I Love You Too

Ally has run away from home she bumps into five strangers apparently one called Harry one called Louis one called Zayn one called Liam oh yeah and one called Niall

Join Niall and Ally in this wonderful relationship


3. Niall's House

                                                                 Allys P.O.V


Niall's house was beautiful he was so lucky. I saw Niall walk up to me "Ally is it OK if we share a room?" he asked "Yes  i would actually like that!" I replied. OMG I think Niall has feelings for me when we went to bed me and Niall shared a bed it felt so right I think it happened in the night but  Niall and I woke up with with our  arms around each other


                                                          Niall's P.O.V

I woke up with Ally's arms wrapped around me and mine around her. I thought to myself this is when i ask her out. I took a deep breath "Ally," I whispered "yes?" she whispered back "Will you go on a date with me its all right if  you say no though?" I said hopefully "Yes I would i thought you'd never ask!!" I gave Ally a little kiss on the cheek and picked her up out of her bed i walked downstairs with her in my arms to find the boys eating and and then said Jokingly "Nooooooooooo i missed the start of breakfast!" the we all started laughing. I took a big plate and left Ally on the sofa i put some food on the plate i brought it through to Ally me and Ally shared a plate the boys kept trying to pinch food that was quite funny. "So I said to Ally make it at six be ready!" I said. The boys turned around and stared at us "Me and ally are going out for tea so its a competion so who ever loses has to make tea!!! And its a push up competion who ever falls first makes tea and makes me and Ally a hot chocolate OK GET READY, three, two, one goooooo!!" the boys all started doing push ups  and twenty seconds in Louis Fell "OH man!" Louis said Harry just kept doing push ups probably to show off Louis came back to our surprise he made everyone a hot chocolate "Louis you didn't have to make everyone a hot chocolate Louis just shrugged his shoulders



                                                                  Ally's P.O.V

 I sipped my hot chocolate it was nice and creamy i looked up at the boys they all took a sip then spat it all out "What did you put in in them Louis!!!?" Niall exclaimed Louis smirked "I put salt in then all that's what you get for making me do them but ally yours is fine."








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