I Love You Too

Ally has run away from home she bumps into five strangers apparently one called Harry one called Louis one called Zayn one called Liam oh yeah and one called Niall

Join Niall and Ally in this wonderful relationship


2. Meeting new people

                                                      Alex's P.O.V


WOW!!! that blonde boy is so cute!! His accent is so sweet i can tell he is Irish I Loved him but that was crazy i only just met him!!!!!!!! "OH and um I'm Niall, this is Louis," he said pointing to a boy with brown hair witch he wore to the right and blue eyes "this is Harry," he said pointing to a boy with really curly hair and hazel eyes "this is Liam," he said pointing to an almost bald boy with brown eyes "and last but not least this is Zayn" He pointed to a boy with his black hair pointing up with a blond streak through it "And you are?" he asked me. "Oh I am Alex Ally for short!" I said a bit to quickly.


                                                     Niall's P.O.V


so her name is Alex i think i prefer Ally. I started to blush in fact I think Ally was blushing to "Ally?" I asked "Yeah" she replied "Were are were you going?" she started to cry "Oh Sorry i didn't mean to upset you i said "Niall?" she asked my head shot up "Yes?" I replied casually.  "I have no were to go I ran away because my dad was hitting and punching me!" she cried. I Looked at the boys as if they knew what I meant they all nodded  "Ally?" I said hopefully 'Y-Yes" she muttered "would you like to come with me and the boys to my house my mum is away but she wouldn't mind?!" I asked praying she would say yes " I couldn't do that but if you are sure yes!" she replied sweetly "YES YES I'M SURE!" I blurted out. Ally ran up to me and gave a big bear hug "THANK YOU SO SO MUCH!" she said and probably with out thinking she shouted "I LOVE YOU!" She blushed and I just smiled at her she was so beautiful

All six of us ran out the back door to the limo that was waiting for us "WOW!!" Ally Exclaimed as we pulled away the journey was silent

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