Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


3. First Kiss

Niall's P.O.V

I felt her chest raise and slowly sink again. She slept deeply, good. I wanted her to rest. And i couldn't help but stare at her beautiful face. She was so pretty. I really tried to deny it, but i think i fell for her. Just the look on her face when i sang to her, made me believe that she was the one. And that made me feel even worse about what i knew was coming. I heard loud footsteps outside, carefully, but fast i put her down on the bed and rushed over to the wall and sat there pretended to sleep. The door flew open, I pretended to wake up, i quickly looked at Ali, she was awake, she had fear in the eyes. I winked with both my eyes and she got it and closed her eyes again, but i knew she was scared to death. 
The man who came in was a big bully guy. He looked like a mean version of Paul, or a little more fat and then WAY taller. I was scared at him to, but didn't show it. It wouldn't exactly help on Ali's situation right now. God i needed Paul. Even though he could be, you know bossy when we wanted to talk to fans, he only did it to protect us, and i realized how much i appreciated it. He looked me deeply in the eyes. ''When that thing wakes up, it's your turn! And prepare, important people will be here tomorrow, and you guys will be the the main characters. And remember what Pete said, it's all about the girl, make her love it, make her love it LOUD and if not WE WILL'' he said and slammed the door behind him. I breathed deeply, then looked at Ali. She was crying. The tears gathered at her nose and slowly ran down onto the pillow. I stood up and walked over to her. Laid down behind her and cuddled up with her. She turned around and cried into my chest. I kissed her hair and after a few minutes she stopped. I sat up and pulled her into a hug. I knew i needed to clear this of with her, I couldn't do anything to her until we've talked about it. ''Ali...?'' i asked her, she dried her eyes and looked me in the eyes. ''Yeah..?'' she answered. ''I know this is some real shit... But we need to talk about it, tomorrow some one will come, and unless i miss understood him, they will come to watch us, you know, doing ''it'', and i know it wont be funny, but you have to pretend you like it, and as much as you can... or else i am afraid they might do it them selves to you. And i really wont let that happen, i care to much....'' the last sentence wasn't planned... It just came out, but no matter what i hoped she understood me. She nodded, and she didn't cry, i hoped she wouldn't start cry again tomorrow. I could she she was thinking about something, ''Wanna share your thoughts?'' i asked, she looked down, like she was ashamed... ''I don't bite, just tell me'' and i smiled at her. ''Okay... It's just i wondered... You know protection... Is there any protection...?'' I knew what she meant, and i didn't want to answer, but i had to. ''I don't think there is...'' She looked down, sad again. I really didn't want to do this to her...

Ali's P.O.V

That was almost the worst part. Okay, i kind of had accepted the fact that i would lose my virginity... But the fact that i might get pregnant was the worst. I really couldn't take that. I laid my head on his chest, and felt tears once again. Then i started thinking, i thought of the last party i went at, my mom had putted three condoms inside my flip-cover on my phone. I knew she thought i might need them, of course i didn't, but maybe she had done that again, and then my thoughts felt on the phone. I almost got a chock, why hadn't i thought of that earlier!? I took a hand up to my bra, my phone was still there. i turned to Niall, ''Would you mind turn around a second?'' if my bra acted like before when i wanted it, he should not be looking. He looked confused but turned around. I snapped my fingers down in the bra and got my phone. i Placed the bra right again and said ''Just turn back now!'' He saw the phone and smiled, i opened the flip cover and checked the power level. ''60%!!'' i said happily. He smiled, then i looked in the little pocket on the flip-cover, inside three small squares of plastic wrap was looking at me. I smiled and smoothly got one of them out, ''I think my mom saw this situation coming..'' i half laughed. It was a big relief. Niall smiled and reached for the phone, i handed it over to him and he quickly typed a number. Then he pressed call... I saw his face turn sadder, then he hung up and said ''There is no coverage out here... It didn't even search the number it just said 'No coverage in this area'... What do we do now?''He asked... I looked at the condoms i had put on the little footstool, next to the bed. He looked at me and nodded. We turned of the phone, we might need the battery later on. Then we agreed that tomorrow early when we woke up, Niall would take the condom on so those men wouldn't see it. It was late, and not long after this, we had found a floor panel witch could be removed, and we put the last two condoms and the phone down there, then Niall putted the one we should use in his pocket. Then we heard loud footsteps, like the ones earlier. I jumped into bed, like i was laying before pretending to sleep and Niall sat in the same spot. I smiled a little smile at him and then closed my eyes. 
And once again the door slammed up, i heard two plates scrambling on the floor and two cups being placed next to it, and then the same voice as before saying ''Eat... And prepare her for tomorrow, we wont accept amateur performances....'' The mas spitted on the bed, i could feel the nasty wet spot on my back... Nasty. The door slammed. and i looked at Niall, he nodded so i sat up. I looked at the plates, it was an apple, a piece of bread and some chicken, it looked okay. He stood up and picked up the plates, gave me one and then took the cups from the floor. It looked like water, but the cups were black so i couldn't see it. Funny they used a cup instead of just a simple glass... But i started eating, there was nothing wrong with the food, i ate the apple and a little bite of the meat, wasn't really hungry. I drank a little, it was water, but not cold so i didn't really wanted it. I looked at Niall's plate, he had already finished all of his, he swallowed the last and drank some water. He rubbed his stomach, obviously still hungry, i pushed the last meat and the bread over on his plate. He looked up and i nodded, he smiled big and started killing the food. I smiled of his hunger, he was all like I've always imagined, sweet, caring and hungry... I really had the feeling of falling for him. He was everything i dreamed of in a boy... And if he was forced to take my virginity tomorrow i wouldn't let him do that and not having feelings behind. I wasn't a slut... Love and sex HAD to be the same thing. I looked at him swallowing the last bit of bread and he emptied the cup. We putted the plates and cups down on the floor and lay down. He looked me in the eyes. I couldn't help but smile at him. he looked me in the eyes and smiled back. He slowly pulled me in, to see if i would go away, i didn't. He cuddled up with me and held me tight. In the small bed our noses touched. I got goosebumps all over my body and smiled at him. He smiled back and slowly came closer. His lips were millimeters from mine and i could feel his warm breath. He checked if i would pull away, i didn't. He then removed the last space between us and pressed his lips against mine. His kiss sent something way better than butterflies down my body. His tongue asked for entrance, i gained it. Our tongues started dancing and his hands held my waist. I started playing with his hair, he pressed him self up against me. Our tongues still danced, his hands drove up my waist to my hair, his lips let go of mine and smiled again, he kissed my nose and pulled me in cuddled up with me. And like that we fell asleep. 


Again i just wanted to write, thanks a lot, i've got so many views in like NO time, so thank you every body, tomorrow i will write the chapter where Niall and Ali are forced to do ''it'' in front of their kidnappers, hope you like what i've made until now, much love!!! :) xx

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