Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


5. Hurry up Liam!

Niall's P.O.V

The door was closed behind the last of the men. Ali was still sitting on the floor, crying and shaking. I got up from the bed. The big security thing, threw two towels at us and asked us to follow him. I took the towel around my wrist and got Ali up. She cried, a lot. I helped her get the towel around her body and laid my arm around her waist helping her walk. The man lead us into a bathroom. ''Now, get a shower, take on your clothes and knock on the door then i will get you back to your room.'' He threw our clothes at the floor. I nodded and he left the room. Ali's legs collapsed underneath her and she fell to the floor crying. I quickly got down beside her and pulled her into me. In a few minutes she cried. I started singing Little Things to her again, and slowly she stopped crying. ''We better get a bath now... Right?'' i asked her, she nodded, i let her start. I sat on the floor, and turned away from her. She felt bad enough already, i didn't want to make it worse by sitting on the floor starring at her body. She was quickly finished. She got out and dried her body, and put the towel around her hair. The she put her clothes back on and sat down at the floor. Tears still fell from her eyes. I stood up, i didn't mind if she looked, but she did look away. I don't think she knew what to do. It was so hard standing there knowing i had done that to her. In reality... I had actually raped her... That was a hard thought to deal with. I finished the shower and got my clothes on. I sat down next to Ali. She hadn't said a word. I looked her in the eyes, trying to make her say something... She stayed quiet, i decided to say something. ''Ali.. Are you alright...?'' I tried. she looked at me, her eyes was filled with tears, and then she whispered, ''No...'' and she swung herself around my neck. I hugged her tight, let her cry out. After a few minutes, we agreed to get back to our room. Tears still made a small waterfall from her eyes. I dried a few of them away and kissed her nose, ''Don't worry, i am here for you...'' and i stood up pulling her with me. She hugged me again and said ''Thanks...'' i looked at her, ''For what!? I haven't' done anything you can thank me for...'' I said a little sad. ''Yes... You have... You could have been a total jerk and just done everything they asked with joy... Instead you thought so much about me... And... Yeah... Don't know how to say it...'' she said, I knew what she meant and hugged her one last time. Then we knocked the door and the man got us back into our room.

Maria's P.O.V

Man this sucked. She just stayed away AGAIN. This time without texting me or anything! God i was mad! My dad had left the night of the party so i were home alone. Thank god, nobody would like to be with me right now. He said it was some business thing in Sweden. Yeah right, my dad work as a mechanic thing, what business could there possible be in Sweden for him!? But i didn't ask, he never talked about his work, i didn't want to ask him, so we were both happy that way. Actually i hated my dad. He wasn't really a dad, he was more just the one paying everything. I remembered that my mom left him because of that he always got drunk and he never treated her good. I hadn't seen her in almost a year now...
I pushed the cat down the sofa, and it replied with a big hiss. I didn't care, i just wanted to think of something else, how could she keep doing this to me!? And the worst part was that i had tried walking home to her, and then nobody would open the freaking door! I tried calling her and i just got that annoying robot voice saying ''This phone is not able to be reached at this moment'' yeah right... She had turned of the phone so i couldn't call her. It was so stupid it was! Arrrh i was so mad! I turned of the TV, nothing good. Of course. I went to the freezer and got some ice cream and started killing it...

John's P.O.V

I felt kind of bad leaving Maria at home, but this was big, a whole new king of entertainment. My business was going down, so i needed new clients. And i really did like it. Hah! Best way to entertain ten drunk men! When i got that letter about come testing it, i really liked the idea. And the best part, i made that little slut they used, give me a blow. She wasn't bad at it, oh i really wanted her right now. Just to fuck her so badly. The plane landed soon so i locked the seat belt still thinking about the little bitch. She was so good looking, ohh man i wanted to just stick my cock up her vagina! I thought i had seen her some where before, but because of the alcohol i couldn't really remember anything clearly. It was all, you know cloudy...

Ali's P.O.V

We finally got back to our room. I couldn't stop thinking about that last man... Who made me... Who made me give him... Give him a... Blow... That memory would never leave my head. But i couldn't stop thinking about him because i thought i knew him. I had seen his face before. Niall had sat op the bed and pulled me down next to him, i knew he felt bad... So did i. My virginity was one of the things i had cared the most of about my self. And now.... It was gone. Just like that. I looked at Niall, he had placed him self on the bed with his head in his hands. I still had tears crawling down my cheeks. I sat up next to him, carefully i removed his hands and lifted up his head. ''Don't be sad.... There...'' he cut me of ''Yes there is a reason, i know you will say i'm wrong, but you do know i actually raped you in there...'' I didn't know what to say, i just looked at him like he was crazy. ''No...'' was the only thing i could make my mouth say. ''Yes... Yes i did! No matter how much i wished it was a lie, then i did. Even though they made me, then i had sex with you without your permission.... '' He looked down, and i could see his eyes tear up. A single tear fell, it made a little dark spot on his grey t shirt. ''Niall... Niall look at me!'' i said to him. He looked up, i grabbed him by the jaw and said. ''Niall, no matter what you tell your self, then that's a lie! You helped me, without you one of those big assholes could have been the one in the bed with me. But it wasn't. We are in this together, and we just have to find a way out together, okay!?'' I had made my self stop crying and he nodded. Then he pulled me in and we just sat there hugging for a while. Then the door slammed up, a big guy came in and placed two plates and two cups on the floor. Then he left again. Niall looked very hungry down at the food. I reached for one of them and handed it to him. But in the second i was sitting up straight again, i felt a huge pain in my lower body. I could have screamed, but i didn't i held it in for Niall, i knew how much it would hurt on him. I ate a bit of my food and drank some water. Niall ate all his and the left overs from mine. Then we decided we had to go to bed, but all night i didn't sleep once. The pain in my lower body kept getting worse and worse. Niall had cuddled up with me and after a few hours he woke up and noticed me crying. Then he held me even closer and started mumbling ''Truly Madly Deeply'' in my ear.  His voice was so calming... At a time i did sleep a bit... It was good to rest a bit...

Niall's P.O.V

I knew she was right, with what she said. But i couldn't help thinking that it was my fault. Then in the middle of the night when she was crying, i knew that was my fault to. Her lower body was crashed, i knew so. Then i knew i couldn't do this to her ever again, or let anyone else do it. I still felt like puking when i thought of that man who made her give him a blow. God these thoughts made me so freaking angry. What the hell was wrong with these people!? 
I didn't want to stay here another second. So when i finally had made her fall a sleep i got an idea. It was a week, tomorrow, since i had seen the other ones, and then it had been a week since too. So i guessed that they let us see each other once a week. Then i got an idea of how we could get away. There were only one guy in the room with us. And it was a big, not very bright, pretty stupid actually guy, and if we could trick him to go out, there was a window. I knew they would see us, but i got another idea. If we brought Ali's phone, then i remembered Liam's number by heart, so i could call him as soon as there was any coverage, and tell him to get the police and track the phone. Then leave it there before they catches us again. In the morning Ali's lower body was so hurt. She could barely stand her self. I would have to carry her when we ran of. This just had to work. It was lucky she wasn't that heavy, it would be easy, or that part would. I told her my plan and she agreed, but was afraid that she would just slow me down, but i wasn't. Then, just as i thought, an hour later a big guy came following us to the room. I had putted Ali's phone in my pocket and she just had to turn it on when we got in there. We gathered in the corner with the others. And somehow that bright girl from Sweden and Ali started starring at each other. I looked confused on them, Then they both started crying and then hugged. I looked at them. Obviously they knew each other. ''Omg... Caroline.. How did you end up here...!?'' Ali asked between the tears. The other girl, which i thought must have been Caroline looked at her with tears. ''My mom was out of town so i decided to make a little party, then when people should home, my friend Brian was so drunk i followed him home, and then on my way home it just turned black and then i wok up here...'' Ali cried once again and they got finished. ''So... I guess you two know each other?'' I asked.. They both nodded and giggled with tears floating out their eyes. ''We used to go to the same school and everything.. Then Caroline moved to Sweden...'' Ali answered and looked at Caroline. She looked down with a sad face. Ali hid the phone so the security thing wouldn't see it and got it on. 55% She said happily. I smiled and whispered the plan to the others. The guard wasn't paying much attention to us, he just stood there with his finger up his nose... Gross... We had all understood the plan. I went over to the man and told him that Caroline had a rare disease so he would have to go buy some medicine or she would die. He looked up, a little shocked and Caroline played sick. Pretty good actor. Ali leaned at the wall, she couldn't stand up much longer. Then the guard went out the room. And closed the door. Then we hurried. The window wasn't locked, idiots. We all got out and i helped Ali. I picked her up on my back and started running. ''Tell me when you get signal!'' i Told her. She nodded and looked at the phone. After a few minutes we heard people start screaming behind us. Then Ali said ''NOW NOW THERE'S A SIGNAL!'' I told her Liam's number and it called. As soon as he picked it up she held it to my ear and i screamed. ''LIAM DON'T HANG UP, GET THE POLICE AND MAKE THEM TRACK THE PHONE. HURRY UP!!'' Then we heard the guards getting closer. I heard Liam say ''Don't worry mate, we will be there!!'' God i loved that dude. we hid the phone in the grass. All the others were long ahead of us. I hoped they would get away. Ali started cry ''No matter what happen i love you ''she said. I got her down and hugged her tight. ''I love you too...'' Then the guards reached us, they teared Ali away from me. We both fought to get to each other. But two guards kept us from touching... Liam, please hurry...

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