Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


19. Nothing left...

Nialls P.O.V

I woke up and felt a huge pain in my head. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around. Where the hell was i? After a few minutes i realized i was at some hospital. Where was Ali!? What happened out there on the boat!? I was just about to get up and get some answers when someone walked in. ''Oh... Your awake! Great, how do you feel?'' Some little fluffy nurse asked me. ''Head hurts... Nothing else... Excuse me but wont you tell me what happened?'' She quickly wrote something down and sat down at a chair. ''Well you kids was on that boat, and then because of an earlier damage in the back of your head, you didn't get enough blood up there, apparently because you hadn't eaten enough. And you passed out, your friend who broke the back is alright now and both of you can leave next month. And some friends are here to see you...'' I was only thinking of Ali when she let in the boys. She wasn't there... Only the boys and Paul. All the boys hugged me and joked a bit, then they left for a second and Paul sat down in the same chair the fluffy nurse had used. He looked seriously at me. ''Uhm Niall... She asked me to say something... Ali... Uhm... Yeah, she wanted me to say... That uhm.. That even though you can not be together she loves you more than anyone... Yeah...'' My eyes was wide open and tears was forming in them. He looked sad at me. ''Where... Where is she...?'' I got out, blinded by the tears. ''She went back to Denmark. Don't know where, but...'' I nodded. She actually left me. ''Did she.. Did she say...'' Paul cut me of, knowing what i meant. ''No... She didn't say why, she just asked me for this last favor...'' Again i just nodded. He got up, patted my forehead and left. The boys quickly said goodbye, they would be back in the morning. Why was this happening to me... What had i done? Did i say something? Didn't she love me anymore? The questions was bombing my brain and the feeling of going all black came back. I couldn't feel anything, say anything or do anything but think of her and if she would come back. Would all this ever end?...

Ali's P.O.V

The plane landed in CPH Airport and i got out. Not that i hadn't expected it, but the paparazzi literally mobbed me before i could get out of the building. I was already crying. Some sweet little journalist could tell how bad i felt and helped me getting through. I hurried out to a taxi and he drove of. I told him my old address, it was the only place i could think of going right now. He could see i felt bad and didn't question anything.He stopped outside the well known house. I paid the man and he gave me a smile. I tried smiling back, but it felt like my heart wouldn't let me. I sighed and walked to the door. I found the extra key, the police hadn't removed it... I was about to insert the key when i noticed the door was already open. My heart started racing when i opened it soundless. I got around the corner to the living room and almost burst out crying. A wheelchair was in the middle of the living room... And... And... Stella... Stella was in it! My little sister was in the living room. I didn't know if i should either smile or cry. ''Hey...'' I whispered and saw her chair turn slowly. Her face lit up. ''Ali...?'' She asked with a weak voice. I slowly walked over to her. Aad gave her a very tight hug, crying silent. ''Hey sweetheart... How is it going?'' Her face turned to a weird expression. ''The doctors told me i would probably.. Not make it much more... My heart is weak... I'll soon be with mommy and daddy...'' Her little-girl voice made this like a million times more sad. ''So.. You will...'' She cut me of. ''Probably die....'' She finished me. Tears fell from my eyes. ''Don't cry Ali! Its for the best right? You wont have anything to worry about, i'll me with mum and dad and you can be with Niall?'' She had obviously watched the news and knew about me and Niall. But the thought of him didn't help, it actually made it all worse. But she was happy, and i wanted her to feel that way the rest of her time. ''How long...'' I asked, her eyes turned to face the ground. ''The doctors said i might feel really bad from tomorrow because i don't get enough blood around my body.. So a nurse is coming to pick me up any minute and they will.. '' I cut her of. I didn't want her to say it. ''Yeah.. I know... So it's today...?'' She nodded. A single tear fell. I leaned in and hugged her. She couldn't move anything but the wrists and a little of the right arm so she just buried her face at my shoulder. A few second later the door opened again. A little sweet nurse stepped inside and looked at me. ''It's my sister...'' Stella said. The nurse's face turned from confused to recognizing. ''You are... '' I knew what she was about to say. ''It doesn't matter.. I wanna spend the last time i can with my sister...'' The nurse nodded understanding. Then she walked to my sister and started pushing her out to and ambulance who was waiting outside. I got into it as well. I held her hand the whole time and she smiled at me. I still couldn't make myself smile. It was like my heart wouldn't let me. As if i would just tear my heart out from my bare chest with a little smile. She could see i felt bad about it. ''Don't worry... It's for the best, besides, i would never be able to get a normal life... It's the best for everyone like this...'' She half smiled at me and i tried again. But failed. The thing was just.. That if she left, i seriously wouldn't have anyone, i had left both Niall and Caroline... Maybe i could go see Maria... But after i found out John was her farther, i didn't knew if i wanted to. We arrived at the hospital and Stella was connected to a lot of machines. They showed that her heart was very very weak, and in a few hours or so it could fail. The tears kept falling. the last piece of family i had left was dying and there was nothing i could do about it. She was so calm, but i could tell she was scared. A doctor came inside and asked to talk to me. We walked outside and he told me ''I am so sorry, but we need to anesthetize her now, her heart can fail in the next half an hour and if she's awake it will be very painfully for her... Want to say a last goodbye to her?'' My eyes were like waterfalls and i nodded. Then walked back to the room. The doctor told Stella what was going to happen and i could see tears forming in her eyes. That little girl would be dead in a matter of minutes. A whole life, thrown away. A future, ruined. Dreams who would never be reached. Goals she would never even get the chance to catch. A little blond, blue eyed wonder disappearing from this world. The doctor left to let us say goodbye. He closes the door and both of us broke out crying. I hugged her tight. She whispered in my ear. ''Won't you sing it one more time...?'' When she was younger i always sang ''The Climb'' by Miley Cyrus to her. With tears in the eyes i started mumbling it.

I can almost see it
That dream i'm dreaming
But there's a voice inside my head saying
You'll never reach it...

Just when i had finished the second chorus a doctor came inside. ''I am so sorry... But we don't have much time left, are you finished?'' I could see it hurt her to interrupt in a situation like this. I gave my sister a last hug. And this would be the last time i ever saw her... With tears floating down my cheeks i left the room. I sat down in the waiting area and my eyes went crazy. I started sobbing silent and my eyes couldn't stop running with tears. There was only an old lady in the area with me. She gave me a caring look. Just like the ones Niall gave me when we were together. Everything started reminding of him. I tried convincing myself the best was to forget about him. I got up. I didn't have anything to do in here anymore. I walked outside. people started surrounding me. Journalists started throwing questions at me. I didn't answer them. I just walked through probably looking like shit, still crying. As soon as the people walked away from me i turned around. I could see the window to the room my sister was in. ''Goodbye sweetheart... Tell mum and dad i love them...'' I whispered and started walking. Still didn't knew where. Just away from this place. Not back to the house. In all my thoughts i heard something. I realized i was walking past Maria's house. I heard someone scream, i ran inside. I swear it sounded like Maria. I opened the door and followed the small moans and screams. It was hurt full screams and they scared me a bit. I found her in her room. There was a gun laying next to her, she had blood everywhere. ''MARIA WHAT HAPPENED!?'' I screamed not daring to go in there. She looked at me. ''Stay there, or even better, LEAVE! My dad have blown this up, i can't be your friend and i can't live with these thoughts. I just have to die, LEAVE. Now. And if you think of calling for an ambulance i swear if i survive i will kill you too!'' She screamed at me while pointing the gun at me. I backed of, again with tears filling up my eyes, ''MARIA WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU THINKING!? I've just lost all my family, my boyfriend and my best friend, and you were all i thought i had left, now you just thought it was to much for you so you won't live anymore!? I am leaving, but keep this in mind, i hope you've thought long about this... And this is your choice, but i wish i could help you... '' My eyes went crazy again. She just started at me. then she turned the gun pointing at her head. ''MARIA DON'T!'' i yelled trying to stop her. But before i could even move a leg she had pulled it of and whole her body went weak. My leg collapsed at the floor outside her room. I heard police cars outside but couldn't move. Maria was dead... I had lost everything. I didn't have anyone left now... The police rushed inside, i yelled. ''IN HERE, SHES IN HERE...'' Though i knew i wouldn't help. The rushed inside. But could see she was dead. They got me up and outside. I told them what was happened. I knew they would probably think i did it. But the medical people checked it, and the first shoot was fired even before i left the hospital so they concluded it wasn't me. They brought me in though. I didn't know who to call or where to go, so i got a room at the station. Still felt horrible and i didn't know what to do. I wish i had Niall with me, but i'd left him... Right now... I had lost all i had left... In that second i was seriously thinking of suicide... Just needed to find a quick way....

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