Caught in a nightmare...(14+)

Kidnapped by world known pedophiles, not the best way to spend summer time. But for ALi it is that way...
And not only is she kidnapped, she is forced to break her virginity in front of other people. The only thing that keeps her head up, is Niall. Will the two of them get away? Will they fall for each other?
Read inside to find out!! Much love :) xx
(Sexual scenes, hard language and please don't get mad at it, i have warned you!)


6. A loss...

Ali's P.O.V

We felt lucky that we got putted back in our room together. Like i would ever survive without Niall. He was my everything now. I did miss my family, but actually not much. Because i barely saw them normally. My parents always worked and my sister always were with her friends. I was with friends too, but some times i said no, hoping my parents would come home early and i could spend some time with them. But of course it never happened. And now, i were here. Hadn't talked with them for day's and just looked forward for us to get out. And then i just hoped we could stay together. Not only because i was a fan, a pretty big one actually. But i really loved him. And in here it didn't mean a damn thing who he was. He treated me good, and gave me more attention than my family... Not that he actually had the choice but he hadn't complained yet. He pulled me into a tight hug and we cried a bit together. Then we heard voices out the hall. We ran to the door and listened.  ''Man all four of those stupid bitches and fags ran of... We couldn't find them! But we better make sure the last two stay, so someone is on the way to make them wish not to get out...'' The last thing frightened me like hell. What did they mean with that we would wish not to get out? We kept listening, another man started talking ''Would you please shut the fuck up!? You do know they might hear us!? And besides... Why don't we tell them all about it, but first when Allan and Dan get's back and we know they succeed..'' The other man mumbled something in agreement and they walked into a room. I looked scared at Niall. ''What did they mean with that...'' I whispered. He thought about it for a moment. ''I'm not sure... But i seriously don't like it...''

Niall's P.O.V

The thing was, i think i might know what they were talking about. They would go for our families, make us so unhappy that we would stay here. But i couldn't make them tell her, no matter what it was, it would be better if i told her. So i just hoped she would sleep when they came to tell us so i could tell what ever it might be, in a good way so she would be okay with it. But maybe i could make her calm down for now. I pulled her with me down in the bed and cuddled up and started sing to her. She fell asleep quickly, but i stayed awake. I kind of hoped they would come fast. 

[[A few hours later]]

I heard foot steps outside the hall. Someone started talking. I carefully got my arms of her without waking her up. I got over to the door and listened. ''We couldn't find anything on the boy, but let's hope the girl get's so sad that he wont be able leave anyway...'' I got so scared, i was happy that it wasn't anything about me, but seriously then i could cry for Ali... She was so full of emotions, i feared this would be to much for her. ''Well then let's give them the news!!'' Someone said, almost happy. I got sick, how could people be like this!? I stepped away from the door. I put the duvet over Ali's head so she couldn't hear us. She snored a little, then she must have been sleeping so deeply. The door went up, and two men stepped inside. Both smiling with the meanest face i had ever seen. They looked at Ali in the bed. ''Wont you wake up that little girl of yours??'' They asked almost smiling. ''No. She's finally sleeping, i won't wake her up, tell me what ever it is then i can tell her...'' He smiled again, god that looked so creepy! ''Well fine, if you insist, you can gladly tell her her mom has been killed and her dad is in the hospital right now fighting for his life and her sister have got so much brain damage that she won't ever be able to walk... You're welcome!'' He almost sang of joy. My eyes were wide open. ''WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT YOU BIG MOTHER FUCKING SON OF A BITCH!?'' i yelled at him. I stopped yelling, didn't want Ali to wake up now. He kept smiling, then looked evil at me and said ''You insist to tell her your self, good luck my boy... Well tell her that some of our secret agents went after them, we tracked down her family and well... You can tell what happened!!'' My eyes were almost in tears... They left and i almost just fell down to my knees. Ali stopped snoring and sat up. I held back the tears. ''I thought i heard someone yell...'' she asked. I decided i shouldn't tell her anything now. ''You must have been dreaming, try get some sleep..'' I kissed her cheek and she went back sleeping. I sat down at the floor. What is wrong with these people!? I grabbed around my legs trying to breath normally. How could i ever tell her that!? Liam, please, i hope you come soon, i can't stand this any more....


Okay, This chapter is very sad, sorry, but in a few chapters i think you'll all see why i did it, and then i am not in the best mood right now so it is probably way more sad than i wanted it to be... But still i hope you like it, i will get 7th chapter up tomorrow night i hope, i am pretty busy so i don't know maybe the day after tomorrow, but love ya'all!! :) xx

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