Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


12. Another loss?...

Niall's P.O.V

What could i do? Where was she? Would i see her again? My head was almost exploding because of all these questions. I Couldn't take in anymore. The police asked about it, and i could barely tell them anything. My body kept shaking and i felt like i could just lay down and die. This was some serious shit... Right now i was just in the couch with the boys. We weren't allowed to go outside the house anymore. But i had to. I had to go out and look for her. He couldn't have went far, she didn't wear anything but panties and a t shirt, people would start looking. So he was probably on some hotel inside the town. The police hadn't even asked about what clothes she had worn. I didn't believe they would ever find her. 
I was dying to get out there and find her. I had to go.
I told Paul i would go outside to get some air. He looked a little skeptical at me. But nodded and i left the house. As soon as they couldn't see me anymore i started running. I just had to get away so Paul couldn't stop me. I ran into the town. I wore sweatpants and a t shirt, and it was very hot. I was almost swimming in sweat. I found the first hotel and hurried  inside. ''Excuse me? This morning, was there some man checking in with a girl on seventeen?'' The lady thought for a moment, ''No i'm sorry sir, no one has checked in this morning...'' I gave her a little smile and hurried out. For the next five hotels i got a no to. This annoyed me. Would i ever find her. I sat down and could not stand this anymore. I looked around. Then suddenly. Of course, they followed me. All the boys was running towards me. I got up and moved on, i didn't want to hear them telling me that i should get back to the house, because i shouldn't. Not even Paul could decide this, i had to find her. I kept looking around for new hotels, while i heard the boys yelling at me from behind. I looked back quick, and saw fans had surrounded them. Great, i just had to get on before any fans saw me. 
I walked a few minutes, then i saw something. A little, not luxurious in any ways, hotel. More or less western style, made of wood and looked like it could fall apart in seconds. On the third floor, through a window i could see some blond hair and the edge of a t shirt exactly similar to the one she had worn. I hurried into the hotel.
I asked the receptionist ''Excuse me, has anyone checked in this morning?'' It was an old man and he looked at his even older computer. ''Uhm... Yeah... There was this man. Uhm very early this morning he came in, he had a young girl with him, he said something about his daughter and he needed a room so she could rest.... Uhm... You know them?'' My heart was beating so fast, i nodded and said ''Yes i do, old friends... Witch room are they in?'' The man checked the computer again and answered ''Uhh... Room 69, third floor, have a nice day'' he said, i smiled at him. Then ran up the stairs.
It was a maze with all those different numbers, i couldn't figure out how they were ordered. I ran around a little and finally i found it ''69'' the little sign said. I grabbed the door knot, it wasn't locked. Then opened it wide and walked inside. Didn't close it, i needed to be able to get out if there. Fast.
I looked a little around. The man was in the living room. He was all naked... I got a feeling of throwing up or something, that was just disgusting. But it was that man in the house earlier, she was in here, for sure. But i couldn't move, he would see me the second i left the entrance hall. On the other side of the living room i could see a kitchen and a closed door with a key in it. He had probably locked her in there. I had to find out how to get her out. I was thinking like hell. Then suddenly i heard him whisper to himself ''I think  i need some more... The slut better be awake...'' I fists was ready to beat the shit out of him. How could he live knowing what he was doing? He stood up and walked to the room. He fought a little with the key but got it open and walked in there. I had to hurry. Soundless i got out in the kitchen and found a frying pan. Great. Then walked over to the other door. It was open i could see  he was walking towards Ali who was sitting, all white of fear, in the bed. She looked over at the door and i could see how scared she was, i gave her a look saying it'll be alright. She looked back on the man who was only a few centimeters behind him. I got an idea. i stepped a single step back and was ready. ''HEY FATTY, OUT HERE!'' I yelled. I heard him stand up straight and his heavy footsteps coming closer. I prepared the pan and waited. Then i could see his nose and i swung the pan. He fell backwards and it made a loud sound when he hit the floor. I ran over him and picked up Ali. I took a blanket in the end of the bed and ran outside the room with her. She was crying at my chest. I whispered everything was going to be alright. But suddenly the boys appeared. I ran straight into them. We all tripped over and fell. The boys looked weird at us. I didn't had any time to explain. ''We gotta get out boys...'' I said getting up and picked up Ali. ''NIALL WATCH OUT!'' I heard Louis yell before everything went black...

Ali's P.O.V

I landed on the floor once again. I looked at my side. Niall was lying there unconscious. I screamed, he was bleeding from the back of his head. I looked up and saw the other boys trying to get John down. And finally they got him down. Zayn grabbed the pan and swung it, he hit the man at the right spot and he went all weak. I was so scared i couldn't move. Louis picked me up, and Harry and Liam got Niall. Zayn grabbed his phone and called the police.
We got outside and we could hear ambulances coming closer. The police rushed inside and the doctors rushed over to us. They got Niall on a drill and started looking at me if anything was wrong. They drove of with Niall. Fast. I felt the tears coming up. All this was some shit. They decided to take me to the hospital, just in case. The boys followed in a police car. While sitting there in the ambulance, I couldn't stop crying. Just like my family, i was the reason he might die... If i just could have... If it wasn't for me Niall's life would probably be all normal by now. All this was my fault. When they arrived the doctors checked me everywhere. I told them John had raped me and they checked if i had received any sex diseases, i hadn't. Thank god.
I kept thinking of Niall. Was he alright?  Would he die? I needed to know. A nurse came to check up on me and i took the chance. ''Uhm can you tell me if Niall is alright? He came in not long before me?'' The nurse asked me to wait a few minutes then she would go find out. I laid back and waited. Tears was still streaming down my face. I hoped for the best, but diffidently expected the worst... 
Finally she got back and turned to me. ''The injury in the back of his head is bad, but they don't think it will affect him. He will be all normal, but he has lost some blood and need some peace for a time now... We have talked to the police and they are talking about a cruise or something. They will try to sort something out, maybe you will go on a private cruise down at Caribbean islands or something...'' I smiled. That would be perfect. And on a boat no one could disturb us... ''So Niall will be alright again... Right?'' She looked up and smiled ''We hope so.. In a few days we can be sure about it and, then you will get somewhere more safe.'' I nodded and she left. 


Sorry guys this one was pretty short... I will write a VERY long one tomorrow i hope (If my math teacher don't give us any more homework...-.-) But thanks again for all the support, love you!!! :) xx

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