The boys had promised they would take the questions i just had to be there with them. But i didn't know if i could handle it... I was torn apart inside out and i could barely breathe without start crying. We got into some couch, how mainstream, seen so many times before. A girl was next to us with the questions in her hand and she was telling the camera who we were, like people didn't know... I don't know why but i just wanted this shit over, so i could come back home and lay in my bed... Alone... Slowly die inside. I heard the crowd scream and the first question was asked. The first five was so mainstream, who's single, etc.... But then she asked ''And then... Niall, some rumors have been going around, what happened to the little girlfriend of yours?'' I just looked surprised up, then i could feel everything inside me fall apart. ''Sorry...'' I said and got up and left the stage. Tears was already falling from my eyes and i could barely walk away...

Ali's P.O.V

Why... Why did that officer turn on the TV just the second Niall left the stage crying because of a question about me... My eyes was filled with tears and i left the room. Why didn't Niall just move on... Why... I was sitting on the bed in the room i used. I knew he might miss me, but it was for the best if we weren't together, and maybe he just needed to get used to the thought... And i need to start something new, like a job would be great... But i don't think i could stand it at this time. I could barely make myself eat. I missed Niall. I missed his touch, his lips on mine, i missed the feeling of being safe around him and most of all i missed someone who i knew always were there when i needed it. In these thoughts i started getting dizzy. I felt my stomach making noises and could feel the hunger creeping in on me. Then i remembered i hadn't eaten since yesterday morning. I didn't have to figure out how to kill myself if i just starved... But it would take to long.. I decided i had to eat something. I walked to the officers kitchen and looked in the fridge. I found an apple, good enough for me. Just when i closed the fridge i saw the TV on the table behind me. It was a lot of paparazzi in some airport. They were mobbing some blond boy who was on his way inside a plane... When i looked closer, i thought it was Niall, it looked very much like him! Where was he going? Was he coming here!? I turned of the TV and sat down at the floor. I felt my heart start beating again, as if it had taken a break... But i didn't knew what to do, i ruined Niall's life, he couldn't have me hanging around all day... And all the pain i had been pulling him through... It wasn't fair, and i couldn't let myself do that to him... I had to either run away or something... The police knew how bad i felt and they had told me i would have to stay her for at least a week. I couldn't run away. I threw out the apple witch i had barely eaten a single bite from. And then walked into my room. The only thing i had was a bed and a desk. I lifted up the covers and laid down, sobbing. Why was life so difficult. Why couldn't i just get back with him? I knew the answer to that, i made life hard for him, all the things i had pulled him through, but why did i care.. If he wanted to be with me... I didn't knew what to do. I just waited, maybe hunger would kill me, if i was lucky. All this was way to complicated for me...

[[Several hours later]]

I was fallen asleep crying. But suddenly my dream turned around... My dream started out as me just doing random normal stuff, but suddenly i felt arms wrap around my waist. I saw the blond hair in the corner of my eye, and the loss i felt inside thinking about him. My eyes shot up and i was crying. I missed him so much... Why couldn't i just realize it!? He wanted me back and i wanted him... I just wanted him to be back here with me. But instead i was lying here in the bed alone crying because i left him. It wad the biggest mistake of my life. I pulled my legs up my chest and hugged them. Then closed my eyes, just waiting, didn't know for what just something. 
The sun was lighting up the room not long after. I looked at the small watch on the wall, 06.00 am. 6 in the morning... I couldn't sleep, i didn't want to get up, i decided to stay there until i found a way out of all this shit. 

[[About an hour later]]

I hadn't moved at all. My cheeks were wet from the tears, but my eyes felt dry, i had no more tears. I heard something outside. Against my will i got up, i wanted to see what was going on. There was people everywhere, the paparazzi were there to. What were they doing here? I ignored it, maybe they had heard the story about Niall and me or something... The thought of him made my eyes wet again, i thought all my tears were gone, but these weren't, more and more just came, i didn't know what to do, i couldn't stand this much longer. I laid back down in the bed. I just closed my eyes and the sobbing started. I knew people could hear me outside the room, i didn't care, i felt horrible and wanted to let it out, just cry while i could. I suddenly heard someone talk outside my room. ''She's in there, thank you for coming, we thought she had nobody.'' it was a female officer who had been a lot around me, ''So i can go in there...?'' Some one whispered, i knew the voice but i didn't dare to hope.. I just closed my eyes and hoped the person would leave, i felt to bad for this... I tried pretending to sleep, but because of my sobbing it wasn't convincing... I heard the door being opened and closed again. Maybe the person had left again? I don't think he did, cause suddenly i felt some extra weight making the bed tilt lightly. Someone had sat next to me in the bed. He moved slowly and i felt him lay next to me, His arm touched my back. I knew who i wanted it to be, but didn't dare to look. My sobbing suddenly went crazy by the thought of him. I cried out loud, but kept my eyes closed, i knew how hurt i would feel if it wasn't him. I felt him rubbing my back, by that second i knew it wasn't Niall... Niall never did it that way, and his smell was so wrong, i had to look and see who it was lying in the bed. My hopes were already broken... I turned slowly and opened my eyes. I knew where i recognized the voice... It was... It was the captain!? I flew up from the bed. ''What the hell are you doing here!?'' I said as loud as i could, my throat was half ruined from all the crying. He sat up in the bed. ''Just wanted to say hello to my property...'' i looked at him with disgust, ''I ain't your property! I ain't nobody's property! Fucking cocksucker! You son of a bitch have ruined my whole life!'' I yelled and ran out the door. Smart as i was i had a key in my pocket and locked the door from the outside. He would not get away. I ran to the closest officer and told him the story. Then I thought about what the paparazzi  was here for... I didn't care, i couldn't stand this anymore, i had to get away. The officer promised me he would get the captain in jail so i didn't have anything to worry about. I didn't believe him, but that was good enough for now. Then he called and booked a ticket for me to London, i would find a way to find Niall there. I walked out of the building, and got mobbed by paparazzi, they threw questions at me. I probably looked like shit but didn't care. I pushed my way through them and finally got into a cap. He drove me to the airport, and i gave him all the money i had left. Then i went inside and picked up my ticket, 45 minutes to boarding. I sat down in a chair outside the boarding area. All the people around me kept looking, it actually bothered me, couldn't people show a little respect. A little boy on five or so walked pass me with his mom, when he suddenly yelled while looking at me ''MOMMY THATS THE GIRL FROM TV, THE ONE WHO WAS IN PRISON!? Hey girl why were you in prison!?'' He asked me, shocked i looked at the little boy, the mom looked at me with disgust, then she grabbed her boy and walked away quickly. People stared even more now. People thought i had been to prison? I saw a TV and saw the news starting. A lady started talking, then a picture of me outside the police station come on and she said. ''And this girl, witch nobody actually know the name on, was apparently in jail, for setting up a fake kidnapping of the pop idol Niall Horan, then afterwards she played him and pretend to be in love, then Niall found out about the girls actions and broke up with her... Here you can see the girl leaving a police station in Copenhagen, Denmark. Maybe she wanna say sorry to her heart broken superstar? But the real question is, why was she set free after the crimes she had done? Did she had anything to do with the other four kids kidnapping? That's all for now, you're watching ITV3 News, good afternoon.'' and the News turned to advertisements. I felt my heart drop inside me. People thought i had kidnapped Niall, used him and then he had left me!? Nothing could be more wrong! We were kidnapped, we WERE in love and i left him... Angry i growled to myself and fought not to scream at someone. Finally the plane gates opened, i was just about to walk inside the plane when i heard some one yell ''ALI, ALI DON'T!''...


I am so sorry for being so slow with this chapter, i couldn't make up a good end, but figured something out, and then i've been busy in school this week so it took a while to get it written. And again thanks for all the sweet comments, i read them all and you guys give the best feedback ever! Love you! :) xx

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