Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


11. I need her...

John's P.O.V

It was her. That little bitch. God i wanted her so bad now. I had to follow her. I told Maria i would go on a business trip for a couple of days, she could just call my phone. Then i hurried. I wouldn't let this one go. I was so horny and i just wanted to fuck her so badly. I started the car and tried to figure out where they went. I just drove around, when i finally saw it. I followed the police car all the way to Copenhagen's Airport. I hid myself but followed them inside. They was going to England. I had to go with them. I hurried up to the reception and got a ticket, and how lucky could i be, it was the exact same plane as them. They got in, their spots was in the back, mine was up front, lucky again. I used my phone as a mirror and tried to look at them, but couldn't see her. The only thing i saw was a short haired boy who once saw me looking at them. I stopped trying, i could follow them when we got of the plane.
Finally, when the plane stopped i made sure to be the first one of the plane. I got out and hurried to the entrance. I looked back. A lot of teenage kids slowed them down, i got outside and found a cap. They got out and i told the driver to follow their car. 
Half an hour later, he couldn't follow them because the road was private. I paid him and got out. I started walking down the road and found some big house. Very luxurious. It was hot that night so i could sleep outside and then get them in the morning. I found a spot where no one would see me and fell asleep, still with the little slut in my thoughts...

[Next morning]

I woke up, my back hurt like hell, not the best bed i've had. But i had to go in there and get her! I got up and walked over to the window. I could see the boy walking down the stairs, the room he came from was open, i guessed she was still in there. He walked out in another room and i hurried inside the house. Idiots not to lock the door. Soundless i ran upstairs and inside the room the boy came from. There she was, in the be. Only wearing a t shirt and panties. Oh god... I had to get her out before the boy found me. I took a pillow over her head. She tried to get away. But couldn't. I didn't want to kill her just get er unconscious. When she got all weak i removed it. I picked her up. But just as i was about to leave the room i heard the boy yell ''Ali! Are you awake?'' I hurried up hiding her in another room. I found a chair and waited. He walked into the room and i closed the door and placed the chair so he couldn't open it. Then took the girl again and ran downstairs. I opened the door with the boy shouting in the background, i smiled to myself and left...

Liam's P.O.V

Finally Paul drove us out to the house. The ride was silent, we all knew Ali probably would be sad and we didn't want to come in there all happy when she was like that. We all understood her, and we knew Niall felt awful about it so there would be a few quiet months now. 
Finally we drove down the private road and were almost at the house. We all got out and brought our suitcases with us inside. ''Why is the door open...?'' Louis ask while walking inside. ''i don't know... Maybe they are out for a walk of something...'' I answered. We put down our suitcases and stretched our bodies. ''Where are they...?'' Zayn asked a little worried. We all started looking around. Then suddenly Harry yelled ''BOYS GET UPSTAIRS NOW!'' We ran to his voice. He was struggling with some chair someone had placed in front of a door. We helped him and finally got it away. We smashed up the door and found Niall laying on the floor, shaking. He didn't sleep, he was awake, his eyes was wide open and swollen up from tears. ''NIALL ARE YOU ALRIGHT? WHAT HAPPENED!?'' Louis almost yelled falling down on the floor next to him. ''He... He took her... HE TOOK HER!'' He answered and sat up hiding his face in his arms. We helped him up to the bed and tried making him talk. ''I woke up and went downstairs, then heard something, so i yelled if she was awake but she didn't answer so i walked up here, but she wasn't in the room.. And suddenly that man, you know, was there smashing the door and i couldn't get it up, i heard him run down the stairs and... And... We have to get her back!'' He looked helpless at us. We looked at each other. We knew we had to. I took my phone and called Paul, he called the police and said he would come as fast as possible. 
We got Niall downstairs and made him drink some water. He kept shaking. When Paul came. He just became even more helpless. The other boys told Paul the story in the living room, i stayed with Niall. Suddenly he whispered. ''I need her...'' I looked at him. I don't think he knew he was actually talking. ''We'll find her, trust me...'' I said rubbing his back. I saw tears gather in his eyes. I hoped it would be soon we found her. I couldn't stand watching Niall like this. It was a million times worse than i Sweden where she was mad at him. He couldn't make all this okay again with a song. He didn't know what to do, he was so lost. I can't describe how he was, he acted like a little kid, but reacted like an adult. I gave him a little hug and kept hoping...

Ali's P.O.V

I was locked into a room. My thoughts was flying around my head. What was happened to Niall? Were there anyone looking for me? What would he do to me? Would i get away? I was crying. I was caught in a little room. Nothing but a bed. I had been like this before... I just needed Niall by my side. Suddenly i heard someone walking outside the door. My heart went crazy and I just wanted to get out of there. Someone struggled to get a key in the door. I didn't knew who it was, but i had a thought. Suddenly the key went in and the door smashed up. Just like i thought. Maria's dad. I couldn't breath anymore. John, i was pretty sure that was his name. It was years since i had seen him the last time, or it was before i got kidnapped the first time. He starred at me, i didn't like the look he gave me. He closed the door behind him. I crawled back in the bed. As far away from him as possible. He walked closer. He was only wearing a bath coat. He was right next to the bed. Looked at me. ''Two things, first, behave. Do not scream or fight against me. Just enjoy this.'' Scared i looked at him ''And second. If i don't like this, i will come back every single hour and repeat until it's good enough...'' He warned me. The tears was making a river down my cheeks. He dropped the coat revealing his naked body. I felt like vomiting, but held it in. He came closer into the bed. He ripped of my t shirt. I kept my crying silent but closed my eyes. I didn't wanna watch while he raped me. He ripped of my panties and threw me down in the bed. He slapped me in the face. ''Look at me, enjoy it, moan how good it feels...'' He whispered at me with a creepy voice. I looked at him, trying to look like i enjoyed this. He laid down on top of me. My body was shaking. I couldn't take this. He slammed into me. Hard and fast he trusted. The pain was awful. I tried not scream, i faked a few moans. I just hoped he would stop soon. He kept trusting in me for a long time. It kept hurting. He finally pulled out and stood in front of me. ''That was fine... Tomorrow i want more...'' He said. I was crying. He left the room and locking the door. I put on my panties and the t shirt. It was the t shirt Niall had worn yesterday. It still smelled of him. I couldn't stand this anymore. Why did all this happen to me? Why didn't my living nightmare stop... The only thing i wanted was to start a somehow normal life with Niall. I laid down and cried my self to sleep. My life was so fucked up...


Hi guys, uhm just noticed something. One iphone/Ipad other smartphones, if you read my story, it hasn't included some of my gaps between the lines, so sorry if it looks unprofessional on the app, it should be okay if you read on the computer... And thank you so much for all the lovely support!! :) xx

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