Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


17. Free...

Ali's P.O.V

''Niall they got Caroline!? I could hear it, it was her voice! You think they will take us back and make us...'' I was so upset i just started almost screaming while crying again. He put a finger on my mouth and pulled me in. His strong arms picked me up while i tried getting my crying under control. He carried me to the bed. ''Don't get upset... We'll get out, just like the last time..'' He whispered to me and my crying was almost stopped now. He laid down in the bed and pulled me into his chest. ''I think you should get some sleep babe...'' He whispered and kissed my forehead. I nodded and laid my head up his chest. He started mumbling Little Things in my ear and soon i was asleep, covered up by his arms.

[Hours later]

I could feel something, it didn't fit in my dream at all. It felt like a pair of hands was searching my body. I got myself out of the dream, even though i didn't want to. Finally i got my thoughts woken up and started to figure out what was going on. Someone was driving his hands around my body. ''Niall... Stop...'' I tried. But he didn't stop. I got annoyed and opened my eyes. Then i realized what was going on. My hands were handcuffed to either side of the bed and so was my legs. I looked around, some nasty man, forty years i think, was driving his hands up and down my body. The look in his eyes scared me, they were dark with lust and he didn't pay any attention to what i said. All my clothes were gone, except from my panties and an oversize t shirt. I looked around to find a way out. Then i saw some big guy standing with Niall. Niall was covered by the mouth and rope was tight wrapped around his body. He looked at me. He didn't cry, but his eyes was full of anger. I was about to cry, this was just to much for me. Suddenly the door slammed up. ''So... What do you think of another man touching your slut?'' It was the captain, or what ever you would call him. Niall's head turned quickly towards the man. He gave him a death glare and i bet if he wasn't covered by the mouth he would've yelled louder than ever. The look in his eyes was enough to make me scared. The man on top of me started moving his hands underneath my t shirt. ''GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OF ME!'' I tried yelling at him. He didn't even look up. I started trying to move my body. Finally i got him some how moved away. But as soon as he was gone he climbed back on top of me. His eyes wasn't just filled with lust now. But also anger. I regretted opening my mouth. Without hesitation he ripped the t shirt apart and of my body. I screamed trying to get my arms down covering my now bare chest. But the handcuffs were to tight. The two men and Niall was starring. The men with lust and interest, Niall with anger and sadness. I couldn't stand this. ''Please...'' I cried. He didn't react, he kept going. He ripped down my panties. Then of a sudden he threw down his own pants, placed his hands on my hips, making it impossible for me to move anything. Then he trusted deep into me. His size was nothing compared to Niall, but the fact that he didn't let me adjust and that i in no way was wet or ready it hurt more than ever. I screamed out loud crying hard. He took a hand and covered my mouth. I kept screaming trying to make him stop. Suddenly i felt him cum inside me. His juices floated inside me and i couldn't do anything to stop it. Then he finally pulled out and put his pants back on. Then he slapped my thigh and left the room. The ''captain'' untied Niall and left the room. The big guy who had held Niall left to and closed and locked the door. Niall removed all the ropes from his body and rushed over to me. He hurried getting my legs untied and covered my with a duvet. Then he started getting the handcuffs away When my hands finally was free i swung my self around Niall's neck. He rubbed my back slowly and hid his face at my neck. I loved those kind of hugs. When i finally had stopped crying Niall stood up and picked up my clothes who was placed in a huge mess in the corner. He helped me getting it all back on. When i finally was full dressed again Niall picked me up bride style and sat down in the bed with me on his lap. For a while we just talked a bit and Niall comforted me. We stood up and looked out the window. We got a little surprised. It wasn't water around us, neither land. There were at least fifty other boats surrounding our boat. I looked up at Niall. ''Niall... what is that?'' My voice was shaking. ''Afraid to say it... But i think it might me some sort of pirates... You know... People...'' I cut him of  ''Yeah... I know... Is that good... Or bad, for us?'' I got scared. If other people caught us, would they let us stay together? Would i ever see him again if they got us!? I was getting quite scared. ''I don't know. But no matter what i won't let anyone take you away from me...'' He told me and pulled me in to a tight hug. I swung my arms around his neck and he pulled me up. He looked me gentle in the eyes and placed his hands on my waist while pushing his body against mine. His lips touched mine, and he started kissing me very passionately. His tongue crossed my bottom lip asking for entrance. I let him in. My tongue tried fighting for dominance, but Niall quickly won. His lips broke away and he looked me in the eyes. ''No matter what happens now babe... I love you'' Then he gave me a small kiss on the cheek and gave me a huge Horan hug. We heard people starting to yell. And someone started to run around out on the hall. I looked scared at Niall. ''Come here babe'' he whispered and gently picked me up bride style. ''Won't let them take my girl from me...'' He mumbled while slowly moving his hips so we were swinging from side to side in a peace full pace. He started singing Little Things to me and i suddenly felt safe. After a few minutes we heard someone starting to fight with the key in the door. Then finally it swung up and we looked over there, surprised, i saw it was Caroline, she smiled all over her face. ''Bad news and good news, witch first?'' She asked with a smile, ''Bad...'' We both said. ''Okay, pirates have surrounded our boat and is about dragging everyone away as hostages...'' Weird i looked at her ''And then what is the good news...?'' She smiled even more. ''I just found out my uncle is a pirate! And because he recognized me he asked the others if they would let me go! And they would! And then i convinced them you were my family to so they will leave us alone!'' A second i thought about it. ''So the pirates are kidnapping our kidnappers? And we are left alone on the sea, in a huge boat no one of us have any idea how is navigated?'' I asked... Her face turned to a thinking grimace. ''Didn't think of it that way...'' I looked at Niall. He was thinking to, still holding me in his arms. ''Hey you know i actually know how to navigate a boat! But we just need to figure out if there is a phone or anything, then we can call for help.'' Niall said and Caroline's face lit up again. ''Great! The pirates have almost got everything they wanted so i'll just go check if they're gone!'' Caroline ran of. She was so sweet. But i kept thinking, it sounded so strange that she all of a sudden had an uncle that coincidentally was a pirate when we got caught by them... When we were alone i could talk to her about it and get a better explanation. Niall put me down, ''Told you, we would get through this together'' He whispered and his hot breath hit my neck. I giggled. Not long after Caroline came running back ''They'll leave soon, i just.. Uhm... Need to talk to my uncle alone, see ya later, you're free!'' I could see in her face she wasn't as happy as before, i felt like asking her about it, but she had already left the room. 

Caroline's P.O.V

I didn't want them to know. They would just try to stop me, but i couldn't stand being caught like this anymore. i just needed the freedom. I would do anything to get away. And i didn't have anything to lose anymore. I walked to the room the pirate had told me to. I knocked four times, as he told me to. He opened the door and dragged me inside. He had already thrown his clothes on the floor. Even though the poor boy had taken my virginity i knew it would hurt. This man was fat and tall. And his member wasn't exactly small. I was disgusted of the thought of having it inside of me. But it was a small price to pay, when both me and my best friend and her boyfriend would be free. I sighed, he walked closer to me. I was now pushed up against the wall. He started aggressively pulling all my clothes of my body. I got sick of the look he gave my body. He looked me in the eyes, his were filled with lust. He grabbed my body and threw me on the bed. I landed hard and wrong on my back, i thought i broke something. I heard a loud crash and pain started growing from the middle of my back. He didn't care. He jumped on top of me and without warning entered me. I almost screamed loudly, but the man held a pillow in front of my head and i could barely breathe. He trusted deeply in and out of me. Fast and hard, i couldn't even enjoy anything about it. All i could think of was the pain. In my back and in my lower body. He finally finished on me, got himself up and dressed again. He sent me a dirty look while my eyes teared up. This thing in my back was bad, it felt like my whole body was broken. He left the room, leaving the door open. I heard all the boats starting to leave. I tried to get myself up but failed. My back felt so fragile and i didn't dare to move a muscle. ''Caroline!? Where are you!?'' I heard Ali yell...


Guys i am so so so so so sorry, i haven't updated for a while now, but i don't know why but i got some kind of yeah don't know what, but i couldn't make up anything to write, anything. I had the time to do it, but just as soon as i started writing my mind just shut down... Then one of my friends talked with me today and i got a lot of ideas so i finally could get it done! I know this is not the best chapter, but that's because i have stopped so many times during the writing process, sorry but i'll write the next one tomorrow, hopefully! I know exactly what's gonna happen in it so it wont take long.. Love you guys, and thank you so much for all the sweet comments!!
And then a last thing, i remember almost freaking out when i saw 100 people had reed my story, then realizeing almost 1200 people have now, is just amazing! I love you guys!! :) xx

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