I Love You Too

Ally has run away from home she bumps into five strangers apparently one called Harry one called Louis one called Zayn one called Liam oh yeah and one called Niall

Join Niall and Ally in this wonderful relationship


4. Getting Ready For My Date

At Half past five I went up stairs to decide what I would wear on our date I looked in my OH NO I didn't have any suitable clothes "Niall!" I called Niall came running up the stairs "Yeah?" he replied casually "Umm  I don't have any nice clothes." I said embarrassed "It's OK babe  I don't care what you wear I just want you to be there!"  Niall said sweetly "Thanks babe."  I said and gave Niall a kiss on the cheek. Niall left the room.


                                                                   Nialls P.O.V



I decided to wear a black suit with a tie, I put on some black trousers and looked at my reflection in the mirror. that will do I thought. I decided to take Isabell to  Nandos for dinner then go out and get her some nice clothes. 

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