Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


2. ''It''

Ali's P.O.V

I woke up by the feeling of another body. Someone was sitting and holding me tight. It was comfortable, and it didn't feel like one of those big guys from before it wen't black. I pushed that thought away, it was the most terrifying thing i had ever experienced, and i didn't want to remember it. I thought of the person holding me again, it couldn't be a girl, the person had abs, my arm was tight hugged into them. He smelled kind of good. He wasn't sleeping but i didn't dare to look up, i just looked at his shirt. I wanted to stay here, in this comfortable position. But pretty quick my thoughts started running free, and my mom came into my mind, i couldn't help but imagine her face when she got that note from the kidnappers,  i thought about Maria who i was sure was scared to death right now because i never came and my mom won't answer. I could feel a tear coming, and couldn't help but let it fall and make a little dark spot on his grey t-shirt. He wore sweatpants. I thought i had seen them some where before but that could have been every where. He notices my tears, that by now was like a waterfall. He carefully pulled my head back a little and with the thumb he removed the water from my cheeks. I opened my eyes and found my self staring into an ocean of blue, he smiled a little smile at me and pulled me back into that comfortable position with me sitting on his lab and my head on his chest. I knew i was crying on Niall Horan from One Direction, but right now it didn't really meant anything who he was, he was the only one around who hadn't hit me or kidnapped me yet. He carefully rubbed my back and whispered calming things in my ear. I looked down at myself, my heels were gone, my jeans were dirty and my top was ripped a little in the right side. And then i noticed, i had a jacket on. A very comfy one. A thin one, grey, with some soft material inside. It smelled like Niall did. I bet it was him who putted it on me. ''I was so scared when they brought you in here'' he whispered to my with a low, very sexy, Irish accent. God it was cute. I looked a little confused up at him. He smiled half and continued, ''You were cold, had no shoes and then you have more bruises than i've ever seen on a girl...'' i looked down my arms, they were almost all purple and blue of bruises. I started to feel the pain from them and started cry again, he pulled me in tighter and kissed my hair carefully, he was so full of care, like he thought i would break if he was to hard on me. I started cry again...

Niall's P.O.V

Wow she was so beautiful. I knew that should be the last for me to think of right now, but i felt like she would break apart. She looked almost dead when they threw her into my room. I sat on the bed still trying to find a way out, then out of a sudden the door smashed up and they threw her, unconscious, on the floor in front of me, then gave me a killing look and left again. I tried with a little bit of stupid hope if the door wasn't locked properly, but of course, it was. No way out. I looked down on the girl. In the beginning i actually thought she might have been dead. I carefully touched her, she didn't move but i felt her pulse. I took of my jacket and putted it onto her shoulders, then i picked her up as a bride and over to the bed. I sat down with her and hold her tight. I looked at her face, she was a very pretty girl, and by the look of the clothes, she had just been to a party, they probably found her on her way home and took her. 
I kind of figured that they had gathered us all in Sweden, in a few seconds i got to talk to all the others, and the last girl they brought in, besides the beauty in my arms, were from Sweden and she hadn't been  unconscious  at all and her ride over here was only like 20 minutes. She had been a bright girl, she played them to think she was  unconscious so they just threw her in and she counted the minutes, also she tried to find some noises that she might have recognized, but there was only cars. Also she was a big fan, but because of the situation she didn't fangirl, thank god for that. I was happy it wasn't complete idiots they kidnapped. Or not that i was happy they kidnapped anyone of course, but bright girls a easier to escape with. The other girl was bright to, but so scared she didn't knew what to do, she was the first one they ''did it'' to. When they were finished, and her screams and crying had stopped. She was locked into a room with the Italian boy, and then they pushed them to do ''it'' as a show for them. The poor girl had almost cried nonstop since. The boy felt so sorry but he couldn't have done anything. When the other girl, the one form Sweden came yesterday, they hurried to get the boy from England and when she waked up they were pushed to do the same. I kind of knew what would happen now they threw this girl into me. But i hoped she would stay asleep so they wouldn't come before i could tell her what this was all about. I really didn't want to hurt her, and i knew that this was going to be the worst time ever....
She woke up, i felt it, but didn't do anything, I would just let her get her things in place, then i could explain everything. I whispered a little to her to make her calm down, i didn't want her to start screaming or getting afraid. It was better if she got comfortable around me..

Ali's P.O.V

I finally would stop crying, I had to accept this, like mom said ''Deal with the things you have in the moment, everything else will come when time is''. So i had to find out what was gonna happen, if there were chances to escape, and if i could get away as a virgin...
I pulled my self together and sat up straight, i looked at him and then back down in my hands, ''So uhm... Do you know anything about what is going on here..?'' I asked, a little afraid to hear the answer, I started to crawl down form his lab so i could see him better, but he stopped me and slowly turned me around still sitting on top of him. ''Well... Are you ready to hear it?'' he asked and looked caring at me, i nodded, well knowing i wasn't, i just wanted to get out of here. ''Well... To the others... They forced them to... you know... ''It''... And the girls, they did ''it'' with them them selves. But only the first one of the girls, i think it is if the girl refuses to do it... So please don't talk them back, just do as they say... And then i might fear that they will force us to do ''it''...'' he stopped and another tear fell from my eye. He wiped it away and carefully placed his hands on either side of my head ''Dont worry... I will try not to do ANYTHING that will hurt you...'' He kissed my cheek and brought me in for a hug, i felt safe there, but the only thing i could think of was that in what could be hours, this boy would be forced to tear my virginity apart.... Didn't care who he was right now i was just so scared, i grabbed around his neck and kept hugging him. I cried a little more.

Niall's P.O.V

I could feel this wasn't just... You know... Sex... To her. It meant a lot more, i guessed she was a virgin and i knew how she felt. Or not that i know how a girl feel about losing virginity, but a girl i dated about a year ago, was a virgin to, and it meant a lot and she really cared about who was going to take it away from her. I am glad i didn't, she didn't love me enough to let me do it so i wouldn't push her, then she moved away and i never got the chance to make her love me enough. But it was fine, something like that is a girls own choice, you know. And i could see this one cared at least as much about it, and i wanted to comfy her, so i picked her up again as a bride and sat with her letting her cry. She felt bad about this... very bad... Then i thought of something ''Hey whats your name?'' i slowly whispered in her ear, she tried to stop the crying before she answered ''Ali... Or Alex... But everyone calls me Ali...'' I nodded, ''Sweet name you got there, i like it... Ali'' i whispered again and saw a little smile on her lips. If she could get comfortable around me, it might not be the worst experience in her life to do this. ''Will you do a thing for me?'' i asked her. She looked up at me, with an asking look. ''If anyone comes in here, pretend you are still sleeping... Then they might wait a while...'' she nodded and putted her head into my chest. I heard her starting to cry again, i wanted her to get comfortable, so i started singing. As quiet as possible i started on little things ''Your hand fits in mine, like it's made just for me...'' i noticed a little smile appear on her lips and i think she finally fell asleep again.


Okay so the second chapter got in already now, i am pretty bored and think i might start on the third as well... But i know some of these things is very hard for younger readers, so please, if you don't like ''sex'' scenes then please stop reading, and please do not report me for it... And to the people who like it, thank you SO much for the comments, it's really awesome that i after only a few hours cat get such sweet comments, i hop you enjoy my story, see ya!! :) xx

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