Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


9. Forgiven?

Ali's P.O.V

The scissor in my hand stared feel weird. Or no, my hands did. I looked down. The blood from my cut was running down my arms. I looked at it and then put it underneath the water. I kept in there until the blood stopped. While the water was cleaning it, i started thinking. The tears had stopped. And i remembered what my dad told me. Live your life. Live the life we didn't get. Suddenly i felt so bad for thinking of suicide. But i couldn't live with this. I found some bandages and cleaned my cut. I wouldn't do that again. But i didn't want to leave this room. I really didn't want to live any more. I took the scissor in my hand and sat down. I knew how to do it the fastest way. But i couldn't make my hand do it. I just sat there, crying without any more tears. Trying to make my hand do the freaking move. One single cut and all this would be over. 
In my little battle i suddenly heard someone outside on the hall. Then a familiar voice started talking. A deep British accent. ''Ali? Are you out there? Wont you come out here for a second?'' It was Harry. I took a deep breath and got up. Then answered ''Just a second...'' I hid the scissor and looked in the mirror. My eyes were swollen up because of all the crying. I pulled down the sleeve on my shirt so he couldn't see the bandage and then made sure there wasn't any blood on me. There wasn't. Then i finally opened the door. Harry was sitting on the floor out side the door. He patted next to him, asking me to sit. I did. Then just looked down, couldn't look him in the eyes. ''I think you should think about it one more time...'' I looked up and asked ''About what...?'' He lifted an eyebrow and answered ''About cutting and kill yourself.....'' I looked confused at him. ''I heard you hide the scissor and i can see the bandage, i do know what two plus two is, i know all this is hard, but can i ask you a thing?'' I nodded, knowing i probably wouldn't like to answer it. ''Why did you choose to blame Niall everything? I know he didn't tell you but it's not exactly like it was him who did it you know, and don't get mad at me but he...'' He was cut of be someone down the hall. ''Stop it Harry... She's right. And i don't think now is the best time to start confronting her...'' It was Niall. I could see he had been crying and he didn't look at me, not a single time. 

Harry's P.O.V

I knew he was right. But seriously, my friends was the most important, and nothing or nobody had ever made Niall so sad. I understood him. She was beautiful and seemed pretty sweet to. I slapped my self mentally. She were Niall's or no ones. But i felt i owed him. Though it was hard for her, he didn't take this that easy either. So i got up and gave her a hand. She didn't take it. But got up her self. Walked in front of me into her own room. I hoped she seriously took what i said and though twice about it. I went into the other boys. Niall was in our room. He had borrowed a guitar from an officer. I heard when i walked past it that he played Little Things. I felt bad for my bro...

Ali's P.O.V

I sad in the corner of my room. And my body had made new tears. They fell one by one. I was hugging my legs and just hoped all this pain would stop. Harry had made me think. No i shouldn't take my own life, it wouldn't remove the pain, some one else would just miss me and i wouldn't start some evil circle with people getting depressions or something. And cutting was just so stupid, yeah it did work, but the scars i felt was removed on the inside, was just on the outside now. Everybody could see it and they would forever remind me of this. I was so stupid. I did miss my family, but i knew everything that happened had a reason. Though i couldn't see any reasons to all of this... Then suddenly i heard a familiar song. ''Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me...'' A guitar was playing on the background. I looked out. Niall was walking towards my room. Singing and playing the guitar. I looked up a little more. He didn't look happy, more or less apologizing or something. He walked into my room and closed the door behind him with the foot finishing the song. I started crying again. But this time, not in doubt or sorrow. This time because i knew someone cared about me. When he was finished he put down the guitar and started talking ''Ali... I can't describe how sorry i am... I know i should've told you the second i found out. But i knew how sad you would be and i couldn't say something to you that would hurt you that much. I really do care about you, i love you. The way i love you is indescribable, you are everything i've ever dreamed of and with all my heart i apologize... Sorry, i don't know what else i can say...'' He looked at me with tears in his eyes. I let go of my knees and ran into his open arms. I cried for a long time. He just held me and i felt safe again. He picked me up bride style and sat in the bed with me on top of him. Just like the first time i ever saw him. It made me cry again. ''Don't apologize... It was just me... I know it wasn't fair being such a bitch to you... You deserve better...'' I told him. He whispered in my ear. ''No matter what... I love you, and you dad told me to take care of you when he left, so i will do anything to do that...'' I looked up in his eyes, he smiled half. I smiled half back and grabbed around his neck hugging him very tight. He hugged me back and for a while we just sat like that. He was just to perfect, how could i ever get mad at him? I just knew that he was my life from now. I couldn't forget about him and i didn't want to. 

[Later that evening]

I was cuddled up with Niall on the couch, we watched Toy Story. Liam choose the movie. When an officer came into the room. ''We are so sorry, we don't know how but paparazzi has gathered outside the station and we have to move you some where else, we cant let you stay here when they are out there...'' We all nodded. ''Ali do you have any friends or anything you want to say something to in Denmark?'' I thought about Maria. ''I do have one, but i can write a letter and just send it to her...'' He talked to another officer ''Well we are driving through your home town to the airport in Copenhagen, so we can drop it off if she lives there?'' I nodded, she did live there.
I knew Caroline and the others were in a witness protection program so i couldn't say anything to her... I did miss her. I hoped i would see her soon. I got a piece of paper and a pen and started writing. I told her we would leave, probably far away until all this was over and i would stay with Niall, but i would contact her as soon as possible. Then i folded it and put it in my pocket. I didn't have anything anymore so i didn't have any items to remember. I sat next to Niall holding his hand the whole time. We got into my town, i navigated to Maria's house and and officer got out and put the paper in her mailbox. Then i saw him. He was inside the house in the kitchen. He starred out on me. I froze in chock. That disgusting man who made me blow him, i knew i had seen him before, it was Marias dad!? He starred at me with lust. The car started. I turned to Niall. ''It was him! That man in the room.... He is Marias dad! I Thought i knew him from somewhere! He starred at me Niall...''

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